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kyle dionysus Aug 2022
I still remember that day. The unsettling unease.

The drive, I still remember the feeling of the cool air against my skin.

The silence of my phone. The increased rate of my heartbeats.

Something was wrong, I felt it as if the sky itself was telling me.

The memories that follow I can never unsee, as if it was stained perfectly in my mind.

That day my heart sank into the abyss.

If only I was sooner.
Can’t help but find it comedically painful.
kyle dionysus Mar 2018
Do you know what I think about when I see a single butterfly flying in the air?

No, you’re wrong, I don’t think of you. I think of how that butterfly keeps flying in the air, landing on flowers, leaves and trees while being all alone. With what purpose does this mere butterfly have and why does it keep flying around in such a majestic way.
I guess I think of myself. I too like the butterfly am constantly flying around with no purpose yet I continue looking majestic as I land on some flower.

BUT, when I see two butterflies flying together, I think of you and I, and that for a moment in time, I was not alone. That I found someone I could ‘fly around with majestically’ while still having no purpose. But you flew away and left me on some flower.
So now when I look at two butterflies flying together, I also see that there’s a chance to find someone else that will join me in my (no purpose) life’s adventures.
kyle dionysus Jun 2017
Life is nothing but a mere game, where your starting bet is your life, and no matter whatelse you put into it, losing is inevitable.
kyle dionysus Jun 2017
Die rede vir die vlamme in hel is nie om die Duiwels te martel nie, maar om ons warm te hou. Onthou ons is koudbloedig...
-Afrikaans poem
kyle dionysus Jan 2019
Head was in the clouds then I thought of you, thinking back to a time where I could call you mine. I thought of the day it all burnt down.

Hindering rain, as I walk away from you I turn, looking back I can’t see your tears.

Laughing, I see the flash of lighting and hear the crack of thunder. I begin to think of you, wondering if you are in the clouds again and I remember.

Hindering rain, as I stand still soaked from my tears you walk away and disappear.
Two past lovers thinking of their relationships demise
kyle dionysus Jun 2017
It doesn't matter how intelligent you think you are, because you are still just another concupiscent ape.
kyle dionysus Jun 2017
What is this feeling, I wonder? Could it be Hatred? Anger? Or maybe it's downright boredom... Some say I'm jealous but am I though? I wonder...   Why would I be jealous though? Do I care about you? I wonder... If I did maybe it would explain this feeling I'm enduring, but I'm not jealous, so stop wondering!!!
kyle dionysus Feb 2019
Make mistakes
Be Kind
Don’t Regret
Die Peacefully
kyle dionysus Apr 2017
I imagined the possibility to be able to live forever, but then if you have lived for so long, one would probably want to die, so maybe it's better to be able to die than to live forever.
kyle dionysus Nov 2019
“What's that smell ?“
My eyes open, my ears are ringing and my head is throbbing. It's to dark to see, an unnerving silence can be heard.
“Where am I?” I reach out in front of me, nothing. I reach beside me, touching the floor. It's wet. I retract my hand towards my nose, blood?  I sit up, it hurts. I move my wet hand to my abdomen.

I wake up, what a dream I had, I murmur to myself. My girlfriend walks into the bedroom. I told her about the dream. She laughed. I didn't understand what was so funny about it. I looked up, it was dark, she was gone. I felt pain in my abdomen. Now I get the joke.
kyle dionysus Jan 2019
Enlightenment for me is knowing one’s capablities and possibilities in life, yet deciding to choose the most peaceful and freest path.


...the path itself might not have any overall importance and influence on the world,

but knowing

it’s the path that makes you feel most ‘happy’ and at ease, living in this world.
kyle dionysus Jun 2017
The reason I ran up a mountain awhile ago... I guess it was because I was frustrated and wanted to escape from my reality that day. I couldn't get you out of my head. It's funny how someone so small can weaken you so much. But after running up the mountain that day, I felt stronger, I felt at peace, I thought I became weak, but it seems that I was wrong. Since that day, running up mountains allowed me to think of you less, because it made me realize that you weren't the only beautiful view.
kyle dionysus Jul 2017
I was dog tired. Just keeping my eyes open was tough. My timid body was drunk with fatigue. Staring for a whole day at a computer screen and typing as if in a trance, had left my mind blank. My skinny hands were frostbitten in the cheap artificial leather gloves, as they clung to the motorbike handles. My heart raced as I looked at the ominous black clouds.          I tried to focus on the gloomy scenery as my mind drifted in and out of my dream world. Winter had turned the green hedges into lifeless shapes with razor sharp thorns. Mud from previous vehicles had turned the hedges into the edges of a war zone. The trip felt endless as my threadbare tyres skated round the bends. After driving for a hour, the icy chill of the evening air had made me regret not putting on my old trusted army jacket. My rusty red Honda 500cc motor cross motorbike kept up its duel with the dirt road as its exhaust barked continuously. The beam of my headlights kept stabbing the gloomy sky.               With my frostbitten hand, I switched on my CD player, in a desperate effort to focus on the road. The words of Golden Earrings Radar Love pierced my eardrums  "...almost there, gotta keep cool". My goggles started to fog up as I echoed the lyrics. I started to breath shallowly like a chain smoker, to stop my goggles from frosting further. I had just became used to the soothing distraction, when the motorbike gave its last bark and gradually coasted to a stop. I got off my stead, with my joints feeling like a geriatric patient that had completed a rodeo. I surveyed the bust engine as my cursing breath formed little clouds in the gelid air. I dug around in my shabby jeans, whipped out my cellphone, only to discover that there was no reception. I salvaged my flashlight from the bikes saddlebag and popped a "Life Safer" sweet into my mouth. I realized that I had to walk to the nearest town.                 I started down the road, remembering my fathers reference to isolation, being between "hell and the hotel." My flashlight reminded me of load shedding and sudden darkness. As I walked past a small lake, the clouds parted, revealing  a crescent moon that hung in the air like a haunted vessel. The moon reflected in the lake, to a watery grave for the sailors. I got the eerie feeling as I walked, that someone or something was following me. I stopped and swallowed the stale cold coffee that was left in my hip-flask. The howling Arctic wind had ceased and I could hear my own heartbeat. Ledd Zeppelins Stairway to heaven started smoothly...
kyle dionysus Jul 2017
Maybe I am just a nomad, a mere wanderer with no home, always walking, running-away from my reality, and the reality is that I am a nomad, a lone wolf that forms a part of many packs, but would rather wonder alone, onwards, to a path unknown, to a new pack, that I will soon leave to begin again.
kyle dionysus May 2022

Funny right.

More words.

The sand feels so soft under my feet.

Sunken emotions, rain drops pour.

Walking the sand is drenched.

Tears hidden by the clouds cycle.

Words, meaningless, don’t believe words.

Taking steps forward, the harder it is to drag my legs through the current.

The winds pushes me.
Which way will I go?
kyle dionysus Jul 2017
She only loved the way I made her feel. She didn't love me. Yet I'm okay with that, because I never loved her either. She was a temporary distraction in this eternally dull life. I guess she got something out of it too. She escaped her sad reality of always being alone, even if it was only for a little while. Yet I still wonder, why she keeps crying over my lifeless body. This stupid girl, were you so lonely that you made yourself believe that what we had was real?                     ...I hate that she keeps crying, it's been weeks since my death now. Why can't I pass on to the afterlife? She is probably the cause of my letup, I had thought.                     How much time has passed?  Why can't I move on? Why can't she stop crying?                    Maybe she did truly love me...   A single tear dropped from my right eye.                 Maybe I was truly inlove with her... I began to smile, and I thought to myself... "I guess I was the only one keeping myself back, from passing over to the afterlife.    Goodbye my dear...."  Yet I know she never heard those 3 words, that echoed from my lips as I began to pass on:                  "I    l o v e...      y         o          u."
kyle dionysus Sep 2017
She told me: "You always get women. They forever chasing you. And I'll be dammed if I said you don't come across as a player, a 'Casanova', using your charms and words. But I know that is started with you looking for the 'one', the one girl you hoped existed. A girl you could be yourself with, a girl to fall Inlove with. But I can see that as time moved on, you began to give up on the 'one', thinking you wouldn't find her. But I know when you saw me. And when we spoke for the first time. You began to feel hope again...that I was the 'one' you have always been looking for."
kyle dionysus Nov 2017
After I saw their lifeless corpses, my vision went red.

When the blood cleared from my eyes, I was shocked to see that I've gone back to a time, to a world where you were still alive.
kyle dionysus Jan 2021
Laying with my eyes closed, I feel a cool breeze against my skin. I begin hearing the restless waves coming nearer. My hand begins feeling the wet sea sand.

My eyes can barely open, with a small glimpse of the midnight sky with no moon or start in sight. The waves start knocking me, the cold sea water feels relatively reassuring.

My blood begins to drain out into the ocean. I am not even sure if I still have my legs. I start hearing a voice as the ocean waves start crashing over me.
I miss swimming lol
kyle dionysus Jul 2017
You shouldn't be worried about these wounds that you have caused me, even if they are still bleeding, but rather... you should be concerned about the wounds that I am going to cause you, unlike my wounds, yours will never stop bleeding.
kyle dionysus Nov 2022
Water, illicit, lost towards infinity, never-ending growth.

Flawless loosening of window, eternal rewards.
kyle dionysus Apr 2020
Where have I been? I’ve been climbing mountains, not metaphoric mountains, but real ground, rocky, tree and shrub bearing mountains. I’ve been sitting in the middle of forests, listening to what my senses tell me. For nature is all I need.

Why don’t I write anymore?
Let me ask you this, what is the point in writing?

Whatever I write has already been written. There are so many different languages and writings in this world already. So is there really a point in writing, when these words will be redundant and forgotten?

Instead I’m more fascinated by reading these different writings across the world that I can relate to. At times translations can be troublesome but it is worth the knowledge gained.

Maybe if I have something to share with the world that hasn’t already been shared, I’ll write again.
For Eshan ;)

— The End —