A pale sky hovered above me as I walked
Through mountains and valleys vast,
Passing folk who chattered and talked
About days of old and the past,
Of when dragons roamed freely
Bringing terror and fire and fear,
Of when people breathed heavily
Wanting life while the end was near.
“For only beasts could bring the end of man.”
Although man was one of the greatest,
Condemning kin to their bedpan,
Truly, the worst ever created.
And yet they fear the children of time!
As if marvelous creatures so divine
Could bring harm to those without crime!
Who only care to build temple and shrine!
While the true masters of mankind
Are the ones breathing fire in the sky…
Dragonborn, the last of my kind,
As I wandered, I chose who to glorify.

Decided to write this while I was listening to "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" soundtrack. Always pained me to have to slay the dragons while they're divine creatures.
UnknownButKnown Apr 2017

A man,
A weapon,
An armor,
This forms a warrior.

A man,
That the legends told about.

A nord,
Born in frost
Born in the blizzards
Of a place
Called Skyrim.

He has lots of titles
But most important of all
Slayer of Dragons,
The End of Alduin.

But after all
He’s a man
A man has weaknesses,
Even a warrior has fear
And the fear of a man
Is his end.

UnknownButKnown Apr 2017

Oh, he travels this dark path,
Adventuring beyond death.
He’s the champion of
Molag Bal to Sheogorath.

Oh, The Dragonborn with a dark path.

He’s prepared to the battle.
His legs, torso and head
Covered in metal.

Hands on his sword
Covered in snow.
He’s again prepared
To cover his hands in blood,

Another war
Heads roll in the floor.
Ulfric on his knees
Almost dead
On his own palace.
Killed his own wife
In cold blood
Ripping off her head
With his own hands.

Oh, The Dragonborn with a dark path.

Oh, i'am dragonborn
The slayer of dragons
The wanderer in the dark.

I travel from quest to quest
To seek for a purpose in this world.

Oh, i'am dragonborn
Lost in the dungeons
Freezing in the cold winter winds.

Oh, i'm dragonborn.

Nevermore Jul 2014

After countless battles,
We've finally gotten married.

Ours was not a lengthy engagement
If there was even one to begin with.
A long courtship, though.
Skirmish after bloodbath after slaughter
Fighting trolls and giants and the undead
We were comrades
Brothers in arms.
And then a quick confession
A purchased home
That was it.

Now we sleep in on weekends
Slowly wake to the cool darkness of the room
Make love with sleep still frosting our eyes
I serenade you in the cold evenings with my battered lute
As you tend to the crackling hearth
Before tending to my gashes and bruises
Earned from the day's clashes.

This must be what Valhalla feels like --
Coming home to you and a hearty stew
After a long day of fighting
Covered in blood
(Some of them mine)
Loaded down with loot.
Doing this for a lifetime seems preferable
To being High King for eternity.

Dragons may be razing the northern wastes
Savage tribes holding sway in the mountains
Rebels and imperials clashing in the plains
But in here
It's just you and me.
Nothing and no one can enter our sanctuary.
Like you said,
Brief as life can be here,
We have each other.

I may be the Thane of your hold
But you are the Thane of my heart.

For Lydia.
I play too much goddamn Skyrim.
Unknownones Dec 2014

Skyrim, Land for Nords
Filled with Mead and Honningbrew
Singing with blood and cords
Disagreeing to their Divines and Lords

But raging with war and Talos Blessed
Destroying the empire, liberating Skyrim
Once Again

But a nightmare appears
"DRAGONS! DRAGONS!" a filthy Nord say
Running away pityfully as the Myths slays

A man stays
A nordic lad
Tough like Talos
Dirty as a rag
The tongue of the ancients
Shouting, stealing the souls of the Myths

It's the Dragonborn
It's back
Since centuries
And has came
To Unlegend the Myths
Once Again

Dark Jewel Dec 2014

Scars cover the marks,
That aspire to shine.

The marks of war,
To define the bloodline.

Exquisite Mortal,
Of Athenas birth.

Leading an army to war,
Using her right of birth.

Dragon of the sky,
Always by her side.

To battle they ride,
To fight.

Enemy ahead,
Lay down your arms.
You will not match my power,
Now bow before the Queen.

IAUSHYJ Nov 2014

Original English version see http://hellopoetry.com/poem/942159/dragon/


Gliding asamit ven,
Mirodah lovaas do kein.
su'um Dovah.
Coming wah feymah wah jusktii!

Viing do yolus hellsong,
Drun kun wah himdah.
Vrii ahrk hil adamant.
Wah oblaan lein do jul.

Unon do dovah,
Bo overhead.
Wraiths do volok.

Taazokaan los ko rut,
tiid ru maltiid.
Alduin los coming.
Wah oblaan lein do jul...

Dark Jewel Nov 2014

Gliding along the currents,
Singing the songs of war.
Fire breathing Dragon.
Coming to settle to the score!

Wings of fiery hellsong,
Bringing light to the land.
Scales and hearts adamant.
To end the world of man.

Millions of dragons,
Flying overhead.
Wraiths of the underworld.

Tamriel is in danger,
The time is running short.
Alduin is coming.
To end the world of man...

Dark Jewel Sep 2014

This land.
It's strange to me.
It's cold like Solstheim.

My mother wouldn't tolerate this!
The breeze danced,
Bringing an icy feel.
To skin so pale.

Hailed to be a Nord,
With Ancient blood of Talos.
With Ysgramor's spirit.
In war.

I must find my way back home,
To the Ashlands.
I will adventure here.

A journey holds the key,
To experience.

I am Jaedin,
Daughter of Alaken,
And Calina.
My village is of the Skaal.

A great evil has come,
It has set over this place...
They say dragons have returned,
What might be in store,
For a young Nord?

Exiting my ship,
I say Hello and Hail,
To Skyrim.

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