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J Sep 26
a n d
           t h e r e     s h e
           g o e s;    r u n n i n g
           w i l d     a n d       f r e e
           l i k e   d a n d e l i o n s
           d a n c i n g      a n d
            f l y i n g  w i t h
          t h e
wild and free
Blowing on dandelions
Making my only wish
That things will somehow
Work out between us.
Bisaal Jun 20
I was a dandelion
and when everyone else
thought of me as ****,
some **** parasite growing
in their garden of heavenly tulips,
you thought of me as the most beautiful,
miraculous and colorful flower to ever exist
on this Earth

because of you
I kept growing
because of you
I now have a
heavenly garden
of my own
For a simple wish
Count on something to perish
Nothing to cherish.
we take so many things for granted. worth is depends on perspective, please make sure you get to see it in all directions.

thank you for reading!!
arra Jun 10
I have a secret
Told by my mother
The one I will not forget
I have the universe's character

I loved the stars, moon and sun
She knows it very well
Will have it even if I run
Or contract a demon in ****

"If you want it on hand" she said
"plant a Dandelion"
And I laughed at her instead
But she's serious like a *****

Mother have it on hand
A yellow flower with white puffball
And in my palm it land
I'm too afraid to let it fall

"The flower represent the sun"
"White puffball is the moon"
Slowly she blew it with fun
"These floating seeds are the stars this noon"

My gaze follow the seed
As it falls like shooting star
It is my universe indeed
A dream I've reached so far.
Okay, this was the longest piece I posted so far ( I actually have long poems but I found it so boring) and I loved because I used to share with you the secret of Dandelions. I really loved how it represents the three celestial bodies. I remember the time I have a Dandelion in my hand I really said in my mind: "What the ****, the universe is in my hand!" Lols.
P.S. I really wished that the next time you saw a Dandelion, you will not see it as a ordinary flower but a beautiful celestial being.
Haiku Donna May 29
Little daffodils
Woke up one warm summers day
And flew to heaven
Inspired x
I came upon a dandelion  
An ordinary, common ****.
Most people don't look twice
Unless it protruded in their gardens.
Then it is uprooted, stem and head.
Thrown away and then forgotten.
But that **** meant something different to me
It was sunshine and laughter
Bouquets made for mother
It was rolled up jeans
A summer breeze.
Cuts and bruises on my knees
It was my childhood
Memories that I can't quite grasp
But what I can remember is the bright yellow
Contrasting against the grass
my skin it crawls
how often
are you

climb from me
this spiritual tree
feelings of fear
chain bound
by set
listen to me
read past me
past my demise
what have i
from under

trf Feb 21
Imperial ales coerced our high gravity choices one day.
Bleeding, drenched and on full alert,  
I limped from the Tuck's bank to the brewery.

With one pole wet, my whistle was next;
I needed hoppy nourishment, salty pretzels and a stool.

Lacking fish or gear, I imagined it would be difficult
to explain my appearance, but I didn't give a ****; I come as is.

To my 3 o'clock a smoke ring silhouette vacuumed my
exhale like spooling cotton candy from 3 feet away;
I took a breath and inhaled her dandelion seeds.

A tattoo of a paper airplane on her wrist was faded from afar,
yet as she flew closer the ink appeared fresh, 2-3 weeks old.
Her hair smelled of patchouli, parsnips, an Asheville scent.

Closer now, I recognized a look of love or disgust in her eyes.
Can't tell em' apart anymore, as the prior wears a disguise,
eventually becoming the latter.

She asks my name and I ask the barkeep for two double IPA's.

We don't need a racetrack to run in circles anymore.
Seek out the dangerous path, the easy one's have cattle trails.
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