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Feelings are always there to
remind us
of what we enjoyed
of what we shared
not always wanted
or desired
Its bound to happen
its a song or smell
its seeing a picture
or stopping somewhere
Let it take a minute or two
then take a deep breath
and let it go
not always easy
for I know thats true
So keep it short
take a deep breath
its all you can do
Just don't let consume
..© Jennifer L DeLong 4/2021
white bird Sep 2020
My eyes are closed
But my ears listen

My mouth shut
But my mind goin' round about

Heart choose to rest and let it go
But my head wouldn't and keep it go

Must i go on and hanging on

Or give in to the dark

Zack Ripley Feb 2020
Dear anger, frustration, denial, and fear,
I don't want you near.
You weighed me down like a lead balloon,
So I'm letting you go to find a new home far away, like the moon.
Serendipity Jan 2020
Your insecurities
will rot you inside out.
And when your corpse
comes begging for forgiveness,
I shall be nailing
the last nail to the coffin.
Asominate Nov 2019
Lock and key,
Just going to be
You and me.
Can't you see all the faces
Have their secrets
But not every one of them keeps it

Rock and roll;
With no control.

For way too long
We've been holding on
You've got to know
When to let go!
...You've got to know when to let go...
Speaking Eyes Nov 2019
And if I scream your name to the wind,
maybe it will stop resonating inside...
And then you will stop hurting me...
Emilio Aug 2019
Trying to create a melody;
Like a path where I can follow
Do Re Mi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Let the music flow

Sometimes, you just have to let it go
Because it's just another day
A day to learn and grow
And when there's no other way
Just another day.
When it comes make sure to let it go
feeling,money, or pain it comes and go
anxiety sobriety heal the soul
find the pain they numb the screens
Seeing how we can work it out
Talk and talk that’s what’s it’s all about
Till you die then we start cry
Until tomorrow
No more sorrow we gots much to go
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