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Mark Wanless Jul 2019
i felt a kiss
upon my mangled cheek
Tonight you feast,
getting ready to slay the beast.
You'll mount your ride,
and get ready for that slide,
into battle you will go,
running past any enemies that may slow,
down your progress for the two days you'll be gone,
until the moment you're back where you belong.
You'll concur and succeed where others have not,
your enimies will run cold, as your blood runs hot,
to sleigh them all, with your wicked spells.
With your words you can summon the strength to send them to hell.
They'll try to trick, and try to betray,
but you'll be on top and victor of the day.
I look forward to the tales that will be told,
because a warrior as fine as you, is among the most bold.
Wings spread upon the back,
OF the Valkyrie on the attack.
Her breath crisp in the frozen air,
Her hair burning like fire,
She won't be fair.

The dark must back away,

You are in my way.
I will not hesitate.
I will awaken my soul.

I will not back down.
For this gets old.

Remain indifferent,
My path will remain the same.

I am Valkyrie.
My name.
Tempest burns brightly within Kekay. She is awakening and all who she hates will have their blood spilled. This will be ******...
Dark Jewel Sep 2016
Means thank you.

Tevahni Aurora,
Moon of ever glow.
Shining so bright.

Rays of white,
Like sunshine.
Shine the path before thee.

Tevahni Aurora,
For creating a path so vivid with color.
So extravagant to the senses.
To where a heart may reside.

My heart is alive...

Flowing tears,
Freedom of moonlight.
The call...



*Can you hear me?
Tevahni comes from Valkyrie, It is unwritten. I thank the moon everyday for my wolf howls once more.
Dark Jewel May 2016
The words hurt,
The heart hurts.
My mind is clouded..

I love him,
He's so dear to me.
Like a fire that burns brightly..

All I see,
Is a dimming light.

Repercussions he says,
Overboard on decision.
To him,
It's just another day without me.

I love you..
I am sorry.
If the repercussions become poison..
Then it ends..

As Valkyrie,
I suspend my feelings.
The bond of wolf and mate.

To go over..

To think this decision through.
To plea for sanity,
Would just give you pleasure.
No cope,
No way out.

You are on your own..
My love...
Sometimes you have to detach and watch from the sidelines how things go.. no matter how painful it may be...
Jordan LC Murphy Apr 2016
O' valkyrie I adore,
The great princess of war,
Please take my hand,
Don't disband with out me,
To the great Valhalla hall!
May E V Watson Mar 2016
Splintered shields and cracking swords lay all around me on these burning hills.
I stand alone, the last of my kind.

  Here I stand my wings dripping red, lifeblood staining my sword and my shield but also dripping from your head.
  A Valkyrie, an angel of Death
I hover over your waning Life waiting with baited breath.
  The fields once green,
now stained with your brothers and sisters now fallen,
blackened with blood and ash and flesh, of friend and foe alike.
    The last one left waiting to enter my halls,
you fought you won you gave it your all.
    Little Warrior, little ***** if I summon,
will you finally answer my call?

As you finally lay down your head,
I shall sing you the Valkyrie's lullaby of final rest.
Brave little warrior,
I shall sing you the lullaby of Death.
I kinda just wrote this, and i haven;t checked the grammar yet but then again this is a writers site, so I hope ya'all forgive me. Apparently being bored, sitting on my roof smoking a pack of cigarettes makes me wanna write so, yeah...
Dark Jewel Jan 2016
In the blooming willow,
Amongst the Safron blaze.
A warrior awaits,
In the peaceful haze.

Sister to some,
Savior to all.
Rider of dragons.

She is the one they betrayed.
She is deemed traitor to them.
when will the truth be revealed?
Hey all sorry I've been gone i'll try to post more often
Johnny Raven Sep 2015
This rope I’ve climbed for decades now
Has frayed from falls
From jagged rocks and
Bloodied blows of dialogue
Their firearms half-cocked
Breathing in this bile, this bog
Sinking slowly towards the
Unknown inhaling/breathing
People’s poisons I’ve lost my
Purpose, and I’ve never had a
Place I could ever deigned to
Call My Home
Beyond the veil, the hidden site
Have I once again gone mad?!
The faceless forcing wrongs
Twisting the twisted,
A manufacturing of tortured consent,
Blinded by a
Facade of Masked Wrongs passing off as a
Right - Evil gifts from the gifted
For the dead, for the fractured
****** screaming and screaming,
Confined in a cube of lead,
Paranoid delusions
Secretly inside am I just dead?
A walking corpse, decaying by I lost, I’m just an
Ignorant intellectual
Pushing back the bounds of
My own Stupidity, a silent lucidity
The death of hope or stripped of
Everything, Everything, Everything
Even the hidden hand, ever so
Gently holding onto that one
Impossible fraying seems.
Too afraid to speak, when spoken
That cultivated dreams strengthened
Over the years through nightmares
And a sea of pointless *****
Trying to force those pieces into
That missing space,
Some coming close, but never
Ever measuring up, my dream's
Emerald eyes, your beautiful mind,
Momentary live-wire, grounded into place
Whom you brought into my *******
Life, a dream turned nightmare as I set ablaze what we were
You wisely walked away...and left me to my dreams….

When she spoke, my heart would skip it’s beats, I’d lose
The power of the English language
I'd lose the power of ******* speech….
And now that dream
Has come again…close enough to smell, close enough to make my Hell a little cooler, the shadows brighter, the burning soothed…
And yet…and yet…I cannot even tell
My Emerald Eyed Valkyrie,
Did I belong to her?
There have been other women of course,
Carnal place holders, temporary sometimes pleasant company,
But in the end…NOT My Valkyrie, Persephone,
A Love, one of three - who ever made me feel - even after Seeing my graveyard of skeletons and secrets…she still...
Loved Me…
She still loved me…can that Dream, so fragile, when spoken it would Shatter into a mist of 'could have been?'
I held so gently that Dream of Old
Hands outstretched, crucified asphyxiation - anticipation
A Hope, A Dream, But there will never to be a Reconciliation...

-  Johnny Raven  ©2015  *(September 16th)
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