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Po Aug 25
It’s an absence
Of our entire essence;

Lost I have been among these woods;
My bare feet drum a path of your presence;

Leaves sitting among the branches
Their colorful array of moods.

Murmur a wind from a depth
I’ve once glimpsed behind these trees

For a buried world’s shoulders
Awaken an embrace for my soul;

It’s always been here, hasn’t it?
Always sneeking behind,
Waiting for the day,
I dare.. to turn around.

For in the end, there’s rebirth.
Thank you for reading.
Ylzm Aug 23
Greenland's not for sale
Greenland's melting
Green forests burning
Greenback flooding
Greed and fear ablaze
fed and preyed upon by AI
Chosen by the wicked
but snubbed, the King sulked
Äŧül Dec 2013
The sanctuary roars,
Some of its many beasts seem angry,
They all feel hungry.

The roar is sadder,
Some of the advanced beasts feel sad,
They all miss hunting.

The roar is full of sorrow,
Some of its beasts can't contain the sorrow,
They all miss their families.
My HP Poem #504
©Atul Kaushal
chitragupta Mar 7
Furnished rooms, refined cooling
An angry Sun, a helpless ozone layer
Lavish resorts, palatial homes
The Ents are silent in their prayers
Roaring turbines, whirring motors
****** waters, crying to be set free
Clicks and clacks, a touch and a swipe
Birds fall to the alien magnetic field
Travel the world, not fast enough
Dig and mine, crashing harbour wave
Fossils spent, air wears the smoke
Dinner is served on the tectonic plates

Every day the water becomes a little fuller to the brim
Every day the air becomes a little less thin
Every day the world becomes a little too big
Every day the land becomes a little less green
My second favourite colour next to blue.
But you've guessed what this is about haven't you?
mollie Feb 11
her eyes are forests of tall towering trees with so many shades of gorgeous green.
they twinkle like the stars shining down into the dark depths of the forest.
its where people go to ponder,
they spend hours in these woods
how could they leave?
the woods are enchanted.
they glisten and glow
as night dew from leaves fall from her face
and to the floor,
they escape from this forest and enter our world,
a world that is little in comparison to that grand green forest of foliage and wonder.
why would they leave such a beautiful place?
I'd stay there all my life if I could,
inside her eyes,
inside that woods.
but they leave when she cries,
each drop of delicate dew a flood of sadness and despair.
but I can't help her
only stare at the towering trees inside her eyes,
the evergreens and oaks
of despair.
Ron Conway Jan 6
Can I stay in the woods
Just another day - another hour
To feel the breathing of the earth
To bear witness to these massive green lungs
These carbon giants drinking as one
Devouring the transgressions of their global environs
Such an immense task
Struggling and failing to stay before
Their numbers cleaved in half
In a scant one hundred years
Cut and razed and plowed and concreted
Supplanted by cities and roads and grazing lands
Growing wealth for some
Growing meat for some
What to do? What to do?
Can't grow a forest in a parking lot
Can't displace those gassy bovines
From the desert evolves the jungle
But we don't have another hundred years
For now I'll stay in the woods
Just another day - another hour
To feel the breathing of the earth
Iz Nov 2018
Looking into his eyes
Felt like
back to earth
But I was not fearing the impact
The thought of the trees so deeply rooted in his mind piercing me was not intimidating
I was excited for the impact
Almost ecstatic
I felt the wind beneath me so desperately trying to hold me up
It was no use
I had already fallen so hard and too fast
The forests you offered me were perfect
I was ready for impact
I was in love
Elizabeth Zenk Oct 2018
Whimsical Douglas-firs penetrate the fog.
Pointing to the morning moon.
The looming trees swooping up the stars and hiding them until night comes again.
The needles scatter the earth below,
creating a blanket of burnt umber flakes.
The moss-covered evergreens providing humbling shade and jaw-dropping visuals.
My love for these pine forests
will live on.
Andrea Mendez Sep 2018
The last day the girl ever found a sunflower,
it rained
in the forest of her mind.
A hundred crows came, and she could only cower.
they stained
the pain, and her beautiful blind
her heartbeat beats slower.

She searched for more sunflowers
over mountains of isolation and deserts of faithlessness
but when she started to cross the turbulent oceans
she lost her strength in the small hours
she was drowning, she struggled, she turned nameless
lost in numbed emotions
not knowing her heartbeat is polar
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