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Even a girl like me has her breaking point,
So patient till the end.
Until I snap your neck.

Don't Test me..
I can't handle your drama.
The Wolven howls,
Rise again once more.

Upon the lunar eclipse.
Wolves go to war.

Beware the sickness,
The anger.
The strife.

You might want to sleep,
With a weapon.
By your side.
Is a powerful poison.
It's toxin seeping through your veins.

It causes exhaustion.
And pain.

This poison,
Is only cured.
By one rule.
On the board.

To solve your happiness.
Your world.
You all,
Are a burden.
A pain in the ***.

You constantly ***** and yell.
Instead of figuring it out or ask.
The world doesn't revolve,
Around your pettiness and greed.

It will never revolve around,
Your hearts desire to feed.

One phrase.
"Beware the wake of the dawn."

The horizon will be ******.
If you carry this on.

Don't trifle with my mate.
I will growl and rise.
I no longer tolerate you.

Wise up,
Or die.
My patience wears thin on these idiots.
The young woman,
Is awake..
And watching.

For you to make the wrong move.
I will not back down.

You might eat your words.
If you stay still,
You will fall behind.
If you run to far ahead.

You will be denied.
The path to walk is cruel,

Your very soul will shiver,
On the asphalt grind.

Remember your wants,
Your needs.

There may come a day,
You would actually listen.
To their feed.

Darkness comes,
For those who stay in the past.

The future awaits.
Don't do anything rash.
As the wolf walks,
Aurora lights the path to Redemption.
As the wolf growls,
The howls to attention.
And as the hawk soars.
May they learn their lesson.
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