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HeyitsAngel Aug 14
Unsaid words are the ones that break me.
The words I never said because of closure that was never brought
Shaking my leg anxiously due to those unsaid words
You broke me
Everything you do, you have broken me
I put on this mask as if there are not those unsaid words
Lay in bed with those unsaid words floating around me
If you only knew
You decide to bring people up so high
To only bring them down
These unsaid words
Oh, how you will never know
I hold my phone, beginning to right those unsaid words
Only to delete my entire text
Because you don't care
I will sit and become comfortable in those unsaid words
Unsaid words and lack of closure will be the only thing you are to me
The words unsaid is what brought me to scream songs
Of the lying

Lack of care
Hi, I am back everyone! I hope you enjoy this poem :)
Sunny Jordan May 17
you there?

there’s so much I want to say
and too much time to say it

and it hurts and throbs and I want to let it out

but I don’t want to ruin the happy haven we’ve made

just like me at 7 laughing joyously with her friends then getting a cut on her toe from a rock and the cut hurt and throbbed but she kept going because she wanted to have fun and the cut hurt and throbbed and got infected

(there’s always a price to pay for waiting)

here I am laughing joyously as my (our) secret hurts and throbs and I

I’m weak aren’t I

I can’t
I can’t muster up the courage to break the silence
too scared of lies on the other side I guess



I just want to ask or to hear or to confirm or anything to let me know I know I don’t deserve to know but the knowledge affects me too and I need to know don’t you know?

you don’t

I’ll keep it in as I always do
wishing for the truth but ready to ignore it if it comes

you there?
me venting but also trying to make it poetic
Marga 梅香 Mar 30
there are things i have promised you,
things i don't ever want to put you through.
i'm sorry i broke those promises somehow,
i knew we weren't for each other anyhow.

i just want you to be happy,
i know we're both tired of being shady.
things between us are already sketchy,
every day, holding on seems very heavy.

letting go of you was hard
yet i don't want toxicity to bombard;
i want the best for you and me
so please, let's just set each other free.
Marga 梅香 Mar 24
those days were warm, hot, and long,
but you rushed to me like a sweet song.
your warmth is what i always wanted all along,
then i knew to you is where i want to belong.

autumn came and leaves started to fall,
the wind also started to blow cool breeze;
but your tender care is what i always recall,
the way you make my mind feel at ease.

winter then came and it falls snow,
the weather has become a lot colder too;
still together, we continue to grow,
all the things we've been through, i won't undo.

then comes springtime,
the cherry blossoms started to bloom,
yet you still shine and your charm sublime;
your presence will never make me go gloom.

this summer marks one year of our togetherness,
i'm blessed with all we've been through in the past year.
my heart has deeply fallen in love with your tenderness,
and with you i'm willing to journey, without any fear.
How it started just friendly message
Turned into flirting trying not to can’t feelings
Laughing with friends.
Thinking how long will this take to get out of hand?
They said I’ll give it a week.
They where right it got out of hand so fast.
Then the mixed signals started

So I told you I’m gonna send you a nice thing everyday until I run out of things to say.
I’m now 2 months 8 days in.
Giving you all the love you deserve because from the signs I’ve read someone hurt you
So bad you don’t want to admit  your feelings so you don’t get hurt.

But what you don’t know I’m not like the people you’ve met along the way. I’m different. I’ll shoot my shot every single day. To make sure you know I’m being serious.

I didn’t want to catch feelings it felt like it was gonna just be doing something because lock down is boring and I wanted to just flirt with somebody. But I was wrong I kinda realised I do in fact like you.
But I know I’m only gonna hurt myself  in the long run but boy you’ve got me hooked on you so badly and I hate myself for it
Is every bit of poetry just a story that’s left unwritten words left unsaid.
Carmen Jane Jan 25
Nothing was said by the tides of the lake
As they were frozen in time
Nothing will do to start and shake
The core of this lake, oh, sublime!

One can try to guess what was last spoken,
Perhaps it was hating on all things unfair
Nothing was left behind, not a clue or a token
To unveil the secrets, to clean up the air

One more look at these rough edges
Underneath of a smooth glistening glass
They are there ,muted for ages
Frozen thoughts , waiting for winter to pass!

Only celestial kisses that fall quietly
Gather to form a white blanket
On the chest of this lake, oh so lovely
That holds its  breath, unshaken.
Lanna K Dec 2020
Typically, its the intangible that wretches ones soul. It’s the feelings left unexpressed, the words and conversations that were left unsaid. It starts etching into your soul, leaving an imprint, that only you in your darkest hours are familiar with.
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
I love the words that I read here
The ones that you leave spoken,
Your hopes and loves, doubts and fears,
The thoughts you write upon being awoken

Offering perspective,
Through a page, to see your reality,
Concocts a connection:
The power of empathy

Old, young, the chained and the free,
And especially the pariahs,
Whose words read to me
Like a personal Messiah’s

I read them from my bed,
Words of comfort, words of woe,
I suppose I could just leave it unsaid,
But I wanted to say hello.
Stalwart Dull Nov 2020
Remember the day we first met,
I never had an idea that one day I'll regret
The day we never knew the reason
Why  we get each other's attention.

Remember when I feel bad of myself that day,
You've been there for me
Whenever I kept on pushing you away,
You never leave me.

Remember the day you kept on proving yourself,
That was the day I looked at myself
I still can't believe how much you try
Here I am, I'm wondering why.

Remember when you sent me home that night,
I told myself you were my knight
't was lame. But you saved me from my fright
Cause you always made me feel alright.

Remember when I told you we were just friends,
That was the day I started to fall
I began to build up my wall
For me to see where it ends

You stayed through my ups and down
In return, you see my face with a frown

Remember the day you taught me how to play the guitar,
I thought I'm still the one.
That was the day I expected so far
Hoping that in your heart I won.

Remember the hard times I went through
I kept my feelings I thought its not true
I pretend as lang as you have no clue
Those were the times I couldn't stop loving you.

Remember when I asked you to sing a song,
That was the time I've waited for so long
I never knew it was late
't was the day we exchanged our fate.

I can still remember the day
I wanted to hug you from your back
And tell you how I wanted you to comeback
That day was your birthday

I can still remember the day, I was happy
The day I'll confess that I'm ready
I saw you with her and I was awaken by reality
You were with her under the tree

I was thankful you set yourself free
Free from hurting because of me
I saw you, I'm sitting from another tree
And that day was March twenty

Remember you had your girlfriend
That was the day I thought it was the end
I swore to my self that I won't fall again
But it's not that easy, I'm tired to pretend.

I can still remember the day you taught me a lesson
A lesson that made me feel I'm in prison
The day I regret what I've done
Wishing your happiness when I'm gone

I can still remember the day I wanted to stop pretending
Stop the lies that seems unending
That day I couldn't stop myself from crying

I can still remember the day my feelings remain
Waiting for you to look in my eyes again
The day I wanted to ask you to stay

I became selfish for all I know
You distance yourself because I told you so

The real thing is I fall hard but you never know
You distance yourself because we let each other go.
PS: It's a thread
I'm writing it on Wattpad :@MsSecreto
Hammad Nov 2020
You Claim
You know me - inside out
then why can't you  
hear what i say
When i say Nothing?
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