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Jeremy Betts Jan 10
What do you do when you don't feel safe in your own head?
Uncomfortable in your own skin, afraid of the demons under your bed
And all the monsters that have been locked away out back in the woodshed
Waiting for the day I said would never come is now right around the bend
It'll be here any moment, why pretend?
I worry more about what was left unsaid
Cautious of the where we're being misled to, not the when
I try not to fear what I can not comprehend
Really couldn't tell you if this is a life I'd recommend
Can't possibly know until the end
So come around again and ask me then

Ileana Amara Dec 2022
an ellipsis; three dots
to some, it is a pause,
others, a fragmented speech,
an omission of words

i find myself bemused...
how an ellipsis reflects my being;
a mystery difficult to be construed
for what is this ellipsis' meaning
but all the words left unsaid...

sincerely, ileana.
12.16.22.| long time no write & ironically, i come back with a poem about things left unsaid... i have never been fond of using ellipses, perhaps because i was always able to express how i feel but nowadays, it feels as though they seem to speak more than any language could.
witching hour Sep 2022
my feelings are the splattered inks
bold, italics
threatening to spill
weighing on every meaning
words could carry
scrambled up, juggled
those who’ve yet to feel
shall not speak
and pray tell, words
do you realize what you amount to?
what’s behind was for a reason, a person
clear as day, solid reverie
what lies beneath shan’t remain between the lines
and if it reaches you, we’re alike
sept. 26
Shanghai Jun 2022
we started from
hi and hello
but we never
ended up
good bye

we just left
or one of us
There was so much
left unsaid
words hung in the air
suspended in the silence
Stuck in my mind
I wish I had said it
all. Now they emerge
not words anymore,
but regrets.

Those words unsaid
hang in the silence
now not words, just regrets.
梅香 Apr 2022
nobody felt the way you do,
nobody showed affection like you do.
the moment i gazed into your eyes,
i knew i want to be a part of your life.

you knew i was hesitant to commit
and my inner feelings — i never did admit.
you made me breakthrough that shell
because you loved me so well.

thank you for all your understanding,
and forgive me for my foolishness;
with you, i'll always choose a love that's everlasting,
i hope we spend a longer time of togetherness.
Lyn Feb 2022
Unsaid feelings filled
His heart,
It overflowed, yet
He continues to
Tidy it up,
And let his soul,
Warmth by tears.
Sometimes we find it difficult to be open about our feelings and emotions, we keep them deep down in our heart, hoping that someday they fade away and disappear, but they sit still waiting for us to free them, and at the end of the day, the warm tears finally free them.
梅香 Oct 2021
i wear my heart up on my sleeve
iots of times i’m too naive.
i know im not perfect
i have shortcomings in every aspect.

yet you loved me the same,
you took away all my shame
and all the insecurities I hid
you helped me learn from what i did.

never could i imagine how would i ever be
had you not given me a guarantee.
the assurance my heart yearns for,
because of you, i am more confident than before.
thank you for staying. 🤍
HeyitsAngel Aug 2021
Unsaid words are the ones that break me.
The words I never said because of closure that was never brought
Shaking my leg anxiously due to those unsaid words
You broke me
Everything you do, you have broken me
I put on this mask as if there are not those unsaid words
Lay in bed with those unsaid words floating around me
If you only knew
You decide to bring people up so high
To only bring them down
These unsaid words
Oh, how you will never know
I hold my phone, beginning to right those unsaid words
Only to delete my entire text
Because you don't care
I will sit and become comfortable in those unsaid words
Unsaid words and lack of closure will be the only thing you are to me
The words unsaid is what brought me to scream songs
Of the lying

Lack of care
Hi, I am back everyone! I hope you enjoy this poem :)
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