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Keebo Jul 2020
He needs no introduction
In this game of seduction
He plays and plays, leading women astray
Bringing satisfaction and in return
All he wants is your dedication
They say he’s the salvation
But he’ll lead maidens into temptation
They’ll believe they have found perfection
But little do they know, he has lovers in every location
He leaves the men in frustration
They please themselves with *******
But if a lady sees through these illusions
She’ll shout “YOU ****” in confusion
He softly replies with
“Dear, why would I be a **** if it takes two to make love?”
Dedicated to my man Giacomo Casanova
SammyJoe Jun 2020
My love I can be adaptable
I’ll mould and shape for you
Quite frankly only if you asked
I’ll do anything you want me to.

***** Pretty >>I << promise
to n.E.v.e.r


My ❤ for you will c>o>n>t>i>n>u>e to GROW
my.luv.without.   [you}   .is.a.k{ill}er
my veRsaTiLity for you brings me
}: woe :{

Without you Dark I am truly empty
The vacancy in my hearts always void
You pull at my strings like a puppet
But deep down I love being toyed.

Humour the times we share are hilarious
How on Earth can I live without you
Your the topping on top of my pizza
And the laces that tie up my shoe.

Oh Rhymes my flow when I’m with you
Is the easiest thing that I can do
Around your presence I’m never blue
I know you feel the same way too

StiCKy CaPs I LovE YoU ToO
YoU MeaN ThE WorLD To Me
So SWeeT anD CapTiVaTinG
My HoNey You’LL aLWayS Be

Free Verse your always being you
And I like that your forever buoyant
Sometimes you leave me wondering though
Could there ever be a you and a me?

Random I think I adore you best
Aargh! Wait this is hard I can’t choose..
To win the hearts of all you skills
Is something I don’t want to lose

Joyful Joyful I adore thee
What’s it that beguiles me?
Lyrics for a hymn before ye
And skills of all ye poetry.
Neptune était en Vierge
Quand ma sultane,
Ma Muse matriarche d'honneur,
Ma Miss Bell arrogante et ruisselante de dynamite
A rompu les amarres
M'a baptisé Criminel,
Casanova de pire aloi,
Et condamné sans mea culpa
Sans tambours ni trompettes
A 169 ans de chevauchées sauvages
Et de maladies imaginaires
Dans son lit de cocagne
De mistral et de tramontane.
Condamné comme une marionnette
Par ma reine sans couronne
A faire le tour du zodiaque de ses hanches
En derviche tourneur
Dans le secteur 5 de la rose des vents
De sa Babylone mythique
A arpenter de long en large les planètes lentes et rapides
De son enfer lubrique :
Les spirituelles, les raffinées, les embrouillées
Les délicates, les pudiques, les lubriques,
Les pastels. les îles roses et les mers noires.
Et prétextant mon ascendant verseau
Elle a peaufiné mon oiseau antique
L 'envoyant valdinguer entre les volcans de Vénus, Mars et Lune
Histoire de me civiliser dans l 'anarchie du monde
De ses tentacules cosmiques
Robin Carretti May 2018
Walking, talking, eating,
One lover only baking,
hum waking- up
Is anyone good
at loving?
The modern
love robot

There is
Oh! Yes
Lend me all
at my home

The ((OZ)) fame
Artsy Auntie
(EM) so lame

Listening to
blush also
*** in-between
My break up
My lunch hour
All over again
way off the street
look out I almost

That Casanova

Sexter machine
Pixstar diet
Laughing to
the bank

You are
But in the
least seeing
Her for what
she is
The beauty
she is making
up the beast
He is the
Eight personalities
Burnt money
Miss French fries
Baby blue eyes cry
My cash went dry
Henry the eighth

The love affair in
September Goth
Just recently shot
Lord of the rings
Be sure you don't get
the blues
She-devil jeweler
Saphire I
got rushed
She fires out!!
She Forgets **
The finest

On the tenth
Cash reminder rush
I cannot recall
how I
got here?

I will be back
for the cash!!
That gave her
Total recall

Over there
left more
overloaded trash
What cash potential
her  best clothes

He looked like
moon dancer
Jacksons five
black glove
Casanova the
best climate
For Cash
Australian mate
Jack Flash
You cant always
get what
you want
But if you try
You might get
what you need
Don't rush
your life away

With that
Don't rush your
stars of
the Nova Scotia
This is comical so about cash time just rushes by in a flash.
Who do you love to take your time this world is crazy you may not have the time
Elle H Mar 2018
Hunter of women burns to show their skill,
Yet when the panting prize has been caught
Mere force of habit drives them to the ****:
The soft flesh is less savory than their sport.
Seema Nov 2017
Holding the paddles tight
As the boat rocks from left to right
The sun seems a lot bright
In this big ocean, no one else is at sight

You dressed in formal attire
To be with me, was your only desire
You ignited within me a burning fire
Which one of us is that perfect liar?

With my red flamy dress
I was almost ready to impress
But instead you grabbed my neck to press
The choking and fear from me, left you in distress

Pushed me over so not to cause more harm
You turned away so to maintain self calm
On your turn, with a shock and alarm
I was gone in the waves swayed unharmed

Realising your anger you searched the boat
Along the wade, my body was afloat
Now your cry was unheard as I was gone
You dropped down and sobbed as if you were torn

I was caught off guard by such death
The love we had sank with me as my last breath
Your anger and temper has pushed me over
Never again in a life, I shall trust a casanova...

Fictional write.
kyle dionysus Sep 2017
She told me: "You always get women. They forever chasing you. And I'll be dammed if I said you don't come across as a player, a 'Casanova', using your charms and words. But I know that is started with you looking for the 'one', the one girl you hoped existed. A girl you could be yourself with, a girl to fall Inlove with. But I can see that as time moved on, you began to give up on the 'one', thinking you wouldn't find her. But I know when you saw me. And when we spoke for the first time. You began to feel hope again...that I was the 'one' you have always been looking for."
Bailey Apr 2016
You think that you can walk up to me with that sly grin?
You think you can whisper my name like that?
You think you can sit back and stare at me when I walk?

You think you can gift me things?
Like that makes up for the things you did?
You think you can talk to me like nothing happened?
I don't know whether you want to say you're sorry.
I don't know if you miss me.
I don't know if you want me back.
Or if you want to be on good terms before you leave--
but I don't give a ****
I'm not interested
I will tear you apart if you try to be sweet toward me again.
on my last nerve
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