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As I Move Out,
Butterflies Welcome Me,
Seeing Their Punctuality,
I Bow To Thee,
Further I Keep Moving
To The District Park
The Aroma Of Golden Flowers
Fully Fills Within Of Me.  
That miraculous Gift
I Get From Cassia Fistula
That Are In Full Glory
Because Of Its Flowers,
The Cuckoos Coo
And The Peacocks Dance
Fully Drenched I Am
In The Coolest Showers.
Walks before sunrise not only refresh us but also enrich us with new experiences. The experience may differ from person to person; but they sure add some extra in their store of experienced.
Words' Worth Apr 2020
Of the road that had been left in haste
I was glad that my soul stayed the course
As the winter and my speeches never would
I never had been frost-bit by cold stares
O', the heat of glares unnerved me weary
I was hardly visible amidst trying times
The climes brought the dreary snow and many crucibles

It was the fire that melted the flakes
I distinguished myself from fakes
I know all that quakes
In my soul that takes less
As it gives away to the lakes
Of warm water as summer finally comes
"And even the Abstract Entities
Circumambulate her charm;
But our lot crawls between dry ribs
To keep our metaphysics warm"- T.S. Eliot
Chris Lazzaro Apr 2019
Over the hills
nightingales sing
to the chime of bells
ringing across  
English fields.

There, the lovers lay,
admiring the beautiful
blue spring day.

Out on the blanket
they roll with laughter,
recalling old memories,
and dreaming of dreams after.

Her beauty, a treasure
one truly adored.
A life without her
he could not afford.

As the sun sets
behind the hills,
his eyes begin to
fill with tears.

He leans in,
for a kiss,
only to feel a
cold, hard cheek.
Pulling back with haste,
a cry, a scream.

He rolls with anguish
recalling same memories
without dreams after.
Dark clouds appear,
her hand not near.

A rose placed
at her head, underneath.  
The lovers lay,
separated from her
by six feet deep.
Godlink Dec 2017
When time advances,
                                        comes weary souls,
                                                                            and nightingales,
                                          will sing the blues.
Red Bergan Mar 2014
What a beauty to seek!
The Nightingales have returned
To serve thee!

Nightingale sing your songs...
Haunt the night of the trespass,
Nocturnal is your guide..Tonight

Seek your jewels,
Salvage thy treasure.
Offer it to Nocturnal,
To please her.

Fact or Fiction?

They are quite real.
To see their armor,
To know their symbol.

They are shadows of the night.
Pursuing your every move...

— The End —