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Michelle Apr 26
I lay,
Soft head in soft pillow.
Fabric against porcelain skin.
Heart spread wide open.
Gentle stream filled with warmth,
The hush of one thousand voices
in my mind,
And even through the ceiling is dark,
I can feel the gentle warmth of the
You know the feeling ;)
Corona time Jan 29
You are going to lose subscriber
#f #u
twenty-six Jan 28
i'm not a fool to want you again
talking **** about me was your only friend
i thought my love for you had no end
i don't even want you now as a friend

how funny of you to say
that i'm not happy to this day
i'm more than happy with what i have today
more than my feelings for you in may

don't go around feeling special
my world doesn't revolve around someone so in denial
i don't want someone who saw me as someone so trivial
you ain't it, you ain't worthwhile

losing you wasn't miserable;
it was a blessing.
Robert C Ellis Nov 2019
Stars watch us, as offspring,
And can't wait their turn
To grow nerve endings
Where helium burned
To call Gravity what it is,
And ache for the sins upchurned
They are prenatal
Needing a diet of salt, minerahls
And we grow fingernails
And taste seawater as we bawl
We are a helioscopic orb
Condensed into bone and
We are what proves a God
Naming constellations from this Skippingstone
Zombie Nov 2019
If  'U' were in right place, life would have been sorted.
I rarely look at the night sky
Because one glance
And I would give you another chance
basically ur the night sky and im the bud of a follower tilting towards u
adept Oct 2019
u can love her
just don’t forget me in the meantime

that always seems to happen
what have i done to deserve this
daph Aug 2019
I know
I sound like, you know
I sound like an autumn
Being so golden, so solemn

I sound like beachwaves
And happyendings

But I sound like it
When I try
To capture
To have a glimpse of
just to keep this alive ksks cuz im so busy nailing gr 12 ya feel me uvu
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