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julius Apr 2022
LA and part japanese 4 foot 11 boy-girl
hushed pet names and laughs and [that].
quiet about your mother and step mother
and you spend - days - in your room shut
alone with no food water company etc just
your fist and your laptop hot on your bare
thighs the fan whirring louder than your
hands and the skin and whatever else you
do and im sorry i get red and i push and i
pound and im sorry it seems like you want
it. just tell me how to love you because i
dont know how and its hurting everything
keep changing your name baby it doesnt change anything
Odd Odyssey Poet Feb 2022
Bright smile! like summers stuck in your teeth,
Oh how! beauty catches eyes;
    baited as fish,
Worming ways of compliments, for a smile.
Tightest hugs! feel so claustrophobic;
Closest friends, closed on time we seem not,
    to have,
Thoughts of pleasure! grasped with imaginary hands;
   You felt it before too?
Like fools in love—Tools to it's trait, (*******, but always
   nuts for more)
Trying not to fall deeper in our cavernous love.

                          A possibility?
        Perhaps in a heart's forgetfulness,

                         A reason?
      Only by a mind's found emotions.

Why do I hurt myself in delusions of lover's thought,

Simply because; I know I'll fall in love with —YOU!
How can you W..SH
without "I"?

How can you L..VE
without "I"?

How can you M..SS
without "I"?

How can you be a FR..END
without "I"?

"I" really matters
But this "I" can never be TRI..MPHANT
without "U"...
Without you I'm nothing , but together we r everything
Benzene Mar 2021
Tears are in her eyes
fire in her heart
but neither the tear extinguish that fire
nor the fire dried the tears.

But she doesn't know that
the light of the fire and
those crystal like tears will make
a rainbow in her dark room.
Those tears  which are rolling down from her cheeks ,
passing through her body
will heal all her  inner wounds .
Have you ever woken up between 3 and 4 o'clock, at which time the sky is much darker than night, because it is the last stage of darkness followed by sunrise. Do you understand anything
Lost Property Jan 2021
what would u say if i told u the truth and said no
would u tell me
ur thinking of me
praying for me
that it does get easier
that i’m not alone
that ur always there if i need someone to talk to
don’t get me wrong i’m so grateful for every single amazing person in my life
but i already know you care about me
and i love that u love me
but i’m not okay, and to burden you with something i don’t understand myself is something i can’t do
Written 17/06/2020
Wary Nov 2020
They asked so how are you living without him..?
And I replied:
with those lovable texts, those unforgettable memories, and remembering those insane feeling of touch.
I am loving you more day by day
max Oct 2020
With words so harsh
She's trying to comfort me
telling me I have to think rationally
She can't hear her own voice
But I,
I do
I hear it more clearly than I would like to
My once beloved melody
That now only hurts
Wary Oct 2020
After his exit from my heart and my life
No contact no text nothing from his side
Suddenly met him after so long
My heart skipped a beat when I hugged him a long
My hands trembled when I held his hand and looked into his eyes
I got frozen when I looked him just tears rolled down from my moist eyes
Heart asked; so what did you come back with
I replied; his fragrance in me
#his fragrance in me always remember me of him
Bongani G-kay Jul 2020
I took a moment
I looked surrounding shape shift...they was light now its dark...what was is not there far can i feet tired...every move i feels like time pause...body eyes close...
I see no more...forgive me...i can't right my wrongs.

# i miss you
What is gone....we can't get it back.
Dan Santos Jun 2020
Oh... darling...
You remember me the day I've wanted to live.
hi, bel. it's me: Dan.
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