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trf May 2018
The unscrupulous cavalry shuffled aboard narrow lanes,
Cutting in line towards Jager Bomb's tether,  
Cluttered duffel bags concealing cheap champagnes,
Passing cruise ship commuter's ruffled feathers.

With their fake, "excuse me's" en route to the bar,
Coercing the conductor who's been under the weather
With smug smiles and counterfeit Cuban cigars.

Leaving the harbor three sheets to the wind
The cowards commandeered Grandparents pool chairs,
A little past midnight with no foresight of end,
An abrupt brawl broke out, fists flying through air.

A sightseeing whale trip turned into a ship from hell,
The assailants now held in a South of Wales cell.
Have you been on a cruise ship in the past decade? *** is wrong with the public? Forget chivalry it's been deceased for years, and courtesy, ha, they can't even spell it. Tighten up muffuckrs, show some gd decency or at least a little human respect, dignity.  I have one simple rule in life, just one _ Don't be an asshole_That's all.  ~Report: "People vacationing on a Carnival cruise ship this week in the South Pacific had their trip turned upside down thanks to a series of violent brawls that seemed to transform the ship from a paradise into a fight club."
S K Anderson Apr 2018
My best friend
Layed out your heart
Fears, tears and vulnerability
In a room
That should have been locked
Laughed at a donut left behind
Described your depression
A terrifying look inside
And we sat there
Emotionally exhausted
But broken together.
A present to an old friend of mine.
I was a bit dramatic, but it makes for good writing.
Bra-Tee Jan 2015
I sit in a restaurant, quietly drinking my wine...

I notice our waiter in his black & white clothes, His shoes were old and raggedy.
I think of him struggling to earn a living,
Surviving off the tips customers give him after serving their food and drinks...
And yet he is smiling.

I watch a 65 year old couple playful arguing about what to eat.
Surely They've been doing this for years cause the waiters greet them by name.
Aah, Love never grows old. *(Mr & Mrs Koekemoer)

I see a business man suited and booted. His always on the phone and always in a hurry. He spills some coffee on his white shirt.
Ag! He seems to be annoyed with himself...

Now I'm looking at this Girl in front of me. A cute yellow-bone with a mini-afro.
She has brown eyes and her lips are shining with cherry lip-gloss. Her smile can sink a thousand ships.
Wow, I'm happy around her.


I notice the missing finger she tries to hide with her other hand. No poetry can describe thy brutality.
But still, she is WORTH it...
I wanna tell her this but I am too shy...
So, I smile at myself for being a coward. (coward, as I slowly drink the rest of the wine...)

— The End —