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Jammit Janet Jul 12
I planted wild
Flowers in the night
I shed tears
That embrace the seeds
That will blossom
Into my heart ❤️✨
Johnnyqu33r May 4
Who would have known
This rust was gold the whole time
Lashings and last lines
Letters lacking signatures
Permanent solutions to
Permanent problems

Wet blue eyes always skyward
There's a purpose right?
But this feels less like a fight
As times limbs effortlessly spin
This feels like a sitcom
I've gone off the script

Who would have known
I was an alchemist the whole time
Turning my soul into gold
Forged with heat and force
All the pressures I've endured
I've turned myself into a sword
Nicole Mar 29
Night assaults in charcoal smudges,
repeatedly cloaking the horizon in darkness.
Hollow ruins coat the empty space in agony
as loneliness clings to every surface,
breathless in the brewing alchemy shift.

The barren and jagged mountains,
though cold and bitter in shadow,
are abruptly caressed by a balmy breeze
exhaling secret incantations into the dampened surroundings.

Beneath the heavy silence of night,
blankets of celestial fires and moonlight foil
spill a summoned revolt across the chasm.
A measured mist of cooled water drops
ventures a dance along a cluster of murky trees
at the edge of a hushed clearing.

Beyond, a presence, plagued and exposed
by the arduous web of darkness,
beats a crippled, even antsy rhythm.
The cessation of its burden is nigh;
the emancipation of daylight - a fated end.
Nikkie Jan 29
I deserve love, only the best of the best, from the best!
I’ve spent too much time not being happy; too much time,
signing my own song, too much time, being all alone.
I want so much for you to believe, that you and me
are total alchemy.
There is no one else on my radar screen, no one else,
confiscating my dreams.
No other man on this earth has autographed his name inside my heart.
I used to believe in fairy tales, now I believe in dreams coming true.
You have captured my spirit with your strength, and laced it with a dose
of pure perfection.
Niel Nov 2020
We harmonize
together sometimes
still, on mountainous hill-
sides, when the winds blow
together and echo through caves,
canyons. Hollow logs. Presented darknesses:
wolves, foxes..    Thieves, betrayers. Energies
are so varied, if only we could download an imprint of their view. What would it seem? I can’t imagine ever being absolute on aspects, ideas, ideals. Anymore at least. I guess that’s
just my current absolute.

I resist, intents I set,
out of cowardice

Fear to unify
Shaken down the road
Solid monad. Brittle tendrils

Sweet the senses, share intense
to procure inclusion, boundless plenties
prone incisions unfold yr own rhythms
emboldening, appreciating in an expansion
pressing, but really, more of a soft glide
of understanding for the thrill
Harley Hucof Aug 2020
Sigils in the sky
The wind is my luck

My knowledge echoes , amplified
As it wears the dusk.

The bell chimes with my commands,
Alchemy to help humans understand.

The hidden truth bleeds in rhymes wearing dusk.
Reflecting our paths in one big entangled knot

Words Of Harfouchism
Norman Crane Aug 2020
another day, another lotion,
sighed, “much rather be making potions.”

tedium, boredom, boil and bubble,
add a spice, then add it double,
stir it well and let it settle,
in a kettle,
made of metal.

what's your fancy, what's your trouble?
basin clogged with dwarven stubble?

make one balm,
you've made them all!
concoct a cream, a cream?—a cream!
one more grog burn,
swear I'll scream!

tedium, boredom, boil and bubble,
add a spice, then add it double,
stir it well and let it settle,
in a kettle,
made of metal.

give me dragons, give me daggers,
give me jewels with emerald feathers!
give me—“what?
what's this, right now?
of course I know exactly how!”

roots to find, true essence to distill,
no, but pays the bills.
ALL-ALONE Aug 2020
This is a story I didn’t mean to write
This is a group of words which I’m not even certain if concise.
Majority of my thoughts are overthinking
but a large part defines my what ifs.
It is your pain and sadness that keeps me awake
It is your tears unknown to me that makes me weak.
Maybe I am so used to darkness that I see you as the light always.
Talking to you is not something I want to be a habit
Mainly because you are someone I will always miss.
Why do you have to be so sweet and make me care for my health,
Just meeting you makes it fine to meet my end.
Here is the thing, you are fond of wheats,
Care to explain about its calories?
I am wondering what I lost in meeting you
Because you said that in attaining something,
you must give up another of equal value.
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