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damdamin mahirap wikain
dito sa tula aking isasatitik...

puso'y puno na ng sakit
sa damdami'y puno ng tinik

hiling ko'y inyo din' makita
itong sakit sa aking mga mata

sana'y inyo din' pakinggan
mga bulong na hikbi nitong puso

may katapusan ba itong
sakit na tila walang hanggan

tingin ko'y hindi na kaya
maari bang wakasan ko na..
Joanna Charis Jan 29
If only I have a nice voice,
I would sing my heart out;
My feelings into melodious words—-
I would sing for you, without a doubt.

If only my eyes could take pictures,
whenever I look in your way;
I would definitely take a lot——
Just seeing you makes my day.

If only you could hear my thoughts,
And the words that I left unsaid;
I think I’m gonna regret it for the rest of my life,
Until I am dead.
CM Lee Jan 29
The both of us were too guarded
Too scared for good things to end
We couldn’t risk it, so we stayed friends
Far too many words left unsaid

We messed around, fooled around
Didn’t expect we’d end up on the ground
Chances lost, never to be found
Who knew this is how it would go down

Tragic how our story went so far
Some things are just better apart
This might be the chance for a new start
Let’s just leave our memories to the stars

Maybe somewhere down the line,
We’d meet and say we’re fine
And we would really mean it this time
Who knows? We might even share a pint

It’s about time we hand this all to fate
Put them in a box and leave it at the gate
Go down the road on our separate ways
And with any luck, I might see you again someday
Mayur dembda Jan 26
Unsaid thing
makes unsatisfactory
margàrita Jan 10
it's very much easy to say
that today is the day
wherein you no longer
have feelings that grows fonder
for him— who you loved freely
but indeed so genuinely.

but your challenge
is to look at his every edge
and the way he laughs and smile
without asking for a while
if you still love him for real;
you should then infer
that you are now happier
without him— to whom you gave your all,
though from him you only got a downfall.
daily poems! ♡
Zygos Jan 8
They tell me about craft beers and climbing
the world to sip on adventure - to understand
and praise what we sip and why we sip.
Wisps of hair and crinkled eyes, I begin to
blush inside. The glint of forever gleams off
your finger and I want to bury my ideas
with you - if only we met sooner, another time,
a different world, good luck.

You sit there, swimming in man made pools
of bourbon - clutching her hand - and I pray;
bite my lip and grip my heart that you don't
drown my sunflower. That you survive and
she grows...remembers to grow...that I don't

She storms in, screaming songs of thunder
and lighting the room with rage. Powerful,
I think to myself, as you slander the cursed
perceptions of your own insecurities. The
dull lamp sinks me further into the couch,
harboring lonesome anxiety. Sometimes I am scared
to speak
and say what you are avoiding hearing.
No more.

You're running towards me, my name echoing
from your lips past the stretch of concrete
between us - kissing warmth into my mind.
I want to explode into stars with you and
never part again, fix all the cracks I made.
My arms cradle your soul, for one last time,
and the disappointment of my distance slices
our cracked hands: I'm sorry I wasn't there.

He interrupts our conversation from a
foot away, through someone else. I smile,
coward. You still fear what I was to you,
even in the onset of something new. I
wonder if meeting your eyes will change
this strange silence. But I close them instead
and hum my own dance until I remember
your lurking body. Silent, silent silent, as
I scream at myself.  

Everything died, but your mornings have
just started. You all know nothing of the
bottomless gin and shards of glass I
ripped my eyes out with. Wandering down
to the steaming coffee and banter on daily
dissatisfaction - I become lava. No...dripping
blood. Slowly, so thick it travels centimeter by
millimeter tainting the surface below. Surprising
its peers, fearful for some. And you ask, hey are
Celina Dec 2018
i wanna kiss you so bad
seeing you all day drives me mad
your girlfriend is on your side
while i got my pride
the way you look at me
it makes me weak
you need to stop it now
glances here and there
this isn’t fair
there’s nothing i could do
i feel stuck in a déja vu
again and again I see your face
my heart skips a beat and fastens it’s pace
our eyes are locked but we’re apart
this must be some magic art
why did it have to be you?
what’s so special about you?
maybe it’s your bright eyes
your funny jokes
or your lovely smile
but I need to stop it right now
your out of reach for me now
i wish i never laid my eyes on you
i say nothing but the truth
you need to stop it now
your face is in the back of my head
so many words are still unsaid
i need to stop it now
one day i’ll be free again
moving on from this compelling bane
why did it have to be you?
what’s so special about you?
maybe it was your bright eyes
your funny jokes
or your lovely smile
i’m out of reach for you now.
Here's a little poem that is actually a song i wrote yesterday. I just adjusted it a little and i hope you enjoy reading it.
CM Lee Dec 2018
I saw you again in the summer of ‘17
You’re hair shorter than I remember
Honestly, I don’t know if it’s better
I wish I had asked how you’ve been

Everyday I wonder how you’re doing,
Or who you’re seeing
Wondering if you ever think of me,
And everything that we could be

Tonight I fell asleep with the jacket you gave me
Curious how it still smells like you
Two years since I last spoke to you
Why am I still crying over you

I know it’s messed up
I know I should move on
Tell me how I could stop
Tell me how the moon can give up the sun

Now that I’m out of the picture,
I’m sure you’re happier
I’m sorry I left
I’m sorry you left
I’m sorry you’re gone
I’m sorry you’re done

I hope on day I could forget
How good you’ve been to me when we met
How you told me I was your best friend
How you told me you hoped this would never end

I guess some things are better left unsaid
But there’s one thing I wish could leave my head
I want to tell you that I tried my best
To hide that I loved you more than you could guess
Caitlin Ellis Dec 2018
Words fight against waves to reach her lips
they linger till calm
and those that form in her chest
merely escape as a gentle whisper
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