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Sanjali Aug 2020
Oh, hello there adventurer!
Won’t you check out my wares?
I have everything you need,
If you got coin to spare!

You want potions and spells?
I even got ingredients to brew.
Some steel? Bah!
I got arrows too.

You want some bargain?
Use enchantment or a spell,
Or chug a concoction
It’s not like I can tell!

Now, don’t be shy
I’ll buy everything from you!
Those -stolen- borrowed goods you got?
Friend! I’ll take them too.

Ah! You’re broke.
Well then, off you go.
Guards! Thief!
It took all the sweet rolls!
Dedicated to the npcs
Daan Jun 2019
Your wikipedia page is as boring
as you playing mage and adoring
the exploring of maps and falling for traps
without fighting the wight
in the dungeon at night.
Your life is climbing a hill
with no path in sight, no
one who will respond to you begging to bond
so you're rubbing your wand
while I'm clubbing with your blonde
b*tch, which I ditch, leave behind, beyond
cheeky I grind before the eyes you crave
as you drop to your demise from the eye sore,
pink in the stink, so vile, I smile
because you didn't make a save file.
Ouchie, owie, yikes, the skyrim rap = bars.

extra, didn't make the cut:

Don't rush your fingers to your eye
when you die in a game, don't claim
you didn't, cause I saw the digits disappear,
going near your rear and clearly you came,
lacking class, from the tension in your *ss.
Chris Nov 2018
I would like to say
That well, I'm bored
Really I should be quite gay
Heck I'm playing as a Nord!

Thing with this game is its quite large
You can swing a sword or fry an Orc
You can hop a barge to places unknown (Solstheim)
Only to fight a bunch of cultists. (Didn't rhyme but I got some serious beef with those guys)

So by now you should know what I'm playing
What else could it be but the best game around
If you don't you should be praying
Because its Skyrim you friggin hound!
Also still bored. Took my favorite game and messed around with it. Still horrible at writing, but oh well.
David Huggett Oct 2012
I miss Lydia I lost her from my side
I wanted so much for her to be my bride
now I feel so lost

She told me she was my sword and shield
I took her with me across many a field
but now I pay the cost.

I need her by my side she fought so well
from the Draugr, Bandits, the Forsworn and Dragons I cast many a spell
she held me very tight at nights so that she could defrost.

Lydia Lydia Lydia I call you're name
why am I so heart broken it's just a game.
I am now heavily laden items must get tossed

I might have to start this game anew
but that would make me feel so blue
I made it to Whiterun and the forest I crossed

I searched and searched for you as far as Markarth
when will you join me once more and satisfy my heart
I have come to a final point and feel extreme exhaust.
Karliah May 2018
It was deep into the heart of the earth,
Down the spiral staircase of dreams,
Far from the comfort of the suns and moons,
Men from a future long past,
Memories held through oil and gas,

Breath held as the white demons crept,
Evil and blind they never slept,
Still smell their hatred for the light,
It swept the soil and out into the endless night,
Their origins distort through the assortment of poison,
Killing their humanity it festered through centuries,

Lengthy descents down darkened and deathly hallways,
Missing and empty of those who filled the corridors with life,
The greatest disappearance not know to man,
Their history lingers in cold metal and gears,
Steam pours from their ruins like ghostly fears,

Chambers filled with knowledge beyond all who enter,
Teachings that destroy those who seek to learn,
Secrets seep from stone cut walls,
Enticing those who wish to play with death,
Driving the weak minded to wish they were,

It takes a lifetime to return to the moons,
The nightmares whisper long after,
The future lost in the past,
Finds life in legends living above,
Deep within the heart of the earth.
Karliah May 2018
The lands are painted red with my brothers,
Thirsty are the blades that slaughter names,
Dead warriors linger among their graves searching,
Victim to the violence that is without merit or fames,
Rest now child, for Sovngarde beckons in the stars...

The grassy moor talks of peace and neutrality,
But within the shadows, bows to the wolves maw,
You cannot blame the weak for stepping down,
Horses sleep in the light of the moon warriors paws,
Rest now child, for Sovngarde beckons in the stars...

The land of golden leaves is filled with thieves,
They crawl amongst the waste and beneath our feet,
Drunk on their sorrows, happiness is robbed from their souls,
A queen and friend of wolves, leads them like sheep,
Rest now child, for Sovngarde beckons in the stars…

The men from a future long past, look to the east,
Contemplating their lust for more that glitters in the dark,
Rebels within their own, mute the howling wolves,
They are blind to the bleeding infectious mark,
Rest now child, for Sovngarde beckons in the stars…

Deathly cold air, warms and breeds powerful men,
Bears unwilling to let demons devour their inheritance,
Armed with their swords and traditions, they make war with wolves,
They fight as true sons and daughters of sufferance,
Rest now child, for Sovngarde beckons in the stars…

The vicious wolves are mere puppets of a greater evil,
They toil and tarnish traditions held for centuries,
But they are simply dogs, scared to displease their master,
For their failure would only seek to bring more miseries,
Rest now child, for Sovngarde beckons in the stars..
A pale sky hovered above me as I walked
Through mountains and valleys vast,
Passing folk who chattered and talked
About days of old and the past,
Of when dragons roamed freely
Bringing terror and fire and fear,
Of when people breathed heavily
Wanting life while the end was near.
“For only beasts could bring the end of man.”
Although man was one of the greatest,
Condemning kin to their bedpan,
Truly, the worst ever created.
And yet they fear the children of time!
As if marvelous creatures so divine
Could bring harm to those without crime!
Who only care to build temple and shrine!
While the true masters of mankind
Are the ones breathing fire in the sky…
Dragonborn, the last of my kind,
As I wandered, I chose who to glorify.
Decided to write this while I was listening to "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" soundtrack. Always pained me to have to slay the dragons while they're divine creatures.
UnknownButKnown Apr 2017
A man,
A weapon,
An armor,
This forms a warrior.

A man,
That the legends told about.

A nord,
Born in frost
Born in the blizzards
Of a place
Called Skyrim.

He has lots of titles
But most important of all
Slayer of Dragons,
The End of Alduin.

But after all
He’s a man
A man has weaknesses,
Even a warrior has fear
And the fear of a man
Is his end.
UnknownButKnown Apr 2017
Oh, he travels this dark path,
Adventuring beyond death.
He’s the champion of
Molag Bal to Sheogorath.
Oh, The Dragonborn with a dark path.
He’s prepared for the battle.
His legs, torso and head
Covered in metal.

Hands on his sword
Covered in snow.
He’s prepared
To cover his hands with blood

Another war
Heads roll on the floor.
Ulfric on his knees
Praying to the gods.
Killed his own wife
In cold blood
Ripping off her head
With his own hands.
Oh, The Dragonborn with a dark path.
Oh, i'am dragonborn
The slayer of dragons
The wanderer in the dark.

I travel from quest to quest
To seek for a purpose in this world.

Oh, i'am dragonborn
Lost in the dungeons
Freezing in the cold winter winds.

Oh, i'm dragonborn.
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