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JM Larsen Jan 2023
~Oh! Delicious Death of Self~

your un-Selfing of Life
fermented sweet,

eyes opening,
filling with
| V O I D |

the substance of the
Nameless White Light's

Unblinking in its
witnessing of
The All of its
for Jodi
The frequencies produced by our thoughts resonate with different aspects of our physical environment. Liquids, solids, gases, and plasma. When you combine two elements they may, or not, produce a reaction. A measure that can assure that no reaction occurs is too contain it. In a lab, in order for the observer to see the contents of the container, glass is utilized. Only rarely in case of highly volatile substances is a tinted or otherwise opaque container used. Boundaries. They prevent any of the substances from altering their resting state. Randy and I are highly volatile together. I wonder what a gas and a plasma can create through their union. I wonder if they can achieve fusion.
I keep looking for a way to work on my marriage. I’m trying to think about it in terms of creation. Creation is so volatile, so messy, often painful. Cookies don’t start out sweet and delicious, they become cookies with love, and folding, and pressing, and kneading, and time, and heat.
David Bojay Jan 2022
a great crusade in search of truth
seeking to understand myself
whatever's left i guess
the reason behind my existence
imagine reaching a goal in which we thought was what we sought
but after a certain time it proves to be illusive and delusionary
**** me
we've added more to our difficulties than we have to our solutions
but once something is solved, new problems arise
original revelations
a life uncluttered opens the doors to the inner self
vast ambitions
sounds of birth/sounds of death
(if i ever want to understand the invisible)
i must be able to find it in the visible
theology is just a mere abstraction of natural phenomenons
religion is testing the possibility of community through our relationships
philosophies based upon nature... the changing seasons
great consequences, advanced causes
the highest level is reality
the certainty of your own demise
the complicated network of truths
pilgrims Jan 2022
Oh! How the Sun is bright!
A shiver from the piercing light.
Although eye try with Earthly might,
eye stare on
with awe and fright.
Jammit Janet Jul 2021
I planted wild
Flowers in the night
I shed tears
That embrace the seeds
That will blossom
Into my heart ❤️✨
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