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Apr 2018
my life was craving
desperate attention
smoke signals in the sky
Mmm Hmmm

when she found my
heart's ascension
she dropped a ****** surprise

       from a crashing wave
       escaped a mourning dove
       i was starving and was saved
      for two years by force-fed love

my life was aching
shall I be released
you could see it in my eyes
Mmm Hmmm

but i succumbed like when  
a dog with disease
goes under the porch to die

      from a new born son
      my heart rose above
      i'll never turn and run
      thankful for force-fed love

my emotions
current like oceans
raised feet drift towards sunrise
Mmm Hmm

with all devotion
my new love potion
no more makeup disguise

     unchained cannon ball
     sunk my force-fed love
     to surface from this fall
     all i needed was a forceful shove
I don't know if the grass is always greener on the other side, i've been on both. What i do know is regardless of which side you're on; if that grass isn't showered with love it becomes brown, withers and dies anyways, so maybe that saying is irrelevant and we chase our tails.
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