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I know you want to help me,
but you do have a weird way of showing it.

Instead of telling me what to do,
why don't you let me handle it?

You want what's best for me but it's my future;
let me decide for myself.

Can't you see,
I am much of a better person than I used to be?

I got a long way to go,
so please don't worry so much;
just let me be.

And bear with me for now,
that maybe later on, you will think differently.
MARGA Jul 31
i chose you over anything.

— or is it safer to say
that i chose to believe in your lies
over anything?
daily poems ♡
MARGA May 30
if there will be days
that i'll be subdued,
please bear in mind that—
there are some things
that if talked over,
would open up my scars
and make them wounds again.

if i'm somehow still,
no, please don't get me wrong—
i'm not dodging you;
instead, please know that
i'm also trying to protect myself,
i'm trying to be strong on my own
the way you always do unto me. ♡
i'm telling you this, because i know how patient you have always been to me.

a prose from my raw thoughts!
MARGA May 19
i may be vulnerable
but know that i'll always be able
to help you carry the loads
from the never ending odds.

my sincerity may not be evident,
but do know that my love is fervent;
our time in this world may be limited,
but to you is where i'll always be leaded.
despite vulnerability,
against all odds—
i'll always be yours.

daily poems! ♡
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