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26.9k · Apr 2014
Trigger the Party?
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Trigger the party?
State your right.
Enter the War,
Of bodies.

Hearts desire,
Lust's dance.
Meet the one.
That night of trance.
22.0k · Mar 2014
Girl of the Night
Red Bergan Mar 2014
As the Night is drawn,
In the spectacles of my mind.
I stand alone,
In the shadows of light.

My eyes turn to the moon,
Whose gaze is pallid and ghastly.
Now they shift,
Becoming Scarlet irsises.

I am a beast of the night,
The nocturnal moon is my call.
To summon from sleep,
And all.

Nocturnal forever.
A girl of the night.
I am the one in the shadows.
I fight for that right.
Rawr Night owl!!!
19.9k · Apr 2014
Waterfall, The Pack
Red Bergan Apr 2014
He stands beside me,
In awe of the sight before thee.
His hand has mine.

We both look at each other.
Nothing can be told from his eyes.
The eyes of Ashure haze.

"Do not be afraid..
We are home."

The sound of rushing water,
Crashing into its ever blue.
The beauty of the growth around it.
I call it home.

This was the place,
Where the wolves shall be born.
Creation of a pack.
Has just begun.

Werewolves alive.
Waterfalls of Beauty.
A family.
For eternity.
12.0k · Apr 2014
The Aches. No more
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Heart aches,
Head aches.

All I wish...
Is to feel nothing at all.

Become Stone.
Never to be alive.

No more,
May the night.
Conquer me...
7.6k · Apr 2014
Potion of Life
Red Bergan Apr 2014
A gleam of white,
A flash of power.
A spice of Royalty.

Ingredients of that potion.
THAT potion of power.
OF Beauty.

The Potion of Truth,
Of Lies.

Tis the Potion of Life.
Red Bergan Dec 2013
I fear none but see all,
My dragon comes when I call.
I control the elements upon my mind,
As they swirl within time.

I stand firm and tall,
Waving my sword in the wind.
My world is only a war,
As I fight to win.

No orders can tell me what to do,
I am a General of Skyrim.

My home is of bravery rest,
as my skills everyday,
are put to the test.

You fight for what you believe,
You die with dignity.
Honor boils in your veins,
As you try to fight free.

Freedom rings when a Warrior stands forth,
He or she shall be,
A savior to the world.

Within the World of Tamriel,
I am an Imperial Soldier,
And a Female.

Anyone can be a warrior upon strife,
Even within this war,
You can be right.

Join a side,
Choose your path.

You shall be victorious,
And will deserve a Warriors Death.

Challenge thy dragonkin now.
They will await your arrival.
Upon your dragon,
Shall become thy trial.

Tempest waves within the skies of Tamriel,
As the Dragonborn comes,
To the World of Skyrim.
7.0k · Apr 2014
My Wolf Is Free
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Something stirs,
Shedding its skin.
Turning it to fur.

A howl.
A groan,
A rip.

Bounding into the woods,
Digging my paws into the earth.
Galloping like a wild horse.

The moon rises,
Rays of freedom!
Oh the joy!

I am free,
A wolf of archaic life!

I roam the land,
Leaving only a howl..
In the breeze.
Live on. Run wild. Believe you can break the chains of control.
Red Bergan Apr 2014
You are a vampire.
Why do you lust for blood?

They have found out now.
Your death is certain.

Detest that agony.
Writhe with rage.
You will be lynched,
And burned in the sun.

You are a Vampire.
Royalty runs in your veins.

You lust for blood.
Like a peasant for coins.

Die now.
In royal vain.
You ended your world.

When you ****** the life,
Out of the child.
That boy.
Part of a story I am typing.
6.2k · Mar 2014
Red Bergan Mar 2014
The days....
They bind together.
Like an Illusion..
Seeming real.

I know not of the date,
As the fires burn around me.
I've lost count.
Of the lives lost to treachery.

It keeps your instincts alive.
As you fight those for food,
Drown those for water,
And **** those for a refuge.

I will survive,
This never ending war.
Shall not take my soul
Helped a friend write this so I claim it.
5.5k · Apr 2014
Blackened Heart, Unworthy
Red Bergan Apr 2014
It thrums.
In my head.
On my skin.
Vibrating meekly within.

The beat hath weakened,
Over many in an age.
Only providing those the need.

The will to sleep.

Everlasting eternity,
With you it seems insane.
Beating constantly.
You bring me pain..

Beat on me,
Bring my self-esteem to a pulp.
I will not back down.
I will stand my ground.

End your everlasting tyranny,
You blackened heart.
Cease your beating,
Save your skin.

Anger boils in my veins,
I hate you.

Perfection is insane,
No one is perfect.
Cease your yell,
Your beat.

You to,
Are not worthy.
I know that I don't trust someone when it comes to this...
5.2k · Mar 2014
Thieves Guild Pt.1
Red Bergan Mar 2014
I meander about the countryside,
Coming upon a fishing city.
They call it Riften,
Home of the thieves.

The guard that stopped me,
Persuaded with a shakedown.
I didn't believe him,
And persuaded back with venom.

The gates opened,
Before thy words.
Revealing a peaceful city,
With many souls.

I roam the marketplace,
Searching for supplies.
Before I make my journey.
To Ivarstead.

A man of charm and price,
Spoke with me.
He sought a job to be done.
He asked me?

Break the law!?
He nodded quietly.

I sigh,
Agreeing to do as he asked.
My friend faendal has taught me well
Of thievery.

This dark elf,
A Argonian lizard.
I took the ring to deliver.

Brynjolf spoke of snow elves,
And an elixir.

As I put the ring,
Into Brand-Shei's pocket.
Escaping the shadows.

The task was done,
And he asked me.
To join the Thieves Guild.
It's Skyrim-Riften quest
5.0k · Mar 2014
Knight, Journey, Trick
Red Bergan Mar 2014
A Silence stirs within the people,
As the King anoints his knight.
The man of righteous renewal,
From the very start.

So it began,
His journey across Tamriel.
Searching for a way,
To save his people.

Armor of White,
Spear of the dragon.
He comes to fight,
Those who oppose him.

His only distraction,
A fair maiden.
With lips of ruby,
Hips of curve.

She can ****** anyone,
Then rob their home.
She sneaks within the night.
Only to serve.
Nocturnal the Daedric Goddess of the Dark World.

Evergloom shail it be.
When they cross paths.
Each night they meet...
So goes the Son of Skyrim,
Being tricked.

By the anointing Imperial.
Mother of the Pack.
Ah irony.....
4.8k · May 2014
Beware the Willow
Red Bergan May 2014
Beware the broken willow.
For its vines doth sweep,
Over empty space.
Between thee.

It sways,
Silently creaking,
On it's woolen bark.

Methinks it to attack,
Become alive.
As my dragon at my side.

With a puff of smoke,
Jerusalem see's the marks,
This willow hath endured.
During the war..

Beware the Weeping willow,
for it's tears can drown.
Can drown out the sweetest sound..
4.2k · Apr 2014
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Bit by bit,
Bite by bite.
They surround the night.

Their mortal...

Only word,
3.9k · Apr 2014
Just Pain
Red Bergan Apr 2014
The time of peace,
Is a time of war.
With those of pain.

No trust.
No gain.
3.7k · Mar 2014
Skyrim- Imperialist
Red Bergan Mar 2014
I was born Of  a broken family.
Surviving on the skills,
You taught me.

Now I stand in the valley.
Beside the red stream.
Awaiting the arrival.
Of the Dov.

My daggers twirl in my hands,
As I dance with zeal.
Brave but reckless.
Because of youth.

I await thy path,
I must pursue.

The journey ahead,
Will be new.

I am Imperial,
Daughter of the wolves.
My home was Solitude.
Skyrims Capital hold.

I travel this weary path,
Adventuring beyond death.
I doth not fear you,
Dragon of hearthfire.

May my path pay,
The debts of my partners.

They deserve better,
Than the blasted Jarl.
3.5k · Dec 2013
The Unique Valkyrie
Red Bergan Dec 2013
The land...
Its quiet and peaceful for now.
In the distance however,
holds a war of all.

A guardian watches alongside her sisters,
They see the world through the eyes of the creator.
As the sun gleam's upon the water,
A massive horde comes closer.

Valkyries are strong,
beautiful but deadly.
We fight together for the Light,
but the darkness can overwhelm thee.

Only one Valkyrie stands out,
above them all.
She is unique, wise, and tall.
Her blue eyes only see thy soul.

As this horde comes to the waves of white.
Valkyries spread their wings to take flight.
Now she knoweth the world and becomes,
The demon they fear, Kekay the Young.

Rising into the sky,
not fearing the dragons who surround.
She looks to her ****,
and stands...her ground.

Her wings turn black and her sovereign soul abides.
As she summons the Catalyst on the heights.
Tempest Suthrane as deadly and black.
The lightning kills off anything death.

The Valkyrie stands before her sisters now,
Who watch in terror of the darkness overwhelmed.
For now she is known as Kekay Suthrane,
The Valkyrie, The young, Dragon Rider today.

Know the war that takes place within her soul,
She knows not the worldly fall.
The end will draw near of the sisterhoods kin,
The blood will show the way,
To her next ****.

The Valkyrie of light and Darkness,
The Archaic one.
Shes the one you should fear,
For Tempest comes to her call.
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Wolves of all,
Hear thy cry.
Save me from this light.

It blinds my cornea.
It burns my skin...
The melanin darkens.

Revealing the Scars.

The scars of the past.
Have been raised from the dead.
Resurrected now,
Revealing my sins.

Wolves of Old,
Hear my cry...
Save me from this world.
Take me from this life..
3.1k · Mar 2014
Opaque Night
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Opaque is thee,
Dull, dark and soundless night.
It creeps up my spine,
Proving the fright.

Dark is the girls eyes,
Who stands and waits.
Preventing all to pass,
Even her mate.

Opaque is the eye-like windows,
On the upper floor.
Where the ghost of old.
Hunts for his score.

Dull, dark and Soundless night.
Free me from his ebony wings,
Free me from the inside.

Break these habits,
Of opaque demise.
Where the dagger may yet wait.
To end thy life..
Repeat thy past preference, send thy habits away.
3.1k · Mar 2014
The Pegasus Free
Red Bergan Mar 2014
The Pegasus of white.
Has undying beauty.
With wings of flight,
It is born free.

With a origin unknown,
Ethereal unseen.
Under the waterfalls stones.

With a powerful leap,
The Pegasus flies.
Soaring high above.
It's roaring heights.

None can tame thy beautiful,
Thy precious winged creature.
It will live on,
In our hearts forever.
May it live on forever...
3.1k · Apr 2014
Relax or Go.
Red Bergan Apr 2014
When will this end?
When will you relax?
You act like it's a sin,
To be imperfect.

All you do is correct,
Others than yourself.
You do realize I know,
You're being sneaky as hell.

I've caught you more than once,
But kept to my silence.
I don't trust you now.
You broke it in reference.

Trust issues form,
when one controls.
Maybe you should relax.
Or hit the road.
I'm sorry.. you've gone to far.
2.9k · Mar 2014
Red Bergan Mar 2014
What a beauty to seek!
The Nightingales have returned
To serve thee!

Nightingale sing your songs...
Haunt the night of the trespass,
Nocturnal is your guide..Tonight

Seek your jewels,
Salvage thy treasure.
Offer it to Nocturnal,
To please her.

Fact or Fiction?

They are quite real.
To see their armor,
To know their symbol.

They are shadows of the night.
Pursuing your every move...
2.9k · Apr 2014
In this Asylum
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Specimen after Specimen.
One fail after another.
He tries hard to break me.

Ocelot is a fail.
Ocelot is a blasted cat!

Why cant you see thy humanity!?

Ocelot is my name.
And I am stuck here,
Until I die.
Or he kills me.

The needles hurt,
The medicine is vile...

This Asylum,
Is one of Hell..
2.9k · Mar 2014
The wait, that door
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Another day passed,
As I gaze at that door.
Staring at the pictures of us.

I wished those video chats,
Never ended for us.
As we talked for hours,
Comparing our hearts.

As I gaze at that door,
I wait for a signal.
A knock, a voice.
Telling me your home.
I wish he would see these poems that I write. They are truly from the heart..
2.9k · Mar 2014
The Serpent
Red Bergan Mar 2014
A serpent will light,
The ancient skies.
And taint the white and blue stars.

His eyes of majesty,
He cometh to bring War.
Upon the line of humanity.

As his scales glow,
In the ebonic haze.
He will guide or doom.
All who play.

Seek the truth.
Follow thy heart.
Even you.
Can be saved from the dark.
2.7k · Mar 2014
Bonded Symphony
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Bluebirds dance gracefully,
Cardinals sing a symphony.
Announcing the return,
Of thee.

Righteous may be thy soul,
Kind may be thy heart.
What we ask of you,
Where art thou heart?

Harps ring beyond the flowers,
Of scarlet lovers.
Might the rose be thy veil?
Thy weddings renewal.

Bonded by Matrimony.
It shall be so.
2.7k · Apr 2014
I stand alone
Red Bergan Apr 2014
I stand alone,
Under the eye of the Ebony storm.
Creating what was once beautiful.
Now humiliated.

Cries of the innocence,
Fade into the dark.
As the Storm increases in fury.

My wings spread,
I soar high.
Soaking every feather,
Every tear.
Every Lie.

No scars shalt come.
Only time will tell.
I stand as a lone wolf, broken from the family of feud.
2.2k · Apr 2014
The Dragon Library
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Jerusalem swings his massive body,
Underneath the falls.
Where only a true warrior,
Will call.

The Throm is close,
Beyond the pallid caves.
Deep beneath the earth.
A fiery vain.

"Be cautious young one,
I fear Alakan is close..
I can smell his smoke...
He is annoyed of us both."

Jerusalem proved worthy,
Of such caution at the time.
With a hand on my blade,
I stride forth.

I seek questions,
And answers.
For my future awaits...

Betrayal is not all to well known,
By the Dov, The Dragon's Age.

Said a thunderous voice.
"You have come far from home..
What do you seek from Throm?"

Jerusalem growled and raised his wings,
"I have brought my rider Kekay.
She wishes for Answers."

The Unique Valkyrie,
Alakan rose from the shadows,
Revealing a massive beast.

His wings were gold and tattered,
His marks red and long.
His horns were of the devil,
But his voice was calm..

"Knoweth of my name,
Tis true indeed.
Yes I am Kekay.
I come in peace..."

With heart pounding,
Soul burning.
We enter with Alakan.

To the Great,
Archaic Library.
The Throm.

Walls lined with books,
Spoken in the Dragon language.
Dov do Hi amal.
This is nothing to imagine..

Alakan uses his talons,
to grasp a globe.
His raises his eyes to me,
Beckoning me forward.

"Come forth,
Take in the Library of the Ancients.."

"Come now,
The Unique Valkyrie.."
Read The long journey of dragon and rider, and the Unique Valkyrie
2.0k · Mar 2014
The Valkyrie Traitor
Red Bergan Mar 2014
My body pulses,
On the brink of rage.
How could she betray us?
In this dark age..

The Valkyries have gone mad,
Having lost Ethereal.
Yet here I stand,
In dark folds.

Lion of the dark..
Prepare to be prey...
And be gone from this world.
From the unique Valkyrie poem and a story I wrote long ago.
2.0k · Apr 2014
The Underworld
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Through the shadows.
Souls run around.
Through the fire.
Hell has come.

Beware his might.
His sword of darkness.
Beware the fear,
That envelopes your soul.

My love,
It has come.

My love,
It has begun.

Judgement damns your soul,
Welcome to the Underworld.

Fire, Stone, waves of fear.
Punishment is your reward.
A song i Thought of.
1.9k · Apr 2014
Red Bergan Apr 2014
I freeze.
Unsure of the sight.
The truth.
My eyes are cloudy.
Due to the muse.

I blink,
At the beauty it displays..
It's like a different world was born.
Inside of the mesmerizing storm..
1.8k · Mar 2014
Daughters of Darkness
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Daughters of Darkness,
Sisters inside.
Reunite tonight!

We came to battle angry,
We came to win the war.

A little evil can go a long, long way.
We can live forever.
We are sisters of the dark.

As a girl of the night,
I see and understand you.
I know your hearts.

Come now,
Daughters of Darkness.
Sisters inside.
A little evil goes a long way.

We stand together,
Do not be afraid.

We shalt claim our stories.
We will claim that future.

As the Sun rises,
We shall vanish and come again.
When that Ebony sky returns.
To fight for what we believe in.
LINK: Girl of the Night
Red Bergan Mar 2014
The man he sits,
Upon the bed.
Watching his sister die.

"No don't go" he says,
Eyes glowing red.
He's losing his mind.

The house, the house!
Is dark and defied!
He roams about,
Only hearing her cries.

The eyes of gray,
With no sleep.
He has  no one to keep; to love.
His heart is very weak.

My dearest,
Fear thy presence.
She has come..
Within the rising storm.

He's gone now,
Blindly chasing a dream,
Her voice.

Insanity now holds his chains,
It won't be long now,
Before the blackness reigns.

Eyes bloodshot,
With a wolfish grin.
He's become thee,
Insane Usher again.

This house, it haunts.
With the dead below...
Where restless souls creep,
Carrying solemn cries.

There Usher Stands,
Lost in his agony...
The land where his sister sleeps.
No diary of his sweet.

His face is written,
In superstitious derail.

Beyond Hells Gates,
His final line frays...
The name of Usher will end,
This day.

No more sons,
To bear thu name.
A sibling is lost,
In this game of fate.

The house has fallen,
Broken and decayed.
Where no life breathes.

The fall of the house of Usher,
The tomb hath stayed.
Exposed by nature.
Never to live again.

Insanity takes thee,
Drowning out the calm.
Superstitions rage wildly,
Within the Ebony storm...
Long and written for the Fall of the house of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe
1.7k · Apr 2014
Exodus Ebony..
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Halt in retaliation.
Destroy the one..
The Ebony.

My dearest..
Fear man now..

Use the Exodus..*
Escape the world..
1.7k · Apr 2014
Red Bergan Apr 2014
My heart is weary.
My mind is weak.
Survival is all I know.

I only Survive,
For the one I love.
Maybe one day.
I can end this War.
1.7k · Apr 2014
I know (10 word)
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Believe me.
I know the truth.

I hate you.
1.7k · Mar 2014
Joke- 24- 25
Red Bergan Mar 2014
"Hey, psst Spongebob?"
The pink starfish says.
"I got something better than 24.."

Spongebob grins,
"Let's hear it.."
The starfish bellows,

Teacher stares in awe..
Never gets old hahahahahaaha.
1.7k · Apr 2014
Dark Forest
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Darkness breathes,
In the trees.

Dark figures,
Conjure deaths arrival.

All occurs,
In the dark forest.
1.6k · Jan 2014
Walk within the Shadows
Red Bergan Jan 2014
To all who read this poem..
Read it with a open mind,
Behind your colorful eyes.

To all...
Who fight for freedom,
Walk within the darkest night.

We fight, destroy, survive...
All because of foolish greed,
Within a sinners eyes.

We know it is wrong,
We have been taught right,
But we fear not this night.

Go my Brothers and Sisters,
Walk within the Shadows of difference...
Be a unique person to all who stand before you.

Do not allow that greed,
That suffering,
To overtake you.

People do not understand who you are,
Do not allow them to define the mask you wear,
The person you have become...
Is who.
You are.

Walk within the shadows,
Define yourself all together.
And fight!

Fight for what you believe in,
Seek the path of this everlasting journey.
Walk with a new mind eternally.

To all who know the meaning of life,
Walk within the shadows,
And fight for your right...

One more thing,
Trust no one outside,
Just those who know you right.
Survive my Brothers,
My sisters.
Assassins Creed can teach you many things. If you read the trilogy or listen to the themes and soundtracks. your mind is opened by the magic that insures itself. Your heart cannot be defined, Always remember  this my friends.
1.6k · Apr 2014
Tis thee Aquatic
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Tis thee aquatic?

Dance in the water!
Down into the sea,

Tis thee aquatic,
The last of its kind!
1.5k · Apr 2014
Screams of Annoyance..
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Annoyance is such a hideous thing.
It blackens the heart.
Making it sting.

You say stop.
Do as I say!
How can I?
When you do it anyway..?

Such an Ugly thing.
You can breathe..
But never have glee.

Remember the fallen..
Queen of hearts.
She roams within the darkness..
Of the humans heart.

I do not care.
Leave me be..
Be forewarned.
I might just..
1.5k · Apr 2014
A heart burns on
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Brightly burning,
Mistaken, disowned.
A heart of fire burns on.

Roars of pain,
Tears of deceit.
Manipulation takes it's tole.

You are mistaken to treat her this way.
You are a fool to believe.
That you can defeat me.

My heart burns on.
Her scars glow.
We are one,
Under the fiery sun.

Sisters of Fire and Ice.
Warriors of Right's.

We will defeat you.
Torture us at your will.
We will stand.

And defeat you.
You are the ******* here.
Die now.
In Vain.
1.4k · Jan 2014
The Ringmaster Of Seasons
Red Bergan Jan 2014
Creeping souls, Beware.
Look around, shes here!
The Ringmaster's near.
Prepare for thy seasons,
Spring, Summer-sault, fall!

Light, shine,
Blinding thy eyes.
Look, Look this way!
The Ringmaster is here!

"Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, To thy Haven."
Of sanity's sphere.

Hello Boys and Girls,
Cackle, clap, cry.
Laugh away my dearies!
High air fives! Good one!(Yeah Right)

I twirl my cane,
dancing into the ring.
I tip my hat, Announcing my name.
"Ringmaster Jinx at your service!"
"Rhymes with Sphinx!"

Stampede around!
Bounding lions roar,
Elephants triumphant!
Sounding war,A war of the century.

A crack of the whip spurs motion,
Big cats rear, growling at the stands.
Ace makes them sit, and spin!
"Get on with it!"

Thundering hooves sound,
Rippling figures race into the ring.
"Horses freedom ring! Hail Gladiator!"
They rear raising their heads high,
Controlled by Vex and Zakirai!

Cackling children scream,
"Oh my! Look!"
"Clowns wheeling into the ring!"
HONK! :o) Laugh and Dream!

Pies fly,
Unicycles collapse.
Laughter erupts!
Pie war! Duck!
Spring, soar!

"Guide the war!"
Left, right,back.
One "SMACK!" Two collide.
I control the theme, an Extravagant team.
Even if, I'm covered in pie cream.

Dance, Bound, Leap!
Up, Up and away my sweet!
Dancing through the air, gravity defy!
Your leap, of faith!

Vex falls into the net,
Safe, grounded, relieved.
My friends cheer with glee!

Insane sanity!
Look around, see me on the ground.
Hello Boys and Girls, Enjoy the show!
Haven Circus, Sphere of Humanities finest!

I twirl my cane,
Tip my hat,
And proclaim my name.
"Jinx the Ringmaster of this train!"

Goodbye one and all!
Hope you enjoyed the show!
Laugh, Cry and Dream!

I take my cane, and hat,
Exiting the Ring..
1.4k · Mar 2014
Elven flight
Red Bergan Mar 2014
The moon glowed,
The lake sparkled.
It was all beautiful to baffle.

Figures danced into view,
bounding beyond their limits.
They knew this trance.

The lake was their call,
As was their mother.
Nature has its ways,
It knows one another.

The children hath danced before,
Careless and free.

Free from the chains,
That bound their souls to be.

Soul is a strong spirit,
It will persevere.
Beyond that limit,
Your explosive sphere.

Look into the lake,
With your glowing eyes.

Accept thy fate,
to become a firefly.

Wings spring,
Cries laugh.
You fly above the surface,
Free as a hawk.

The winged ones are hidden,
Beyond the world today.
They are Elves, Sprites
Of mythology today.
elven Dance.
1.4k · Mar 2014
Let it go, Let it show
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Let it go,
Face the world.
Let them see your power.

The one of the snow,
The one of fire.
Become their world.
Save them from the higher.

Stand free,
You are truly magnificent.
Red Bergan Apr 2014
We glided east,
Past the canyons of Trevall.
Over the lake of Ebony.

Thy long journey hath proved a struggle,
For my dragon and I.
We only seek the seer of all Dragons..

Jerusalem growls,
Smoke escaping his nostrils.
He seemed annoyed,
By a raven bird below.

"Eas Jerusalem Sa Eh."
I say with comfort.
"Our journey is long...
Conserve thy energy."

With a flourish of his massive wings,
He dives below the tree's.
Snaking his body around the oak,
Elderwood and Evergleam.

My dragon and I are weary,
for this Journey is long.

As a Dark Angel,
A betrayed Valkyrie.
What lies ahead?
For I Cannot see the Throm.
Throm- The Cave of the Dragon Library
Eas- Easy now
Sa Eh- Stop the nonsense.
Jerusalem- Massive black dragon raised by the character from a dracling.
1.4k · Mar 2014
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Fearing my mind.
Scaring my sight.
All I see is fright tonight...

Blackness is so strange.
When the tendrils of its power,
Mark you're skin.

All comes from within.
The stone cold mind..

Fearing my heart,
As it draws it's last beat.
Sending me off.

Into an eternal sleep...
1.4k · May 2014
Red Bergan May 2014
Cataclysm is thy scorn.
Voided hearth.
Among the mourned.

Beginning to End.
Sands of Time commence.
Scorned Catalyst,
Voided among the bends.
A catalyst doesnt end until the mourning begins and Ends.
1.3k · Apr 2014
My Blade of Just
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Something stands before me,
Obstructing my strides.
It stares with pain.
I can see it in it's eyes.

The irises of red,
Boil with lust.
I wield my blade.
Ready to for war.

I walk within the shadows,
Serving those who are Just.
"Remove yourself."
Or I will destroy thy soul.

Anger's Inferno,
Charges full fury.
I close the distance,
Facing reality.

Black out,
Blood stains.
This kid falls.
Weakened by my blade.

"I don't ****,
I only wish to serve."

"Die now in vain."
Your crimes have been purged.

You took everything I knew.
Defeated my purpose to live.

I am renewed,
I will not bow to your will.
1.2k · Apr 2014
Death Stains the Heart
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Death stains a lifeline,
Haunts a wandering mind.
Severing every limb.
No mobility now.

Tears of blood,
Showers of hate..
To be alone.
Is my death day.
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