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Ameed Nov 2019
there's always a way out
it might be vague at first
possibly opaque
but, at the end of the day
you will look back
at the dark tunnel behind
and you won't believe that you were there
Nolan Willett Nov 2019
Battles lost and Wars won
Capsules and Caffeine
Minds warped and souls undone
Dreaming state of being

You listen for what we now may hear
Eternal cosmic mysteries
But a cost paid too dear
Another Pyrrhic victory

Too far now
A mirror opaque
But we’ll make it back somehow
And then we will awake
Aaditya Sep 2019
Know how it feels?
'tis impalpable, flows through I,
just like the clouds flow
thro' the blue sky.

Know how it seems?
'tis solid, visibly opaque,
just like the clouds above
in the blue sky's wake.
Know what it is?
'tis Love.
Lily Apr 2018
Weak and sensitive and delicate and fragile.  
I’m weak, the skimpy walls I’ve built around my mind
Are easily destroyed, never enough.
I’m sensitive, any little jolt or knock sending waves of
Hurt straight to my soul.
I’m delicate, a priceless China doll that can hardly be
Moved from the shelf for fear of irreparable cracks.
I’m fragile, needing someone to carress my heart, not allowing Anything to seep inside and break me.
But I’m supposed to be strong.
I’m supposed to have indestructible walls,
Tough skin,
An invincible, courageous presence,
Everything I need within myself.
But I don’t.
I just don’t.
Yet I lie daily to preserve this invincible image,
This confidence,
This strength.
And society believes it,
They welcome my transparent strength,
Seeing it as opaque,
Because they don’t want to deal with what is
JGuberman Sep 2016
The views from Qing Xiu Shan are very nice
and I am feeling better than I did this morning
the Yong River winds through green fields
the breeze fills my lungs
my thoughts rustle like bamboo leaves
a southern tranquility rises in the distance
covered by the opaque morning
this is what my mind's eye sees
as I rock my little girl to sleep
kissing the forehead
that will never be without a kiss
until my lips are still
like the peaceful day we yearn for
Qing Xiu Shan is a small mountain 5 km outside Nanning (Guangxi) China.
southern tranquility is a literal approximation of what Nanning  means in English.
Nessa dieR Apr 2015
Drawing pictures of any opaque scenery
Instead of your smile.
Dr zik Mar 2015
I can see far of you but with you
All other objects are opaque
You are soft and so transparent
Nickols Jul 2014
The past hurts like an ocean made up of opaque glass.
And you asked me to exist within the shatter-jagged fragments.
An amphibious creature,
Breathing the pain through shredded gills.
Numbed, bruised and bleeding.
Wounds are what they called them.
Battle torn from a thousand different edges.
Don't you feel them?
  The watery shards wedging into your sides,
  Piercing your lungs of the will to exhale.
I feel it, like rough hands upon my neck;
  Tearing through my flesh.  
  Slipping down my throat.
Till I'm choking on red.

You asked, and I confessed.
My passions, the black and the blue.
Inhaling the wine-water,
I want to save you.
Even with an ocean of glass standing in my way.
I want to save you.
Swimming and swimming, until this agony bled away.
I wanted to save you.
Even though I knew I couldn't.
*I wanted to be the one to save you.
Juliesen Night Mar 2014
Opaque is thee,
Dull, dark and soundless night.
It creeps up my spine,
Proving the fright.

Dark is the girls eyes,
Who stands and waits.
Preventing all to pass,
Even her mate.

Opaque is the eye-like windows,
On the upper floor.
Where the ghost of old.
Hunts for his score.

Dull, dark and Soundless night.
Free me from his ebony wings,
Free me from the inside.

Break these habits,
Of opaque demise.
Where the dagger may yet wait.
To end thy life..
Repeat thy past preference, send thy habits away.

— The End —