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i never wanted
to call you a memory
i only want
to call you
my baby
Silver01818 May 16
You say you are sorry
But are u sorry for leaving me alone
Are u sorry when I have to roam the corridors by my own
Are u sorry for the sleepless nights
Are u sorry for each and every tear escaped from my eyes
Are u sorry when u make fun of me in front of whole corridor
Are u sorry when I can't enter from your class door
Are u sorry when you get my best friend roped  
Are u sorry when you say I am exposed
Are u sorry when I have no one to talk
Are you sorry when I drown in my bed and can't even walk
Are u sorry when I ate countless chocolate to lessen my pain
Are u sorry when months passed and I thought there is nothing to gain
Are u say when u say I am a user
Are u sorry when you make me think that I am loser
Are u sorry when u say u will break my face
Are u sorry when I sit in the corner in disgrace
Are u sorry for forming a squad against me
Are u sorry  for making your whole class hate me
Are u sorry for laughing when tears brimmed into my eyes
Are u sorry when I have no one to console me when I  cries
Are u sorry when you make my birthday worst
Are u sorry when I lost my trust
Sometimes we hurt people ..Something which cant be forgiven but still at last we just say sorry ..But are they sorry for all the hurtful things .. let's hear a sorry story here ..
SelinaSharday Apr 22
show you my struggles
show you my pains.
open up show how I survived my hurricanes.
show my glories show you how I live my stories.
show you my love and my heart real veins.
Open up allow a peek of sorted things.
See how I put away my weapons, lock up my cries.
knowing I have bottled up tears from my eyes.
Hide my insecurities,
show things that keep me in prayer on my knees.
Uncover the things I adore.
Ask you in to come with me life to explore.
Ask you for your patience, Tell why I do  away with fears.
Put up rocks I use to build fences, let ya climb my walls built over years.
Ask to see your hidden rooms.
Deals with every one of your hidden dooms.
Search you down for your scars.
bring about my medicine jars.
Manage  your disappointments,
As we plan a future for better events.
Show me your souls window what grounds you eternally.
Show me what nurses you by design.
Allow me into your heart, help us to intertwine.
Me the strength the root of your tree..
Show me lingering responsibility.
captivate with what last longer than physicality.
@H.E.R_Poetry all rights reserved 2019
Look see i'll show some things, keep some things reveal some things.
Poolza Apr 17
when I see your face
I know you're going to talk
It's so annoying
#f #u
Skywlkr Apr 17
Written in a Rhyme.........
                Your Thoughts are Sublime.....
To Not Share them Would Be a
Reading your Words I Can Hear Your Courage Chime.....
It Matters Not What got You There what Matters is That You Are........
That Makes you a Star........
Written in a Rhyme...........
                           No need to Save time.....
I Will Always Give you Some of Mine...
Skywlkr Mar 2
Why my still Awake,
Dreams I Would Take,
I'm tired of Not Sleeping,
He tells Me it's Not God's Sake,
Its the Liberties of Life I Take,
So I suffer and Stay Awake,
One Day when I Hit That Gate I will Hand him A Slice Of this Cake,
I have no idea where this came from my Anxietys cause me insomnia but this is taking the cake hahahhahahahhaba
Tatiana Oct 2018
Long ago, Moon reigned alone and empty
born of the Gods Sky and Sea.
The world was painted with a pale light,
that came from Moon's own might.

"Hello, I don't believe we have met before?"
    "Call me Heat."
"I am Light."

A meeting destined in the heavens above,
inspiring Heat and Light to love.
For Moon had grown sickly all night,
as she never had time to rest from her plight.

"What shall we call it?"
    "The yellow light that we lit?"
"Yes. It's like a disc. A shining disc."

Light circled Heat like a shield.
Blinding those who do not yield
with their interest or attempts to charm
Heat away from Light's arms.

"Perhaps we shall call it Light?"
    "No, we shall call it Bright!"
"Please, we cannot fight."

This world moves forward even as time stands still.
Heat takes Light's hand with great thrill.
A movement not so grand,
yet it's worth more than the price of this land.

"Feel the warmth of his heat!"
    "He climbs the sky with no fear of defeat!"
"Moon can finally rest her weary feet."

The pair watched with great pride
in the sky, their child no longer hides.
Look at him! He soars! He flies!
Bringing heat and light to the lands beneath the skies.

"My child, formed from Heat and Light"
    "Please do not feel any fright."
"My child, vow to keep balance with the night"
    "An eternal dance with Moon so bright."
"And remember above all else,"
    "That when the dark arrives,"
"know that Moon will maintain hope and life."
    "Maintain life and hope, my Son.
© Tatiana
Son vs Sun
I just wanted a good story. A warm ending to those troublesome vowels.
Well, that's the end! I hope you enjoyed my forgotten vow(el)s series! I certainly enjoyed it. It has been a challenge to try and avoid certain vowels. E and O were extraordinarily difficult, but it was so rewarding in the end. I did it and I'm proud! If anyone else would like to challenge themselves, I would suggest trying to drop vowels or even consonants. Force yourself to write differently and you'll be surprised by what you can create.
Thanks for reading!
a M b 3 R Oct 2018
waiting aimlessly for a text
a text from you...
i guess you are tired of me
ignoring me
not talking to me
looks like you have given up on me
always having to put up with me
are you unhappy?
please tell me
don’t just leave me
giving me high hopes
then bringing me down
you know that i love you right?
or maybe you are doubting that
but please don’t leave me
i need you
i want you
and i... love you
sigh i love you pls stop doing dis to me
Rose Who Knows Sep 2018
To you who has always believed in me
You have always loved me
Ever since the first time you held me

You were always sassy and sweet
You had these old wrinkly hands
That had touched so many lives

You had beautiful blue eyes
That would watch me with care
Even with your tall boney frame
hugging me so tight I didn't even care

You loved crafts
You loved teaching students
You loved me

I know it's not just about me
There were those who were closer
But I just wish you would say one more time
"I'm not bionic!"
Oh how that was your catchphrase
In remembrance of my great aunt Rosie
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