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梅香 Jul 2023
your love in my life shines like rubies,
feeling so sweet like candies,
made me sing soft melodies.

distance may keep us physically apart
but all my fond feelings for you won't depart
because i know i'm always held close to your heart.

since you came, each day has been beautiful;
even mundane days are delightful
because in every second, you make me joyful.

a love like yours is a rare gem
even if we're miles apart, it's not a problem
we'll always be the perfect tandem.
a poem for a strong, real, and loving long-distance relationship ♡
梅香 Apr 2022
nobody felt the way you do,
nobody showed affection like you do.
the moment i gazed into your eyes,
i knew i want to be a part of your life.

you knew i was hesitant to commit
and my inner feelings — i never did admit.
you made me breakthrough that shell
because you loved me so well.

thank you for all your understanding,
and forgive me for my foolishness;
with you, i'll always choose a love that's everlasting,
i hope we spend a longer time of togetherness.
梅香 Oct 2021
i wear my heart up on my sleeve
iots of times i’m too naive.
i know im not perfect
i have shortcomings in every aspect.

yet you loved me the same,
you took away all my shame
and all the insecurities I hid
you helped me learn from what i did.

never could i imagine how would i ever be
had you not given me a guarantee.
the assurance my heart yearns for,
because of you, i am more confident than before.
thank you for staying. 🤍
梅香 Mar 2021
there are things i have promised you,
things i don't ever want to put you through.
i'm sorry i broke those promises somehow,
i knew we weren't for each other anyhow.

i just want you to be happy,
i know we're both tired of being shady.
things between us are already sketchy,
every day, holding on seems very heavy.

letting go of you was hard
yet i don't want toxicity to bombard;
i want the best for you and me
so please, let's just set each other free.
梅香 Mar 2021
those days were warm, hot, and long,
but you rushed to me like a sweet song.
your warmth is what i always wanted all along,
then i knew to you is where i want to belong.

autumn came and leaves started to fall,
the wind also started to blow cool breeze;
but your tender care is what i always recall,
the way you make my mind feel at ease.

winter then came and it falls snow,
the weather has become a lot colder too;
still together, we continue to grow,
all the things we've been through, i won't undo.

then comes springtime,
the cherry blossoms started to bloom,
yet you still shine and your charm sublime;
your presence will never make me go gloom.

this summer marks one year of our togetherness,
i'm blessed with all we've been through in the past year.
my heart has deeply fallen in love with your tenderness,
and with you i'm willing to journey, without any fear.
梅香 Oct 2020
you told me that we can try again,
amidst all these things we can't explain.
you told me we can still smile,
even if sadness is here for a while.

although we can't be physically near,
thank you for still holding me dear;
thank you for putting away my fear,
assuring me that sooner skies will be clear.
梅香 Oct 2020
we'll get through these together
we'll make it through the bad weather;

we know everyday is a new day,
as long as we're here and we'll still stay.

some days are really rainy,
but with you, i feel less lonely;

one day, hand in hand we'll see the sunshine,
and as one sooner we'll feel just fine.
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