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trf Jan 2019
it's a bone dry west
for a cool east summer
i'm steeple chasing baby
from a derby to a dungeon

orange cones on the left
bright beams on a Hummer
i'm flicking off the bird
from nevada to wyoming

get this load off my chest
it burns April like a stoner
i'm a bayou baby
from the streets of magnolia
HA, fuckit. you figure it out
A ritual
of lust
is my
attitude to
play as
victuals there
subordinate trust
oft hype
where hyperbole
may end
politics of
right and
result in
death as
eco is
new house
with pep.
egotist Sep 2016
deep in the woods I slept
birds chirp
gentle rain
misty fog
cool breeze
quiet n merry
sleep of the angels
sleep of the babies
nothin more nothin less

woke up not to the dream
was it the woods ?
birds gone
gentle acid rain
harsh breeze
misty smog
quiet n merry no more
well woods were gone too

with no reason to be awake
bird’s chirp n rain n mist n breeze
was all I took to my dream
sleep was all i had now
sleep was all i had now
On Second thoughts how long do we sleep? Till all the forests, ice caps, rivers vanish and the skies turn black and we humans  stranded in the deluge to follow.
Every phone call you make/receive from a tower powered by diesel generator, drive one of those gas guzzler, carry home stuff in plastics, enjoy your air-conditioned place and print those paper you and me are deep asleep and nowhere close to being alive.
Erin Jean Aug 2014
here in this land the rain will not fall
the clouds pass us thoughtlessly
we wait and wait for rain endlessly

— The End —