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Phia Oct 2023
I’ve resorted to making wishes on dandelions
For miracles
I know
Will never come
Maria Lumbreras Jul 2023
It was the way he spoke to me
I hadn’t heard his voice
I could imagine it though..
The way he would express himself
That’s something I adored

I had the chance to met him
Without thinking too much, I said yes
For some reason he was the only one I wanted to see and befriend

Each message he would send
Would make me feel like a dandelion
I would never leave them unread
All I knew was that I felt different

Like if I was in a field of flowers , Feeling the breeze of the wind
Picking me up and blowing me away Into the air, making spins
As if my wish came true
Dancing like a ballerina
Taking me places I’ve never been to

I remember the smile he carried
I didn’t expect it when we met
But his eyes captivated me
Ever since then, I never felt obligated

I was fascinated by him
I knew one thing for sure
He created a new feeling in me
I wanted to explore it, but not alone
I’ve had done some self-healing
But he managed to steal my heart

I’m not upset about it..
He managed to take good care of it
His touch is magical
I can’t fully explain it
Touched my heart, soul and mind

The way he looks at me
Sends shivers down my spine
Everytime we lock eyes
I can’t help but analyze them
As the sunsets and the moon rises
I am filled with surprises by his side

I fantasize of all we can be
Ever since the moment,
He wrapped his arm around my neck
The first day we met
I knew I had given him the keys
To my heart without knowing

Every since we held hands
I never wanted anything else
But his whispers into my ears
hit each note filled with love
And I love that , something I didn’t know I wanted, I now needed it

I will never leave his side
In my eyes he’s my whole universe
Without him I’m unable to breath
I wouldn’t speak if it isn’t with him

He has demonstrated he is wise
That he wants to grow with me
One day I promise I’ll be his wife
Together I know we would build a life
A beautiful and pure one

And if I had a chance to met him
I would do it all over again..

~ With love your love ~
I keep your polaroids
in the scarlet pouch
laced with memories of our childhood

I have your polaroid
glued on my journal with
some dried fragrant
dandelions to keep you alive
in my head

I keep you caged in a polaroid
and maybe that's all I have,
that's YOU
neth jones Aug 2021
switched from suns to clocks -
an opportune breeze
basil Mar 2021
the knives that slit the dandelions from your fingers
cut into my sleep and burn the insides of my eyelids black
i know it isn't the same hurt, but that hurts more
all i wanted was to paint your fingertips gold
but they bleed red rose petals in my nightmares and
wake me too late

the memories draping over your face like a bridal veil
don't hide your tears from me
please let me take them from your head
your past has an ugly face
full of broken promises that made a little girl grow old too fast
don't keep your pain in your pockets in place of your dandelions

i know this is why i learned how to sew
at the time i thought it was so i could quilt my thoughts together
in a way that made sense
but seeing your bleeding fingers in my dreams made me realize
that my needle wasn't for the fabric i bought
it was for skin and bone and bleeding hearts that mean more to me than gold
i'll fight your demons with my fists as long as you promise to wear the flower crown i made you <3
Sarah Lane Jan 2021
We have things in our life that are precious
They are the parts of us
That make us who we are
The things we will never forget
They make us whole and leave a scar
A seed plants itself in your heart
It happens without your control
But suddenly it’s there
It’s a delicate thing that gives you joy
It doesn’t matter if it’s imperfect
But you never want to lose it
Our lives will consist of these pieces
That are like dandelion seeds
We feed them love without thinking
From the core of our being
Without just one, we aren’t whole
Why can’t we hold them all together
So that forever we have it all
Inevitably time blows like the wind
Each fragile seed flies away
We can dance around to catch them
But love was never ours to hold
It must be free to live and breathe
To create and to pass away
Every part of our soul that we have fed
That feeds us and makes life worth it
Belongs to the maker of the wind
The One that is greater than it all
Who holds everything in balance
The core that each life belongs to
That very heart of Love
Saves every smile and tear
From the beginning to the end
And is painting a beautiful portrait
As the breeze blows each moment away
So that when we look back at our life
We see the precious memories
Blessings that never truly disappeared
It starts but doesn’t end bare
Loving, remembering, painting
Until your picture is complete
A dandelion in God’s hand
With every part that made
blondespells Dec 2020
I sail to you through the great unknown
And tip toe on your white lines of gray matter
An acidic, atomic baby light blonde
  with a heart of stone trapped in a yellow rain cloud  

In the syndicate of the hazel night moon
I smell their broken stems of wire
Wrapping my thighs in a sealed cocoon
Dancing in a brimstone fire

Melting in the midnight winds

She can’t wait to roam free tonight
Feel the air flow between the thistle of my thyme    
And find her midtown morphine  
To soothe the demons, dancing in her mind

Dispersing on a front porch swing
I scatter in the wisp of an ivory snow
Break a rhyme scheme, scream for rain
Pray for laughter,  bleed for growth
daphne Dec 2020
dandelions grow
through concrete, cracking the stone
their will was strongest
an observation from summer
Notepad Sep 2020
I once remembered
I was filled with   memories
then were blown away
I gaze from a distance,
Watching them go,
Twinkling as the stars,
I'm left alone
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