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Lydeen Dec 2020
Why do you think that it's okay
To rip out my heart
and try to shove it back in

You were drunk?

No ******* ****,
I haven't seen you sober in
6? entire years


"You're my kid, that's not an option"
Then why was it an option two years ago??
Why was it an option last Saturday?

You're not my ******* parent.

You never were.
I ******* hate your guts.
Harley Hucof May 2020
I am unknown, still alone.
Experiencing on my own.

No witnesses to validate
My involvement or the weight
Of the choices i've made
Trying to liberate my spirits
With my patterned habits
Only to understand
That i am digging my end
With my crooked tangled hands

But still

My fears and
feelings they tend to vary
And my mind keep changing its mind.

So now i just smile and carry on
Leaving all my worries behind

No one likes to deal with the the unknown
Someone must be manifesting
Because i can't explain my preferences
Disowned , unresting
I have to believe an omniscent is guiding me
So i can truly rest in peace
I don't believe in responsibilities.

Writing is the only way to fruit this fear.

Words Of Harfouchism
What you think matters
Penny Laine Feb 2020
Mother do you hear my silence now?

I've been floating in an abyss terrified of who I am
Waiting for you to understand

Mother do you know why I said what I said?
You sit in a tower looking down only acts
But is it me or a reflection looking back

You claim to care about my mental state
But don't give a **** about what brought me to this fate

Mother do you hear my silence?
In the midst of his verbal violence
Can you see the pain I keep inside
Because it's all getting harder to hide

Mother when you say you care
Is it just to hide behind a prayer
Or is it more than to show God the cross that you bare

Mother do you hear my silence now?
Thorns May 2019
She climbed the ladder of the apartment buildings
Went through the ***** window she left open of the small, empty, dark room
Yes, she’s been here before
Atleast 8 hours ago actually
She sunk to the floor and passed out because of her hunger

She awoke the next morning where she collapsed
Her once beautiful, long, brown hair was a matted mess
She picked herself off the floor (if only she could do the same with her life at 17)
Brushed off her sweatshirt, adjusted her worn out jeans, and went out down the ladder and was off to work again
She dug wells, and cut trees like a pro for the only reward people would give her
Their scraps
And maybe a penny

No, she was no drug addict, psychopath, or creep
She was simply an orphaned child at age 7
Who started working for food, and found an abandoned room to live in
She’s done the same thing for years
Work, starve, eat scraps, and maybe sleep
On, and on

To collapse and freeze in an alley on her way home in the middle of a blizzard
Her last thought was her mother's warm hugs
Her last words:
“I’m coming mama.”

This poor girls life is tragic
For depression was her muse

I love you so much Sammy…It’s not your fault
I wish I could’ve saved you...
When I was young my sister visited. She never said from where... Then one night it was the death of her... Our parents never gave a ****, but I do. And she's my guiding light like my Taran.
mae Nov 2018
He rejected me like
As if I were the vegetables
Mushed together and scattered
Across the play board
At a toddler’s dinner table.
FallenAngel93 Apr 2015
The truths now unfold,
The story is now told,
Crying eyes,
Hidden lies,
Just too many goodbyes,

Now it is forever, like before,
But now it's different,
I have closed the door,
Sorry is just a word,
And now all the memories will become blurred..
I have to get this out in a way no one knows what im talking about. Because it brakes me to even think about it..
Ember Evanescent Nov 2014
Μισώ τον εαυτό μου
   και είμαι κολλημένος με τον εαυτό μου
   αλλά τουλάχιστον
   Δεν είμαι πλέον
   Κολλημένος ζουν μαζί σας
   Αδελφές για πάντα Σκύλα
   Και το εννοούσα
   αλλά σας
If you are curious, google translate
Red Bergan Apr 2014
Brightly burning,
Mistaken, disowned.
A heart of fire burns on.

Roars of pain,
Tears of deceit.
Manipulation takes it's tole.

You are mistaken to treat her this way.
You are a fool to believe.
That you can defeat me.

My heart burns on.
Her scars glow.
We are one,
Under the fiery sun.

Sisters of Fire and Ice.
Warriors of Right's.

We will defeat you.
Torture us at your will.
We will stand.

And defeat you.
You are the ******* here.
Die now.
In Vain.

— The End —