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MARGA May 30
if there will be days
that i'll be subdued,
please bear in mind that—
there are some things
that if talked over,
would open up my scars
and make them wounds again.

if i'm somehow still,
no, please don't get me wrong—
i'm not dodging you;
instead, please know that
i'm also trying to protect myself,
i'm trying to be strong on my own
the way you always do unto me. ♡
i'm telling you this, because i know how patient you have always been to me.

a prose from my raw thoughts!
MARGA May 19
i may be vulnerable
but know that i'll always be able
to help you carry the loads
from the never ending odds.

my sincerity may not be evident,
but do know that my love is fervent;
our time in this world may be limited,
but to you is where i'll always be leaded.
despite vulnerability,
against all odds—
i'll always be yours.

daily poems! ♡
MARGA May 16
your smile is still the same
that wonder which gave me surety;
i am still frigid to hear your name,
the name i used to say so dearly.

i can't help but miss you
and all the things you sublimely do;
yours will always be the soul
that i'll never forget, after all.
minsan ko pang ibinulong sa hangin,
na sana'y tayo nalang dalawa.

ngunit masakit mang aminin,
tayo'y hindi makabubuti sa isa't isa.
do not expect me
to pay you back
a garden of sunflowers,
if you haven't
given me
a single seed
even just for once.
daily poems! ♡
MARGA Mar 22
some poetries
are not yet
conveyed into words;

they're still
felt by the heart,
and the mind
is still fathoming
those sentiments,
before finally
converting them
into words.
ㅡ take time to feel .
you no longer initiate
to ask if i was doing fine these days,
and you're much late
to know my dismays.

you and i have changed
— though i know it's inevitable,
but i still will believe
that we're always unbreakable.
maybe i have set my hopes high
for you and i.
and that's what hurted me the most.

daily poems! ♡
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