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kyle dionysus Nov 2022
Water, illicit, lost towards infinity, never-ending growth.

Flawless loosening of window, eternal rewards.
kyle dionysus Aug 2022
I still remember that day. The unsettling unease.

The drive, I still remember the feeling of the cool air against my skin.

The silence of my phone. The increased rate of my heartbeats.

Something was wrong, I felt it as if the sky itself was telling me.

The memories that follow I can never unsee, as if it was stained perfectly in my mind.

That day my heart sank into the abyss.

If only I was sooner.
Can’t help but find it comedically painful.
kyle dionysus May 2022

Funny right.

More words.

The sand feels so soft under my feet.

Sunken emotions, rain drops pour.

Walking the sand is drenched.

Tears hidden by the clouds cycle.

Words, meaningless, don’t believe words.

Taking steps forward, the harder it is to drag my legs through the current.

The winds pushes me.
Which way will I go?
kyle dionysus Jan 2021
Laying with my eyes closed, I feel a cool breeze against my skin. I begin hearing the restless waves coming nearer. My hand begins feeling the wet sea sand.

My eyes can barely open, with a small glimpse of the midnight sky with no moon or start in sight. The waves start knocking me, the cold sea water feels relatively reassuring.

My blood begins to drain out into the ocean. I am not even sure if I still have my legs. I start hearing a voice as the ocean waves start crashing over me.
I miss swimming lol
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