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Joz Sep 4
I took the first stick out of its pack,
light it up and began to think back.
The 'hello' we had back then,
in the airport I went.

I took the second stick out of its pack,
light it up and began to think back.
The type of happiness that has gone for long;
as I realized your heart is a place I don't belong.

Wednesday, 04 September 2019
Far away from here
I lay in the deepest corner of your mind.
I've packed my bags
in search of the many times
you've kissed the air.
The new sights and events
seen through your eyes.
I packed light
knowing the most essential thing
was reaching at least one of a million
of your passed thoughts.
Far away from here,
I've missed you so much.
When I close my eyes
I am there with you.
I packed light knowing that my favorite
everything resides where you are
Johnny walker May 11
Was a time I thought I could take anything that was thrown at me looking back seemed to me my life like a stacked pack of playing
When my sweetheart passed away my whole workd came tumblung down just  like a pack of playing
Once considered the joker In the pack always telling
jokes and laughing but when my sweetheart passed away I became the joker no
Always considered myself like a joker In a pack of playing cards but passed I became a joker no more
Poetress2 Apr 15
Wolves hunt in a pack.
They look out for each other,
like a family.
When I was a young man
a pack on my back off for
adventures I'd go with just
the few belonging I had on
my back
I'd take myself down to the sea and to there lived the life of a free man a loner Is what I was happy to be for no one did I
All that I had was the sky sea and the sand only other sound being that was that of the seagulls who made their nests In the cliff above
Falling to sleep to each night to the sounds of the sea to wake In the morning to Incoming tide awake and refreshed from the salt sea air for this was another day I'd live being
With a pack on my back all had In to the world  I'd go and to live by the sea to live a free man
David Abraham Nov 2018
I can wipe away tears
and wrap my arms around a friend
to comfort him
when I am saying goodbye to someone I have known since the day I was born
but I cannot hide the turmoil so well
when I crouch on the bedroom floor
packing for him
getting ready to live without him.
2355 November 15 2018
Poetic T Aug 2018
Cuteness wasn't this adorable,
                 "Buy1 get 1free"

Never one to let bargains growl at me..

                 I brought the pack!!
                           ­          "Smitten"
Louise Joyce Jun 2018
The distance,
Trees swaying in the moonlight breeze,
Cold stones,
Yet warm hearts,
The pack howls from the den in the cliff,
As if they were free souls,
Up the stairs to the humans den,
Danger lurks under the moon,
Pads Prodding on the rock hard floor,
Cracking in the winter nights,
2 pups had died,
2 more to go.
Copyright - Im not telling anyone to **** the pups, I mean they die from natrual selection.
Cat Fiske Jun 2018
I used to buy over priced Cigarettes,
To mask my pain and regrets.
I'd pack them on the dashboard of my car,
Like a man who beats a women until his hands scar.
I'd open my pack,
before my withdrawals would attack.
Rip off the plastic and remove the foil,
Carefully like you'd place a crown on someone royal,
Pull out the first cigarette by the filtered tip,
I made sure not to forget to flip,
As I put the cigarette back,
I pull out another by the filter from my pack.
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