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Juliesen Night Mar 2014
I meander about the countryside,
Coming upon a fishing city.
They call it Riften,
Home of the thieves.

The guard that stopped me,
Persuaded with a shakedown.
I didn't believe him,
And persuaded back with venom.

The gates opened,
Before thy words.
Revealing a peaceful city,
With many souls.

I roam the marketplace,
Searching for supplies.
Before I make my journey.
To Ivarstead.

A man of charm and price,
Spoke with me.
He sought a job to be done.
He asked me?

Break the law!?
He nodded quietly.

I sigh,
Agreeing to do as he asked.
My friend faendal has taught me well
Of thievery.

This dark elf,
A Argonian lizard.
I took the ring to deliver.

Brynjolf spoke of snow elves,
And an elixir.

As I put the ring,
Into Brand-Shei's pocket.
Escaping the shadows.

The task was done,
And he asked me.
To join the Thieves Guild.
It's Skyrim-Riften quest

— The End —