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Red Bergan Jul 2020
The Wolven howls,
Rise again once more.

Upon the lunar eclipse.
Wolves go to war.

Beware the sickness,
The anger.
The strife.

You might want to sleep,
With a weapon.
By your side.
Red Bergan Apr 2014
You may see me in the shadows,
Watching your every move..
You have become my prey...
Now its time to feed..

You soul is quite interesting,
How about we join sides..
You know? Allies?
do not be afraid of me..*
I only will destroy your self-esteem...
Bount- beings who absorb and the **** souls from the bodies of living and dead humans.
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Fathoms below,
To the depths of the Sea.
The world asundered,
By its wonder.

Fathoms above,
Wings of Eagles soar.
Storms sweep.
The world in awe...
Of its evolving atmosphere.

Above and Below.
Fathoms are bold.
For the world to know.
In awe of our evolving environment...
Red Bergan Mar 2014
A place where we come together,
Is a place of love.
A place where we write.
Like, comment and admire.

When you join us in this age,
You will see.
How we think, feel.

Writing is more than just putting words to paper.
It is home,
Where you are accepted.
Red Bergan Apr 2015
The darker your eyes glow,
The more of the second you; you show.

A mask to hide the beast,
Ugly and mean.
Defined by those slaughtered,
By its talons.

A fierce darkness,
Blinded by only rage.
Discomforting agony,
To one so caged.

Those who look upon thy beast,
External bleeding can occur.
If you anger the darkness.

A fierce creature,
Blinded by rage.
Become one with the fallen,
The fallen inside its cage.
Red Bergan Feb 2014
It's beats, Alive.
Even behind closed eyes.
It's made for love,
A life foretold.

Beware your heart,
For it beats so subtle.
The crimson walls rebuttal

Love foretold,
You are to not be alone.
For your love,
Your world.
Has come to your soul.

Beware your heart beat,
For it tells who you love.
The heart, The mind.
It's all precious,
Like the dove.
A valentine poem of remorse and love behold.
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Brightly burning,
Mistaken, disowned.
A heart of fire burns on.

Roars of pain,
Tears of deceit.
Manipulation takes it's tole.

You are mistaken to treat her this way.
You are a fool to believe.
That you can defeat me.

My heart burns on.
Her scars glow.
We are one,
Under the fiery sun.

Sisters of Fire and Ice.
Warriors of Right's.

We will defeat you.
Torture us at your will.
We will stand.

And defeat you.
You are the ******* here.
Die now.
In Vain.
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Sing with me,
As we dance with glee.
Beyond the ferals sight.

All I ask,
Is that you end this life.
Feeling remorse and denial.

My love your heart may be pure,
But thy actions are strange.
Why art thou cold this day?

Dance with me,
For the words of love shall warm you,
May light guide thee.
To thy hundreth!
#100th poem!!! :DD
Red Bergan Mar 2014
A new dawn begins,
When a knife slits you're throat.
Or an arrow pierces your back.

As Lycan,
You survive.
Healing in short bursts.

To take it out on the enemy,
The traitor tonight.

A new age begins,
The journey sevenfold.
When the pack unites.
Under the White Moon.

As Lycan,
Or Vampirith.
You will live.

In the shadows of man,
Who forever hunts.
You're dying kin.
Live on the wolves and bats of the shadows.
Red Bergan Apr 2015
Blood will spill the ground,
When you try to pin me down.

You're lucky I could control it,
I don't let that anger spit flames and burn those,
I love.

This all happened,
Because you overreacted.
And made me fear for my safety.
I was never safe there.

The chains are gone,
Time for me to grow up.
Red Bergan Mar 2014
The man he sits,
Upon the bed.
Watching his sister die.

"No don't go" he says,
Eyes glowing red.
He's losing his mind.

The house, the house!
Is dark and defied!
He roams about,
Only hearing her cries.

The eyes of gray,
With no sleep.
He has  no one to keep; to love.
His heart is very weak.

My dearest,
Fear thy presence.
She has come..
Within the rising storm.

He's gone now,
Blindly chasing a dream,
Her voice.

Insanity now holds his chains,
It won't be long now,
Before the blackness reigns.

Eyes bloodshot,
With a wolfish grin.
He's become thee,
Insane Usher again.

This house, it haunts.
With the dead below...
Where restless souls creep,
Carrying solemn cries.

There Usher Stands,
Lost in his agony...
The land where his sister sleeps.
No diary of his sweet.

His face is written,
In superstitious derail.

Beyond Hells Gates,
His final line frays...
The name of Usher will end,
This day.

No more sons,
To bear thu name.
A sibling is lost,
In this game of fate.

The house has fallen,
Broken and decayed.
Where no life breathes.

The fall of the house of Usher,
The tomb hath stayed.
Exposed by nature.
Never to live again.

Insanity takes thee,
Drowning out the calm.
Superstitions rage wildly,
Within the Ebony storm...
Long and written for the Fall of the house of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe
Red Bergan May 2014
Beware the broken willow.
For its vines doth sweep,
Over empty space.
Between thee.

It sways,
Silently creaking,
On it's woolen bark.

Methinks it to attack,
Become alive.
As my dragon at my side.

With a puff of smoke,
Jerusalem see's the marks,
This willow hath endured.
During the war..

Beware the Weeping willow,
for it's tears can drown.
Can drown out the sweetest sound..
Red Bergan Apr 2014
It thrums.
In my head.
On my skin.
Vibrating meekly within.

The beat hath weakened,
Over many in an age.
Only providing those the need.

The will to sleep.

Everlasting eternity,
With you it seems insane.
Beating constantly.
You bring me pain..

Beat on me,
Bring my self-esteem to a pulp.
I will not back down.
I will stand my ground.

End your everlasting tyranny,
You blackened heart.
Cease your beating,
Save your skin.

Anger boils in my veins,
I hate you.

Perfection is insane,
No one is perfect.
Cease your yell,
Your beat.

You to,
Are not worthy.
I know that I don't trust someone when it comes to this...
Red Bergan Mar 2014
As my hands clench,
I fell the skin rip.
Creating ****** cracks.

These cracks are my life,
These ****** knuckles are alright.
I'm use to dry skin.

My anger boils,
My fist form.
Creating cracks.
Of a ****** Lifeline.
I hate it when my knuckles are cracked and bleeding.... **** YOU WORK!!!
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Bluebirds dance gracefully,
Cardinals sing a symphony.
Announcing the return,
Of thee.

Righteous may be thy soul,
Kind may be thy heart.
What we ask of you,
Where art thou heart?

Harps ring beyond the flowers,
Of scarlet lovers.
Might the rose be thy veil?
Thy weddings renewal.

Bonded by Matrimony.
It shall be so.
Red Bergan Apr 2014
You are a vampire.
Why do you lust for blood?

They have found out now.
Your death is certain.

Detest that agony.
Writhe with rage.
You will be lynched,
And burned in the sun.

You are a Vampire.
Royalty runs in your veins.

You lust for blood.
Like a peasant for coins.

Die now.
In royal vain.
You ended your world.

When you ****** the life,
Out of the child.
That boy.
Part of a story I am typing.
Red Bergan Apr 2015
When one cages her,
From her loving mate.

Only her rage and despair,
Can be heard behind the locked door.

Curse parental abilities.
Red Bergan May 2014
Cataclysm is thy scorn.
Voided hearth.
Among the mourned.

Beginning to End.
Sands of Time commence.
Scorned Catalyst,
Voided among the bends.
A catalyst doesnt end until the mourning begins and Ends.
Red Bergan Jan 2014
It comes quickly, faster than lightning!
Creeping into soul's that tremble with fear...
The earth trembles and quakes,
The exodus comes near.

It comes,
Crashing...Burning like a phoenix.
Devouring the world of peace, and melody.
The sound enters your heart,
Making it rapidly beat.

It comes, Rapturing with light,
that blinds like a sun in the night.
A beast,
Of a Catalystic mind destroyed by time.

Its halts, stunned.
Chaos and Destruction seeps through the veins,
Of the one who has spread her wings and prayed.

The beast roars with such force,
Causing her to leap into the sky,
dancing into the wind that blows east.

The Cataclysm follows in pursuit,
Roaring with ferocity and haste.
Wings spread she soars,
As the beast rages war.

She flies high, into the mountains.
Where a golden glow awakens.
Her beast, her soul fading.
To the eyes of Ashen.

The glow burns brightly,
capturing the beast.
Severing its mind,
As thy winged one sings.
Freed...From treachery!

"You come, Defeated.
Depart thy fiend!
For you are no more,
Thy seed, of chaos and war."

"Depart! From my soul,
My ways!
You beast frown till the end of your days!"
No control comes...

The beast fades away,
like ashes of dust and decay.
She gazes upon her Catalyst,
Her previous life destroyed,
By the very glow..
Of the Exodus...Void.
Red Bergan Apr 2014
I push through,
I kick the walls down.
I scream at the top of my lungs.

I am in the center,
A room of four walls.
Agony, Dear Agony!!

Kick, Scream, Defeat.
I am in the Center,
Of Survival.
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Thou is cold,
Tis quite vile.
You are in denial.

A ball of tears,
A corner of marks.
You saw this spot.

Alone you cry,
Within the moon.
Of the night asunder,
As soon.

Tears of red fall,
Followed by that weapon..
The weapon you use,
To replace the pain.

My brother.
My sister.
you are not alone.
I too fear this world.

It is quite cruel to us all.

Fear not my dear!
You will be guided into the light,
The solemn spear.

Prepare for battle,
Stop the tears.
Fight your heart,
Win above the fear.

Do not let the blade,
Mark thy flawless skin.
Only a vampire of the night,
May win.

Thy blade is sheathed,
You stand with me.
Together we stride,
Down that street.
To all who know this feeling... This insanity. i hope thee is happy. I only wish to help you. Message me if you have questions.
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Come to me,
My child.
Do not fear.
I can be your mother,
Your friend.

I have lived for many years,
Watching humanity fall.
But in all my years,
I've never seen a wolf so small.
Your muzzle is black as coal,
Yet your fur is grey and white.

You howl to the moon,
Trying to find truth.
Small wolf,
Why so lonely?
I am here too you know.

Join my family.
Your always welcome to stay.
Search your heart small wolf.
I am truly honored.
To be here with you.
May the wolves live on...
Red Bergan Apr 2014
My eyes are blue,
My armor is black.
My Wings of black.

I am a Dark Angel.
I fear none,
But see all.

My heart of stone,
Is only used to the cold.
Heat only burns it's core.

Forsaken tis I!
A dark angel of the frozen skies...
With Blue eyes,
I scout the world below.
Searching for a sign of hope...
To those of broken, dark and Violet wings.
Red Bergan Nov 2014
Thy fate is revealed,
The darkness over takes her.
She screams to be free.
From the torture.

Tendrils of knives,
Sorting marks on her skin.
Flawless to scarred,
Born of thy kin.

Deathly hallows,
The kiss of death.
A demon is born,
A selfish beast.

Beautiful but deadly,
Sworn to fight.
For their goddess of the moon.

Born under the blood moon.
Thy precious Valkyrie.

Eyes of red,
Wings of black.

The Dark fate of thee,
Has taken her over.
Never again,
**Shall she be free.
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Darkness breathes,
In the trees.

Dark figures,
Conjure deaths arrival.

All occurs,
In the dark forest.
Red Bergan May 2015
Darkness slashed my skin,
****** relief...

Darkness killed my heart,
Slashed to threads.
Torn apart...

This little girl,
Hath..* No fear.

Everyone went dark on me..
Destroying what I once held dear..

In the dead of night,
*Darkness slays me.
Red Bergan Mar 2014
A life of darkness,
Consumes every ounce of light.
I live in secrecy,
Behind the gates.

My ways are different,
More Tradition than class.
I might end your life fast.

I care not for what people say,
They are entitled.
To their antagonizing opinions,
Both inside and out.

A life of secrecy,
Living amongst the crowd.
All you see.
Is a person all alone.

Thou hath no sympathy?
For the man whose weak...
Natural selection is a cruelty indeed.
Red Bergan Jan 2015
Dark lies pour into your words,
Death will follow your steps.

I fear not your terror,
I feel nothing.
And will mercilessly destroy you..
A Valkyrie promise
Red Bergan Dec 2014
Dark wings gliding,
Along the lonely black sky.

Ebony ironic,
Beyond far and high.
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Daughters of Darkness,
Sisters inside.
Reunite tonight!

We came to battle angry,
We came to win the war.

A little evil can go a long, long way.
We can live forever.
We are sisters of the dark.

As a girl of the night,
I see and understand you.
I know your hearts.

Come now,
Daughters of Darkness.
Sisters inside.
A little evil goes a long way.

We stand together,
Do not be afraid.

We shalt claim our stories.
We will claim that future.

As the Sun rises,
We shall vanish and come again.
When that Ebony sky returns.
To fight for what we believe in.
LINK: Girl of the Night
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Death stains a lifeline,
Haunts a wandering mind.
Severing every limb.
No mobility now.

Tears of blood,
Showers of hate..
To be alone.
Is my death day.
Red Bergan Apr 2014
My mind wanders blindly,
Deep thoughts spin.
Cascading me down into oblivion.

My heart aches,
From the past asunder...
These thoughts leave me defenseless.

What do I do now?

They cut me like a dagger,
That bare bodkin of despair.
My love is forbidden,
To break the surface.

The wings are entwined together,
Unable to beat..

Deep wounds,
Many lessons....
A Dark angel,
Scarred by her own weapon.
Red Bergan Jul 2014
Deny thy as daughter,
Son, mother,
Father, aunt...

I deny thy right,
To be a daughter.

If it were only so easy..
To stand alone under a parental wing,
Red Bergan Apr 2014
My heart descends,
Into the realm of pain.
Clenching at the sound,
Of the everlasting screams.

I hug my knee's close,
Tears escape my eyes.
This severe pain never ends.
When I think of You and I.

Forbidden it has become,
Forever dead of love.
I fight still.

My soul wishes to surrender,
To stop its course.

I cannot take much more,
Of this dark world...
Red Bergan Apr 2014

Dont forget to smile.
No thank you.
Red Bergan Aug 2020
Even a girl like me has her breaking point,
So patient till the end.
Until I snap your neck.

Don't Test me..
I can't handle your drama.
Red Bergan Jul 2020
You all,
Are a burden.
A pain in the ***.

You constantly ***** and yell.
Instead of figuring it out or ask.
The world doesn't revolve,
Around your pettiness and greed.

It will never revolve around,
Your hearts desire to feed.

One phrase.
"Beware the wake of the dawn."

The horizon will be ******.
If you carry this on.

Don't trifle with my mate.
I will growl and rise.
I no longer tolerate you.

Wise up,
Or die.
My patience wears thin on these idiots.
Red Bergan May 2014
Behind the door,
Of grates and Iron.
Screams of war cry out.

Beyond the gates.
The great army awaits.
For the battle of man to man.

Awestruck wonder,
For the dragon.
That glides above.

The horn sounds,
Summoning the fires..
Of Hell.
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Trust thy soul,
Remember the hole.

Draw thy sword,
Look upon thy Foreshadowing,
Tragic demise.

Duel me ghoul of zeal.
Thou shalt despise.
Thy reel.

Relinquish dark arts,
Pursue my soul...
I will destroy those around you,
Leaving you alone.

Now draw thy sword,
You blasphemic necromancer.
You will perish.
Within the fire.
Red Bergan Mar 2014
The moon glowed,
The lake sparkled.
It was all beautiful to baffle.

Figures danced into view,
bounding beyond their limits.
They knew this trance.

The lake was their call,
As was their mother.
Nature has its ways,
It knows one another.

The children hath danced before,
Careless and free.

Free from the chains,
That bound their souls to be.

Soul is a strong spirit,
It will persevere.
Beyond that limit,
Your explosive sphere.

Look into the lake,
With your glowing eyes.

Accept thy fate,
to become a firefly.

Wings spring,
Cries laugh.
You fly above the surface,
Free as a hawk.

The winged ones are hidden,
Beyond the world today.
They are Elves, Sprites
Of mythology today.
elven Dance.
Red Bergan Jan 2015
Evil is born,
When one believes the action is wrong.
Whether its justice or not.
That's entirely up to you.

Bring on the argument,
To prove yours as just.
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Exeunt away,
For it has come.
The Cataclysm of your life.

May your exodus be swift my dear.
For your life is put to the test.
Twisting left and right.

So *exeunt!

You shall live.
If you run.

If thou choseth to stay.
I warn thee of thy competitor.
The dark one of thy soul.

Come forth and Exeunt with me,
Be free.

Red Bergan Apr 2014
Halt in retaliation.
Destroy the one..
The Ebony.

My dearest..
Fear man now..

Use the Exodus..*
Escape the world..
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Darkness resides,
In those of dark arts.
Who never return,
To our world.

Justice hath been served,
When they die by me.

I am a Messenger of my father,
Increasing in sight.
Travelling to the Forgotten Vale,
To claim whats rightfully mine.

Dance within the darkness,
Spirit nor shade.
Relieve yourself.
Your death is deserved.

Fear thy Valkyrie,
I hunt for you.
One day is face to face.

Swords drawn,
Pressure raised.
Face me, creature!
Of thy darkest day!!
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Why does it hurt?
This aching pain in my chest.
My ribs are burning,
As i fall to my death.
No one to love.
Just me alone.
Red Bergan Mar 2014
Fearing my mind.
Scaring my sight.
All I see is fright tonight...

Blackness is so strange.
When the tendrils of its power,
Mark you're skin.

All comes from within.
The stone cold mind..

Fearing my heart,
As it draws it's last beat.
Sending me off.

Into an eternal sleep...
Red Bergan Feb 2014
You see thy shadow,
Burrowing deep within the bowels,
Of a soul torn, but remembered.

The emotions you feel,
They choke....
Burning your throat.

Why thou fear power?
Wilt thou recieve honor...

All is resting upon your hands,
Which hold the destiny.
Of this land.
Red Bergan Dec 2013
I gaze at the sun that lays upon the sapphire sky,
Watching.. Its orange hue brightly shine.
It knoweth no soul and mind,
Just to keep the Earth warm in time.

The sun becomes apart of the earth,
but caresses no soul that accept,
Its wide, unreasonable girth.

As the sun hits me in denial,
It creates a solid burn,
that was a tempest so vile.

It rejects me behind the mask,
The sun and I,
Have a war against one another.

The sun does not caress Ice warmly,
It rejects it and pushes it away brutally.
It know not what my heart hath Hold.
It only knows the soul.

Fire and Ice fight constantly,
To rule the world within thee.
Will Thou knoweth the end?
Will Fire and Ice,
become friends?

I see the sun against a ashure sky,
It rejects me, the Icy soul who denies.
my heart is dark and cold within,
Only burning, searing,
Within the Tempest and His kin.
This poem came from a random day in Class. Thank you Creative writing! All who know their soul is different from others. Read This with a good heart and I hope i see comments. :)
Red Bergan Mar 2014
It's all the same.

None can forget,
What has happened today!
So much blood,
A dying host..

All just stood there,
Watching horror unfold.
I cannot forgive what you have done..

Now this blade will end,
All that you've done..

I will never forgive you,
AND  I will never forget.
That day I gave my soul to you.

Now mortal..
Die now in vain.
May peace guide you,
To Hell's Gates.
Anyone have these days?
Red Bergan Jan 2015
Frozen secrets,
Deprived of warm words.
Rolling off lips,
Cold as stone.
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