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Aug 1 · 291
Don't Test me
Even a girl like me has her breaking point,
So patient till the end.
Until I snap your neck.

Don't Test me..
I can't handle your drama.
Jul 10 · 21
2020 Troubles
The Wolven howls,
Rise again once more.

Upon the lunar eclipse.
Wolves go to war.

Beware the sickness,
The anger.
The strife.

You might want to sleep,
With a weapon.
By your side.
Jul 10 · 121
Powerful Toxin
Is a powerful poison.
It's toxin seeping through your veins.

It causes exhaustion.
And pain.

This poison,
Is only cured.
By one rule.
On the board.

To solve your happiness.
Your world.
You all,
Are a burden.
A pain in the ***.

You constantly ***** and yell.
Instead of figuring it out or ask.
The world doesn't revolve,
Around your pettiness and greed.

It will never revolve around,
Your hearts desire to feed.

One phrase.
"Beware the wake of the dawn."

The horizon will be ******.
If you carry this on.

Don't trifle with my mate.
I will growl and rise.
I no longer tolerate you.

Wise up,
Or die.
My patience wears thin on these idiots.
Jul 6 · 26
She Waits
The young woman,
Is awake..
And watching.

For you to make the wrong move.
I will not back down.

You might eat your words.
Jul 6 · 26
Walk the Path
If you stay still,
You will fall behind.
If you run to far ahead.

You will be denied.
The path to walk is cruel,

Your very soul will shiver,
On the asphalt grind.

Remember your wants,
Your needs.

There may come a day,
You would actually listen.
To their feed.

Darkness comes,
For those who stay in the past.

The future awaits.
Don't do anything rash.
Jul 6 · 383
Lesson to the Hawk
As the wolf walks,
Aurora lights the path to Redemption.
As the wolf growls,
The howls to attention.
And as the hawk soars.
May they learn their lesson.
Jun 18 · 154
Moving On
This house of memories is dead,
The furniture is all gone.
No water, no power.

Time to move on.
Mar 2018 · 353
Wings spread upon the back,
OF the Valkyrie on the attack.
Her breath crisp in the frozen air,
Her hair burning like fire,
She won't be fair.

The dark must back away,

You are in my way.
I will not hesitate.
I will awaken my soul.

I will not back down.
For this gets old.

Remain indifferent,
My path will remain the same.

I am Valkyrie.
My name.
Tempest burns brightly within Kekay. She is awakening and all who she hates will have their blood spilled. This will be ******...
Sep 2017 · 412
Nightmares Grip
Seizing from sleep,
No more rest.
Shaking mind.

Nightmares grip,
Chains the one it holds.
Ripping every shred of faith,
In having sleep.

Please make it end...
Help me...

My god help me!
No more... my god no more
Sep 2017 · 419
Why do I **** it up?
Why don't I just not be here?

Constantly bashing myself,
Trying to grow.
Be a better person.

It isn't easy,
It's a nightmare to say the least.

I hurt those I love around me,
Because I can't trust.
Trust no one.

When I think I'm better,
That sickening feeling attacks.
Claws across my heart.
My brain seizes to think.

I panic,
I freak out.



Why do I do this to myself?

I **** it up,
Because I'm so ****** up myself!

Bad DAY.
May 2015 · 791
Darkness Killed the Light
Darkness slashed my skin,
****** relief...

Darkness killed my heart,
Slashed to threads.
Torn apart...

This little girl,
Hath..* No fear.

Everyone went dark on me..
Destroying what I once held dear..

In the dead of night,
*Darkness slays me.
Apr 2015 · 381
Blood will spill the ground,
When you try to pin me down.

You're lucky I could control it,
I don't let that anger spit flames and burn those,
I love.

This all happened,
Because you overreacted.
And made me fear for my safety.
I was never safe there.

The chains are gone,
Time for me to grow up.
Apr 2015 · 298
Caged from her Mate
When one cages her,
From her loving mate.

Only her rage and despair,
Can be heard behind the locked door.

Curse parental abilities.
Apr 2015 · 1.0k
A Fierce Darkness
The darker your eyes glow,
The more of the second you; you show.

A mask to hide the beast,
Ugly and mean.
Defined by those slaughtered,
By its talons.

A fierce darkness,
Blinded by only rage.
Discomforting agony,
To one so caged.

Those who look upon thy beast,
External bleeding can occur.
If you anger the darkness.

A fierce creature,
Blinded by rage.
Become one with the fallen,
The fallen inside its cage.
Mar 2015 · 629
Nocturnals Curse
Your screams mean nothing,
To one so cold.

They only carry on the wind.
Along with your dying soul.

We perish within the fire,
The crimson evergloom.
Nocturnal awaits,
Ready to curse your soul.

Forever a Raven,
Inside the black forest.
Jan 2015 · 387
Longeth to Loveth thee
The longing to love,
Can be a severe sting.

When trying,
To love you.
Jan 2015 · 292
Dark will end
Dark lies pour into your words,
Death will follow your steps.

I fear not your terror,
I feel nothing.
And will mercilessly destroy you..
A Valkyrie promise
Jan 2015 · 423
Frozen and Stoned
Frozen secrets,
Deprived of warm words.
Rolling off lips,
Cold as stone.
Jan 2015 · 481
Evil Justice
Evil is born,
When one believes the action is wrong.
Whether its justice or not.
That's entirely up to you.

Bring on the argument,
To prove yours as just.
Dec 2014 · 251
Song of Heart
Heart song
Lyrically inclined to sing.
Newly gone,
Into the ****** spring.
Ironic no?
Dec 2014 · 243
Just jump.
Maybe you will find yourself,
When you hit the bottom.
Dec 2014 · 273
Dark Wings
Dark wings gliding,
Along the lonely black sky.

Ebony ironic,
Beyond far and high.
Dec 2014 · 879
Look at me Now
Eighteen years ago,
I was just a innocent thing.
Look at me now,
I'm master of the ring.
Dec 2014 · 218
Her Life Under Dark
Darkness is lingering about,
Not leaving her be.
Not leaving her behind.

This is her life.
Nov 2014 · 905
Dark Fate of Valkyrie's
Thy fate is revealed,
The darkness over takes her.
She screams to be free.
From the torture.

Tendrils of knives,
Sorting marks on her skin.
Flawless to scarred,
Born of thy kin.

Deathly hallows,
The kiss of death.
A demon is born,
A selfish beast.

Beautiful but deadly,
Sworn to fight.
For their goddess of the moon.

Born under the blood moon.
Thy precious Valkyrie.

Eyes of red,
Wings of black.

The Dark fate of thee,
Has taken her over.
Never again,
**Shall she be free.
Jul 2014 · 489
Responsibilty Pains
Can be painful at times,
When you don't back off,
And let me do what I think,
Is right..
My parents don't back off, it's so frustrating
Jul 2014 · 379
Deny thy as daughter,
Son, mother,
Father, aunt...

I deny thy right,
To be a daughter.

If it were only so easy..
To stand alone under a parental wing,
May 2014 · 4.8k
Beware the Willow
Beware the broken willow.
For its vines doth sweep,
Over empty space.
Between thee.

It sways,
Silently creaking,
On it's woolen bark.

Methinks it to attack,
Become alive.
As my dragon at my side.

With a puff of smoke,
Jerusalem see's the marks,
This willow hath endured.
During the war..

Beware the Weeping willow,
for it's tears can drown.
Can drown out the sweetest sound..
May 2014 · 939
Sometime Ago
It has been sometime,
Since my pen has hit paper.
Since my words were expressed,
By voices unwritten.

It has been an exodus void,
For my heart...
Has made its collision.

Pain rips through me,
When my words are written.
To the page.
May 2014 · 1.3k
Cataclysm is thy scorn.
Voided hearth.
Among the mourned.

Beginning to End.
Sands of Time commence.
Scorned Catalyst,
Voided among the bends.
A catalyst doesnt end until the mourning begins and Ends.
Oh heart,
You have been in pain.
For all this time.
You ache everyday,
As the war goes on.

Fear thee not,
Thy scorn will be venged.
When your mate of fire.
Comes to your bend.

Fear not my love,
My heart of Desire.
Your love will come,
He will be engulfed.
In healing Fire.
Revised to my Version. DISCLAIMER. This goes to Julie Kirby. (THE other me)
May 2014 · 1.0k
Stings of Heart
Thy heart stings,
With a longing.
To be loved.
May 2014 · 533
Dragon Above the War
Behind the door,
Of grates and Iron.
Screams of war cry out.

Beyond the gates.
The great army awaits.
For the battle of man to man.

Awestruck wonder,
For the dragon.
That glides above.

The horn sounds,
Summoning the fires..
Of Hell.
Apr 2014 · 1.1k
Above and Below
Fathoms below,
To the depths of the Sea.
The world asundered,
By its wonder.

Fathoms above,
Wings of Eagles soar.
Storms sweep.
The world in awe...
Of its evolving atmosphere.

Above and Below.
Fathoms are bold.
For the world to know.
In awe of our evolving environment...
Apr 2014 · 4.2k
Bit by bit,
Bite by bite.
They surround the night.

Their mortal...

Only word,
Apr 2014 · 2.8k
In this Asylum
Specimen after Specimen.
One fail after another.
He tries hard to break me.

Ocelot is a fail.
Ocelot is a blasted cat!

Why cant you see thy humanity!?

Ocelot is my name.
And I am stuck here,
Until I die.
Or he kills me.

The needles hurt,
The medicine is vile...

This Asylum,
Is one of Hell..
Apr 2014 · 7.3k
Potion of Life
A gleam of white,
A flash of power.
A spice of Royalty.

Ingredients of that potion.
THAT potion of power.
OF Beauty.

The Potion of Truth,
Of Lies.

Tis the Potion of Life.
Apr 2014 · 19.3k
Waterfall, The Pack
He stands beside me,
In awe of the sight before thee.
His hand has mine.

We both look at each other.
Nothing can be told from his eyes.
The eyes of Ashure haze.

"Do not be afraid..
We are home."

The sound of rushing water,
Crashing into its ever blue.
The beauty of the growth around it.
I call it home.

This was the place,
Where the wolves shall be born.
Creation of a pack.
Has just begun.

Werewolves alive.
Waterfalls of Beauty.
A family.
For eternity.
Apr 2014 · 12.0k
The Aches. No more
Heart aches,
Head aches.

All I wish...
Is to feel nothing at all.

Become Stone.
Never to be alive.

No more,
May the night.
Conquer me...
Apr 2014 · 7.0k
My Wolf Is Free
Something stirs,
Shedding its skin.
Turning it to fur.

A howl.
A groan,
A rip.

Bounding into the woods,
Digging my paws into the earth.
Galloping like a wild horse.

The moon rises,
Rays of freedom!
Oh the joy!

I am free,
A wolf of archaic life!

I roam the land,
Leaving only a howl..
In the breeze.
Live on. Run wild. Believe you can break the chains of control.
Apr 2014 · 533
The Storms have come
The storms have come.
Rolling through the world.
Bringing rain,
Light, Power.

The storms have come!
Rejoice under their wings!
Brilliant light has come today.

Powerful Electricity.
Power in the Storm.
Apr 2014 · 249
The Tree's Heart
The branches dance,
Within a silent breeze.
Waiting for their master.

A blast of fire,
Engulfs them in screams,
Revealing hatred of humanity.

The trees are alive.
They have a heart.
Do not burn them,
You might not survive that part...
Apr 2014 · 1.5k
Dark Forest
Darkness breathes,
In the trees.

Dark figures,
Conjure deaths arrival.

All occurs,
In the dark forest.
Apr 2014 · 359
Your fangs,
Cling to my neck.

A howl escapes,
Bringing heaven to hell.

Come now,
See how I taste.

Careful though,
You might become the prey.
Apr 2014 · 459
Reaper once more
My dark heart,
Has taken wing.
Soaring into the abyssal deep.

It pumps black,
Souless blood.
I am reaper.
Once more.
Apr 2014 · 617
My heart died long ago
You have a pure heart.
They say,
They dont know me.

Your so friendly!
Yet I hate people.

My heart died long ago,
Stop trying to bring it back.

It only sees what its sown,
And thats a fact.

My heart died,
Long ago.
Where the roses bloom,
In the ****** snow.
Apr 2014 · 503
The Abyssal Hate
Into the eternity.
The abyss of questions,
And answers.

At the fear.
Of being immortal.

The man who did this to you.
Apr 2014 · 280
Restless Rain
The water falls,
From the gray sky.
Pouring harder.
As the day goes on.

My body is restless,
I want to run.
To release that wolf within.
That howls so low.

The pouring rain stains,
Every ounce of ground.
They are the tears Ive shed,
For being inside to long.
Apr 2014 · 332
Hey, whats your name?
My mind is racing,
Sprinting down the track.
Spinning in a burn out.

I am at loss for words,
I cannot speak..

Such a sight tis thee,
Thy sweet and good man.

What might be in store for me?
Is it love,
Or is it hate?

Only one way to find out.

"Hey, whats your name?"
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