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Dec 2013
I fear none but see all,
My dragon comes when I call.
I control the elements upon my mind,
As they swirl within time.

I stand firm and tall,
Waving my sword in the wind.
My world is only a war,
As I fight to win.

No orders can tell me what to do,
I am a General of Skyrim.

My home is of bravery rest,
as my skills everyday,
are put to the test.

You fight for what you believe,
You die with dignity.
Honor boils in your veins,
As you try to fight free.

Freedom rings when a Warrior stands forth,
He or she shall be,
A savior to the world.

Within the World of Tamriel,
I am an Imperial Soldier,
And a Female.

Anyone can be a warrior upon strife,
Even within this war,
You can be right.

Join a side,
Choose your path.

You shall be victorious,
And will deserve a Warriors Death.

Challenge thy dragonkin now.
They will await your arrival.
Upon your dragon,
Shall become thy trial.

Tempest waves within the skies of Tamriel,
As the Dragonborn comes,
To the World of Skyrim.
Dark Jewel the Wolf
Written by
Dark Jewel the Wolf  24/F/USA
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