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A composer
of the stars,
& astronaut
of dreams,
the unsung
swan of the
night, who
draws the
of her
the clouds
of dandelions
fields forever
in reverie,
her sigh settles
the seas of
lilac dreams,
as music
plays, she
enjoys the
indigo hues
of a bohemian
way of life,
and every
on this
earth is,
in their own
way, an
of their
own hue,
upon the
painting of
life in the
to the lights
beyond, one
the traveler
in the chest,
a seeker of
the secret,
a hidden
lover of
a flower
in perpetual
the secret
of the
upon the
of how
holds the
within the
of their
in the
of eyes
to become
one in the
of being
within each
other’s gaze,
for eyes reveal
the drifters,
who sail in
the ocean
of words
and catch
her star-dew,
where she
hears the
they reveal
the lights
of their
own as
time, the
one, flows
her fabric
and they
grow closer
to one, she
upon them
as she
her wings,
they close
their eyes,
when two
had once
to be other
than the
truth of self,
from their
chests are
they awaken
in their
the voyage
to the
the poet
sits by his
and softly
sung “all of
what the
eyes see
in bloom
is poetry”
Anastasia Aug 13
the warm wind filled her dreams, while she dreamt of what she was missing
her eyes shined
and her cheeks blotched
the stars whisper a soft hello in her mind.
her hair gently floated,
the breeze playing with her locks
the beasts in her head nuzzle softly against her skull
she watches the stars
guarding them in their slumber
collecting her crystal tears
to make a chandelier
her shadow twirls in the dandelions
catching fireflies underneath the violet sky
stitched together
as a blanket for the night.
I don't remember writing this, but I found it in my drafts. Written June 4th, I love this poem, and I think I could call it one of my favorites. It didn't have a title, but I was able to create one. I hope you enjoyed, and have a lovely week.
Ally Aug 1
I make a wish
A rainbow of colours
I dream of your touch
Warm and tender

I fantasize about your kisses
I stare into your bright eyes

In my dreams are
In my thoughts exist

I wish
Like a dandelion
Dancing in the wind
Towards your loving embrace
Crown Shyness Jul 19
Wishing on dandelions
Watch their seeds fly up to heaven
"Shh! I can't tell you my wish or it won't come true!"
Anne May 27
She plucked dandelions from the earth,
as if they were ingrown hairs
living under her skin.
For the earth feels no pain,
and weeds only grow back.

Snowflakes melt,
flowers die.
Some things only last a summer,
but she had already seen a snowfall this May.

The life of a yellow plant can’t be fair,
nor can that of a woman without joy.
We breathe,
we pick,

The solid green field is now a reminder of all she wanted,
and all she feared.

Where do they go,
the dead dandelions?
Rot back into the soil that birthed them?
Press into an immortal being?
One thing is for certain;
those dandelions will never feel at home again.

-and maybe that’s for the best
Kiah Gordon May 1
Love is a dandelion
It grows and grows
Slow and steady
Pushing away the dirt and grime of the world
To show their true colours

Vibrant yellows
Burning the air around them
Little suns
Shining in the grasses
In our dark reality

Pesticides and hate try to put them out
But love and dandelions live on
Standing tall and proud
Reaching towards the skies of hope
Proving everyone wrong

Although love fades
Just as a dandelion’s fluff fades into the winds
But new love is planted
With the seeds of forgotten loves
Like all dandelions come back
Seeds going forgotten in the winds
Till finally landing
Creating new life
And love
Damaris ZA Mar 21
I want to hold you in my arms
to shield you from the world
like holding a dandelion,
I want to make sure that the
doesn't blow you away
but if I am a dandelion,
when are you going to
blow on me?
MJL Mar 5
Fescue fields in view
Electric neon butter *****
Scattered glowing beacons
Dot the greens and browns
Magnets for little hands
Tiny feet racing to keep up
A child’s laser focus
To pick and pick and pick
More and more and more
Fistfuls of joy
To tickle the nose
To share with laughter
To put in a pocket
Then nap and forget

© 2019 MJL
Matt Sol Jan 29
A second sun
peaks and flutters
in the color-dust
of virga
refracting light
of false idols
shading skies to
new horizons.

See ya later
with a question            (x2).
I forgot how
to say goodbye,

A second sun
peaks and flutters
in the color-dust
of virga
as thunder rolls
down a stale sky
into the fray
of a twilight.

See ya later
with a question.             (x2)
I forgot how
to say goodbye.

A second sun
peaks and flutters
in the color-dust
of virga
refracting light
of false idols
shading skies to
new horizons.
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