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trf Jan 2021
did you laugh in your sleep last night,
how do you suffocate the fear,
can a dream feel your smile,
do your eyes wake up with tears.

empty bottles by your bedside,  
that friendly disguise disappears,
remedies fuel wildfires,
can a heartburn embrace the sear?

i wish i could say that ive got no regrets.... But saying that would be one more to pile on my desk...
I wish I could say I've clung to time like gold...white lies wear black shoelaces
trf Nov 2017
watching everyone take off their head phones,
just to hear me, just to hear me.

on the corner of, crest and woodview,
you couldn't see me, but i was near you.

screaming at the top, of both of my lungs,
not much air left, it wouldn't matter.

feeling like that bell's, finally been rung,
no more laughter, only children's sadness.

   there's a court date coming,
    there's subpoenas in the mail,
      we can all just ignore it,
        but as soon as we will fail.
         there's a court date coming,
          there's subpoenas in the mail,
           this is something we should go to,
            or this world cannot prevail.

all my scars are from familiar places,
give it a name, and i will listen.

shootin' stars, ask for me to wish them,
i couldn't do it, to my discredit.

i'll exchange a book for your Walkman,
happy birthday, happy birthday.

from afar you will see smiling faces,
no more hiding, now you get it.


        december second at three forty two am, with 12 seconds...1988
they made me do it
trf Sep 2018
H arrowing abundance rife with result
O ur minds narrowly try to cope
U nder pressure facades and near **** haute
R estricts the leisure of bare beauty
G rowing impatient by the cover of makeup
L oving imperfection is now a rare duty
A ttributes of wear benign hope and
S ecede scars born of cataclysm while
S carcely inhibiting a chance to forgive them
everyone is beautiful and everyone is ugly. shine a light on anyone, make your decision & determine which way you'd like to be perceived
trf Apr 2018
Rack em'
step on the gas
blue chalked sticks
white cue ***** crash
one sense numbs
two, counting gums
and like a lark on a whim
the quarters squeeze through the chambers again.

The Bermuda wooden triangle
traps solids and stripes
a ghost feeds the crave
and aiming lines take
another bathroom break.

Was it so obvious
our shady business?
Rack em'
trf Apr 2020
tell darkness
that love is
lighting a rescue
through our
window pane view
Blinds pulled back
and curtains askew
Just know for a fact
we’re in here with you_
Important inside
We’ll be on your side
trf Sep 2018
swallowing has become a chore these days,
like mowing the lawn in the rain,
i hear my gulp when the room is silent
and it sounds violent,
my ears crack and swollen waves squeak,
am i apprehensive of deliberate rhythm?

my esophagus is as tight as a noose,
so the shrink prescribed drool,
but i'd rather swallow than daze,
and deny the fog entrance through
my maze.
deep breaths forecast ******* resent
trf Mar 2018
Teeth chatter and butts raise above seats,
Riding pickups atop the corduroy road,
Thunder claps of rubber bass beats,
Slapping the undercarriage's rusty odes.

The tires rhythmic riffs are risky,
Clavinet keys echo wood beams over muddy water,
Walter Murphy drinks a Fifth of Beethoven's whiskey,
Leaving superstitions for Stevie to Wander.
trf Oct 2017
Your dictation crutches us,
Helios? Ha, no such luck,
you get no more passes,
what even is sin?

Your ******* flux
and anorexic glut
cripples masses
and **** stains porcelain.

Swallow your halcion,
eat your ice cream,
tweet *****, don’t rinse but repeat,
your comments are racists’ dreams.

you’re a turkey neck,
a red rooster’s ****,
alarming our twitter storm
every morning, ******* our stocks.

Our cup of joe is vital, signs
on roads that you detour,
this U-Turn title called potus,
is dying for more.

"One great big festering neon distraction, I've got a suggestion to keep you all occupied, learn to swim” ~tool
trf Jul 2019
i've been thinking bout dying,
no resolve you'll comply with,
ain't no use to keep fightin,
never dreamed of you.

i spend time in my basement,
a downstairs mind with a facelift,
my body's here you're adjacent,
cannot see your view.

i met a girl in the city,
accepts me for who i am,
tongues like heaven while kissing,
we express our truth.

we would never suffice,
it's the same disease,
we're worlds apart
baby it's alright,
but our souls...
they gotta move on.
4 minutes 3 seconds with a grin...
trf Dec 2016
(Acoustic slide only open F)

Close your eyes/ stomp yo’ feet
Recognize/ this here beat
Get on high/ be discreet
Baby, it’s going down-

Got more scars/ than tattoos
Smoky bars/ singin’ blues
My guitar’s/ banged up too
Baby it’s going down-

What we got in this corner hear is the journey man’s soul,
He helped me out once, let’s see if he’ll help me some moe oh oh,
All I wanna say is son, don’t you go out that doe oh oh,
Don’t follow in these footsteps and go lookin to score.

Come at me once, come at me twice, my mama said ya gotta play nice.
These here eyes, that you see, You’ll blink twice before ya see me
Before you see me...

Say goodbye/ watch me leave
Can’t deny/ it’s complete
You’re demise/ my defeat
Baby it’s going down-

Now my Jaw’s/ black and blue
Fly to mars/ I’ll pursue
My memoir’s/ your debut
Baby it’s going down-

Jam- Repeat Chorus -Repeat hook -Slow it down -Don’t get shook
trf Sep 2018
I met a gal
Minded my nose and buttoned my pills
Quickly figured out
The tone was deaf and the silence was real
She was so wild
Dancin' on poles to pay electric bills
I became a child
She was 19, I was over the hill.

Brown bourban eyes
 A dash of **** and a pint of salt
To my surprise
She couldn't hang, it was all my fault
At noon she died
I carried her to the family plot
It's alright
Baby told me, always cause a thrill
trf Mar 2021
when the curtains are drawn
you just never know what's going on
they say he passed peacefully in his sleep
but that doesn't put our minds at ease

i remember his smile, a contagious face
we should have seen the scale tipping
how heavy it must have weighed

another one gone
from the class of o one
our ride or die boy
may god bless his two sons.
rip my good friend. this one hurts, it hurts real bad. i wish i could hug you, the way you used to pick me up, squeeze me so hard and crack my back. and you always smelled like knock off cheap cologne. i'm gonna miss that awful smell.
trf May 2019
mosaics fade, jaded blue,
industry whistles a spineless chorus
and smells like arsenic,

fire snakes the Aztec two step
while howling winds rush ash + rain
around river bends,

paralleled landscapes drape sunset showers
and dry heat escapes the golden moon,
peyote chills a warpaint shade
from dusk till desert dawn.
trf Oct 2017
my orientation, pixelated on the small screen, tells me where to go.
like pavlov's dog, a ping rings and i obey.
                                                           ­   foggy nights, nature plays her role.
  coordinates escape as the device lethargically reroutes my landscape.

"follow me", SHE insists, british accent and all,
redirecting my already adjunct journey.
"you have arrived at your destination".
                       what does that mean? is this the place?
must be.

a child born or circumstance coerces my mind to meander and i move.
always and forever to the tune of progression.
not understanding infinity, the boy smiles, relinquishing my worry.
he does not yet know these depths his daddy will wander the world seeking HIS peace for the sake of my solitude.

I am merely a speck on a flea living on a fish in a vast sea.
he, the lighthouse, guides me through these deep dark waters.
as the waves churn and churn,
a million miles were traversed to affirm; this type of love

trf May 2018
In the black, humid tunnels of clouded vision
where pipers are paid to hush calamity
and the souls of skeletons adhere to forbidden
pushing whispers of thought's public opinion.

The alluring alley of cowardly escapades
alters narrow minds and their sinuous route
like bipolar magnets fluxing compass charades,
coordinates spin during times of solitude.

To dampen the thunder in mental basements
brewing like home-kit craft beers,
the lightning strikes and fear laments
after an ****** of resentment.
trf Mar 2019
close your eyes when
smoky mirrors reflect a fragile soul,
sporadic drips from the faucet
hit cigarette stained porcelain
and you're not in control.

candy corn orange battles
yellow cowardice grips,
over brick roads and white tips
of which you will walk upon.

bleach seeps into crevasses
weakening white ivory,
rationalizing your pores
to blister like sun damaged skin,
your reflection.
trf Dec 2018
if i came to you with solemn
could we pretend things were fine
rest your head on my chest
with our heart beat rhymes

if i came to you swollen
would you fetch frozen peas
dampen the dark circles
around my eyes

if i came with a gift
from an overseas trip
smuggled through customs
for your surprise

it's foggy in our kitchen
it's foggy in my head
let's talk till morning turns night

logging all those tears
on the back porch with wolves
blessed be the saints of sunrise
trf Feb 2019
Our love is like a river
Water flowing out our eyes
These twists and turns that tangle
A never ending surprise

Our love exists in battles
Will we ever win the war
When I take two steps backwards
You take four steps towards the door

Our hate is like an orchard
In desperate need of rain
The withering fruit you dangle
Weighing heavy on my vine

Fast times, pretty things are sowing
the green grass is growing and
illusions are pulling us apart
trf Nov 2017
there's something humbling,
about the way i feel,
when a darker figure,
around me appears.
this testimony,
won't quench like a meal,
and these sirens
surely won't make it real.

   i'm enlightened,
   but still can't comprehend,
   all of this violence,
   between man's so called friends,
   don't confide in us,
   we cannot understand,
   that there's no difference,
   between two humans.

   you see i did it,
   although an accident,
   was born with it,
   used the words us and them,
   i won't forget it,
   we're not yet blendin' in,
until we all die, we must pay the rent.

ya see these shrimp were exhausting all their energy,
swimmin' in caves as dark as our synergy,
dying off,
they couldn't help their friends,
cause they had to deal with all the elements.

there's a cost to existing in a cave,
can't attest to the cost of living like a slave,
my own boss, i'm eluding to the trends,
     don't need no more widows of veterans.

until we use all our five SENSES,
and cross out all our hate,
exude all of our energy,
especially as of late.

we are doomed for a century,
we reside in this cave,
you cannot hide your emotions,
they will not compensate,
for all this pride you deserve,
you can't help but feel it,
until we find a remedy,
we'll be unnerved, no sealant.
"these micro-miracles of evolution,
live in the black depths of a river here,
in a sunless cave in Madagascar."
trf Nov 2018
The junction where smoke and fog reside,
gliding with western winds beneath these clouds,
the moon fades perilously from sight
and it rains ash.
A thousand candle wicks are pinched
as the scent of acres burn,
lit like the flames we blow out so easy.
Control is a funny word,
like when a doctor says, "She'll be fine, I've got this",
the arborist cries observing only skeletal remains,
as his patient has deceased having control to blame.
trf Nov 2017
she gave road head, at a red light's intersection
rear view mirror, wet eyes saw gag's reflection
dream on.....................dream on...........................
       she's on a path, wasn't choreographed
       damsel distressed, added calories like math
       dream on...................dream on........................
she ate breakfast, plethora of affection
sang to white porcelain, exhaling demon's digestion  
dream on.............................dream on.............................
trf Jan 2017
I don't deserve hurt
I bleed fixation  
I preserve its flirt
I need alienation

My tailings are unadulterated
My mind is on Mars
My failings are exasperated
My kind bears scars

I revel my dishevelment
I am my own worst jury
I shovel my embellishment
I hone my own worry

My heart is dying in a maze
My trust in you is forsaken
My art is crying, set ablaze
My lust for you is mistaken.
trf May 2018
The unscrupulous cavalry shuffled aboard narrow lanes,
Cutting in line towards Jager Bomb's tether,  
Cluttered duffel bags concealing cheap champagnes,
Passing cruise ship commuter's ruffled feathers.

With their fake, "excuse me's" en route to the bar,
Coercing the conductor who's been under the weather
With smug smiles and counterfeit Cuban cigars.

Leaving the harbor three sheets to the wind
The cowards commandeered Grandparents pool chairs,
A little past midnight with no foresight of end,
An abrupt brawl broke out, fists flying through air.

A sightseeing whale trip turned into a ship from hell,
The assailants now held in a South of Wales cell.
Have you been on a cruise ship in the past decade? *** is wrong with the public? Forget chivalry it's been deceased for years, and courtesy, ha, they can't even spell it. Tighten up muffuckrs, show some gd decency or at least a little human respect, dignity.  I have one simple rule in life, just one _ Don't be an asshole_That's all.  ~Report: "People vacationing on a Carnival cruise ship this week in the South Pacific had their trip turned upside down thanks to a series of violent brawls that seemed to transform the ship from a paradise into a fight club."
trf Mar 2018
Narrow escapes never mind this week of infamy,
emotions boiled over and evaporated,
their singe screeching over ousted flames,
the kettle screams in B flat, desperate for attention,
cattle calls draw the milk in.
trf Feb 2019
my caution tape series
cold wax & oils, an apogee of scars
yellow redactions cover the senses
four paintings so far
Warwoman's eyes
an irreverent man
the thinking pipe
and estrogen

my five senses
render resentment
and my method
masks the pain

searing pain
my body convinces
poppy seed bagels
to braid blood
blinded from the meaning of time, habit is action without thought or purpose
trf Sep 2018
Spinning round a windy ledge,
i kiss the cross around my neck,
these fever dreams replace the likes of you.

Grinning into space, alone and lost,
the dampened linens lie,
     as i wake up,
     covered in fake love.

In my den the china white,
embraced my blood and laced my night,
an amuse-bouche of courses left to come.

The past three years I can't recall,
coulda been fun, but was it worth it all,
i'm a coma patient lacking an excuse.

is hard to come by,
are a stranger in my,
collude disguise.
lost my balance blinded by the darker truth
trf Aug 2021
Does my darkness forecast shadows,
A high noon noose hangs from the gallows,
Feel the sharks circling shallow,
Swim fast, i'm bleeding.

Peripheral landscapes drape your gilded laughter,
Bronze horizons love alabaster chatter,
Your eyes are lightning blinks faster,
My clouds follow, five miles per hour.
trf Oct 2017
vibrations resonate from the keys
and a rhythmic heart beats all eighty-eight.
those who cannot glean her pleasantries,
adorn snapshots of   SOHO  shopping sprees.

a gleam of light seems dull amongst the coral reefs,
sending shivers up the spine of apathy.
shaping narrow minds and corrupting the weak,
is this vial, verbose and anxious society.

a butter knife has taken the place of my edge,
not sure how to sharpen its fight.
a flutter of  broken wings i've pledged
this blur has delayed my flight.

so i steady my fingers
over both blacks and whites,
and ready libations,
like Goethe's pursuant might,
vibrations do linger with no end in sight,
until my art escapes me, only fluent at night.

we coral reefs need to be saved

trf Feb 2018
D ays pass by, nights
A re kaleidoscopes,
R emember their tilted reflection
I  llusions, illusive patterns
N othing breathes that doesn't
G ive solitude worry

Y onder yellows seek blue, bringing
O bstructed views and
U nadulterated excuse

T etering
O n the

B rink of ambition where
E vents give wisdom and

G rasping your passion will
R ight the wrong
E ventually everything
A ssures a
T imeless song
trf Apr 2018
Smoking brush strokes of painted crowds,
overlooking a landscape's higher regime,
spider silk webs inhaled by lungs of teens,
coughing cotton cumulus clouds.

You're so much cooler, yet softer,
green apple e-liquids versus melancholy,
my antique lighter, your boutigue battery,
kills just the same, don't take after your father.
trf Mar 2018
Sketching surveys of desolate dreams,
purveyors of private property plots,
their impatient greed,
ignoring purple spray paint warnings.

Six feet under, resting next to Grandpa's coffin,
live valuable minerals, their rights forgotten,
a farmer of soy beans, wheat and corn,
oil & gas law to Grandpa was foreign,
but he knew why our creek's current flowed north,
upwards, defying gravity or reason, why these men had come.

One time executive cowboy hats descended on the farm,
in pickup trucks, just purchased from an oil lot in Odessa,
Grandpa took aim and raised his Beretta,
their unfit hats lost to the blast, the only harm.

I was only five, when I saw his lengths of protection,
he took me on hunts for deer, boar, quail, dove,
would always aim his rifle, fire and miss,
blamed it on his eye sight, yet hit bullseyes on paper targets.

It took me 20 years to understand why, with swallowed pride,
he purposely missed killing these animals,
cursing his eyesight instead, winning an Oscar for his humble acts,
was he blinding me from death?

There was no vision impairment, I found out in hindsight,
probably the trauma witnessed, as he died with 20/20 eyesight.
If you have a grandparent or parent who is still living and they only have a few gallons left in their tank; please spend as much time with them a feasibly possible. Things that I can't explain in words will later make sense in your life, that might not have, when you were younger. I wish I could have 30 more minutes. What we used to perceive, we now later see.
trf Dec 2016
Vivienne wriggled restless draped in a veil of veneer,
She could never pass the stage of sleep same as her street number three.
“Our cycles are synchronized”, so the moon she did fear.

Their marriage froze frigid until deliquescing at month three,
Her lunacy at low tide leaked on her ****** red bed sheet,
Like the snow that would thaw, end of winter in ’33.

As a muse Viv was perfect, but the man suffered defeat,
With her parent’s heirs to riches, resentment followed suit.

Could it have been Dr. Huntington she inherited? Viv was swiftly swept off her feet.

The white walls met her head like a drum beating mute,
As in the fourth circle, Pluto, dressed in a white coat shocked her brain.

Across town Tom was receiving an award, celebrating with the astute.

“*Viv ruined him as a man, though quite the poet he became”,
For if it weren’t for Vivienne, Tom would have acquired far inferior fame.

Sometimes wherever I look I see three or the things that symbolize three. I thought only a Terza rima would be appropriate for TS and Viv.
trf Aug 2019
i breathe in pain
and exhale art
i smoke freedom
to handcuff dark

brush stroke feelings
flit my escape
i shift notion
like fire flies

yellow shades blue
our canvas dies
i am in lieu
do not revive
trf Feb 2018
Imperial ales coerced our high gravity choices one day.
Bleeding, drenched and on full alert,  
I limped from the Tuck's bank to the brewery.

With one pole wet, my whistle was next;
I needed hoppy nourishment, salty pretzels and a stool.

Lacking fish or gear, I imagined it would be difficult
to explain my appearance, but I didn't give a ****; I come as is.

To my 3 o'clock a smoke ring silhouette vacuumed my
exhale like spooling cotton candy from 3 feet away;
I took a breath and inhaled her dandelion seeds.

A tattoo of a paper airplane on her wrist was faded from afar,
yet as she flew closer the ink appeared fresh, 2-3 weeks old.
Her hair smelled of patchouli, parsnips, an Asheville scent.

Closer now, I recognized a look of love or disgust in her eyes.
Can't tell em' apart anymore, as the prior wears a disguise,
eventually becoming the latter.

She asks my name and I ask the barkeep for two double IPA's.

We don't need a racetrack to run in circles anymore.
Seek out the dangerous path, the easy one's have cattle trails.
trf Apr 2018
Drink of streams from hidden sources
Blindly ride the star streaked heavens
Breathe in deep and risk your fortunes
Judge the darkness

Seek the ill winded black blown masses
Their eyes ablaze, broadcastin static
Jaws are snapping, they got hungry stomachs
Fixin' for, their latest habits

Dust the sun stroked silver highways
Carve the mountains with your shadows
Your rubber soles and your wooden heels
Are melted black and they been fire straddled

You travelers heed the village windows
Steer the weary, legged lanes
Sounding siren, sings survival
Stinging some to stir their chains

And wonder what wide containment
Seals my mind, bemires my hands
Circles told, hold rumination
Stretched for stars and promised lands

If you’re thirsty then drink from me
My toes are tapped to endless springs
Like rooted trees and jealousies
For salty seas of which they dream

Test your eyes by meteors
Think with thoughts of mountain cores
Walk the edge of an ocean shore
Oh I’m sure there’s more than this
Oh I’m sure there’s more than this
_tlg via_trf
thanks trevor, miss ya brutha
trf May 2018
Bury the silencer beneath the doggy bones
that Fido misplaced last May.
Their presence is scentless now,
just like your mind is today.

Arms down, head up dear friend,
lines in the sand are only drawn
to spend your time crossing footprints.

Place perspective above greed,
as we are all suffering
in one way or another,
so give our children the chance to succeed.

It doesn't have to be this way,
swollen knees pray for peace,
take your high school daze by day
and let your mind evade the inner demons.
In order to write this I had to do put my mind into some places that are not comfortable; in fact they are plain ******* evil. In order to write from various perspectives, I've been able to put myself, my thought processes, into so many different envelopes: race, gender, religion, circumstance; in order to comprehend the amount of struggles versus actions that those roles play in our society today. Yet I am unfounded and dumbfounded when it comes to putting my mind in an individual who can commit mass ****** of innocents. I grew up with fists and the occasional shiv. We handled our problems normally, albeit illegal sometimes, however no one died. To change this we cannot rely on anyone but ourselves, ourselves and ourselves.
Stop press: for naming these individuals, creating a story of why they could have done such harm, making them mold other's ideas. Leave no paper or web trail of these ______________________
trf Nov 2017
stage life...
is so complicated
they'll confiscate it
your eyes will summit
their stocks will plummet

stage life...
is an oxymoron
you'll labor for em
your body's numb, once
stitched seams come undone

lick your finger.............
                     wine rims sing about it
lick your finger.............
                     counter to clockwise flow
lick your finger.............
                    add your liquidity
lick your finger.............
                    finer tuned frequencies
lick your finger.............
                   consume their recipe
lick your finger.............
                   won't find harmony
lick your finger.............
                   blood soaked oath's decrees

stage fright...
it comes in droves
watches all your moves
ebbs and flows

cautiously, write about it
cannot hide, darkest hours
insatiably, desired thirst
tie dye shirts, passion's curse
drink whiskey, pour a cup
no replies , it's all ****** up.
trf Oct 2017
Are you fatigued?
Do you have irritable bowel syndrome?
Are there irreconcilable differences in your life?
Are you Homophobic...

"I climb 1,576 stairs"
"But I have a lot of gay friends"
once we've reached the top,
there are no two quarters for the lens.

What's driving us, this feeling, this wander?

Could you imagine,
If kind was ****** compassion.

Could you imagine,
If kind has no reaction.

What a day, what a day, what a day, what a day;
it will be.

Like children lost in corn mazes.......

filled with glee.

Hollow are those shallow times,
don't you
about me.

What a day, what a day, what a day, what a day;
it will be.

Luckily those prickly vines, are fading fantastically.


trf Jan 2017
Hey. Yea, I know who you are.
You drive merely miles and I now drive far.
You know why I'm here?
Don't look me in the eyes; I don't want to imagine that fear.
" I do. Hey up there, your daddy's here!"

"We're upstairs, one minute or two!"

"Yea, no **** you're upstairs, I didn't say, hey down there."
"They're upstairs and said one minute or two."
Yea, I heard them. I'm standing right here in the doorway like a vampire
"Would you like to come in, we've set a fire?"
As long as I stay on the fringe
I will be ok right here
as will you.

tick, tock sounds my actual grandfather's clock
To believe I traded the rug for that. My rug sure doesn't tie a room together.

"Your son should be down any second now."

"How about this weather?"

trf Nov 2017
months are getting shorter than
                prescription bottle dates
                                  say they would
         the holes on the strap of his belt
                     are putting for triple bogey
               shedding the wrong weight and
                    feeling kinda nervous to say so
                                                              ­             shine a light on anything(-)
                                 and watch it misbehave
                                                it always will.
                                    where we are going
                                        is never the way
                                          we used to be
                                     Is That Exciting
  ­                                          Relieving
             ­                                   or D.
                                       All of the above
**** Powerful ******* Fallacies
trf Jul 2018
youthful years, now reduced
when right angles were obtuse
find my path of lost tracks
feathered freight in the caboose

falling sand, hour glass
shades the moon from the cracks
'neath the back porch lies the dog
who howls when sand runs out

whispered winds
don't you lie
and try to save my sins
whispered winds
don't you lie
don't you die

dreary days, losing weight
i call out but cannot say
what is wrong, i'm ok
let's talk the ******* fake

fever chills, alone to face
california king's embrace
i stretch out, all my regrets
and dream of an escape

whispered winds
don't you lie
and try to save my sins
whispered winds
don't you lie
don't you die
trf Sep 2018
we danced in the streets as the days were long
only recess and reckoning while water crept in
this city of dead, our place, where the stench lives
and bodies float, lying above the crypt's graves  

hurricane red absinthe & hand grenades
slugging the gulf like a shooter's brigade
a forecast shifts, flooding any escape
so we fire our motors with boats on em.
nola luvs u
trf Dec 2017
Winds howl through stricken streams,
From the moonshined mountains spiking Tennessee.
Steaming copper pipes protect like turpentine,
Cherish the soil from vine to wine.

Sweetwater medicine crosses Big Sky Country lines,
And a Capitol drowns voice's reedy rhynes.
The Carolines and swamps round' New Orleans,
Spokane's foothills spire like Woodland's Cherokees.

Mushroom clouds swooped ponderosa pines,
In the desert one day, made the earth cry.

Oh Beautiful, not time to flee,
The Jersey Wetlands or Houston's calamity,
Analogous feats, magnetic societies, 
Build a bridge across contrary beliefs. 

trf Jun 2021
Winds howl through stricken streams,
From the moonshined mountains spiking Tennessee.
Steaming copper pipes protect like turpentine,
Cherish the soil now, sow grape seeds till wine.

Sweetwater medicine crosses Big Sky Country lines,
And a Capitol drowns voices reedy rhynes.
The Carolines and swamps round' New Orleans,
Spokane's foothills spire like Woodland's Cherokees.

Mushroom clouds swooped ponderosa pines,
In the desert one day it made earth cry.

Oh beautiful, ain't time to flee,
The Jersey Wetlands or Houston's pleas,
Hammered nails, wasted woes,
Build a bridge across contrary beliefs.

Miss Atomic Bomb
trf Nov 2017
Reckon a billion lingual tongues,
absent ambiguity,
rousing the drum.

Beats hiccup in a maze,
diverting Calypso,
the siren's gaze.

Planes plateau,
sowing seeds of discourse,
coerced by vertigo.  

Foe's vascular veins,
beset vernacular,
clotting famine's riddled drains.

to eat or to hate?
tis the question
trf Apr 2018
my life was craving
desperate attention
smoke signals in the sky
Mmm Hmmm

when she found my
heart's ascension
she dropped a ****** surprise

       from a crashing wave
       escaped a mourning dove
       i was starving and was saved
      for two years by force-fed love

my life was aching
shall I be released
you could see it in my eyes
Mmm Hmmm

but i succumbed like when  
a dog with disease
goes under the porch to die

      from a new born son
      my heart rose above
      i'll never turn and run
      thankful for force-fed love

my emotions
current like oceans
raised feet drift towards sunrise
Mmm Hmm

with all devotion
my new love potion
no more makeup disguise

     unchained cannon ball
     sunk my force-fed love
     to surface from this fall
     all i needed was a forceful shove
I don't know if the grass is always greener on the other side, i've been on both. What i do know is regardless of which side you're on; if that grass isn't showered with love it becomes brown, withers and dies anyways, so maybe that saying is irrelevant and we chase our tails.
trf Apr 2018
Embrace your scars,
the off hue,
pigment tattoos we all wear,
innies sunken, outies protrude,
their presence sings folklore.

Traumatic verses,
a melancholy chorus,
accidental riffs,
or a funny fishing hook,
stabbing your storybook.

Embrace your scars,
don't erase their very nature,
line up tall in posture,
when the detective illustrates your picture.
trf Dec 2016
A dandelion allures an essence of the innocent,
Distinct from a ****, once puffed flurries offspring of homogenous descent.

Proletarian by nature, now **** without seed,
That puff propels my wealth and now I can lament.

Bees harbor resentment, “You can’t pollenate me!",
Enticed by sinuous poison and overlooked by the Bourgeoisie,
Cautiously creeping like honey’s viscosity in vain,
Synchronicity is cut short swiftly by A Coup de Main.

trf Dec 2017
I've got a book,
Turns night into innocence,
Let's take a look,
Wrestle with my genesis,
Day trip the night,
Fight away my nemesis,
Succeed with might,
Truths are always meant to bless,
Can't see the light,
That guides my incandescent hell,
Obey the fright,
Dreams are only times to tell.

Don't let it down
It comes from up above
Too much to lose
Purpose is to find love
I'm not a fool
She plays the part like a Jezebel
I can't be ruled
By all your demon spells
My birthstone fights
A path known all so well
I cannot hide
Plain sight is my shell.

Don't let me down...from the soil is where we grow...
trf Jan 2019
it's a bone dry west
for a cool east summer
i'm steeple chasing baby
from a derby to a dungeon

orange cones on the left
bright beams on a Hummer
i'm flicking off the bird
from nevada to wyoming

get this load off my chest
it burns April like a stoner
i'm a bayou baby
from the streets of magnolia
HA, fuckit. you figure it out
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