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Clell V Sep 2022
You tell me
you’re unlucky in love, with ‘aw shucks’ shoulders
leaning in to be heard over the noise
of a Thursday night Bar & Grill. You tap your finger
close to my wrist on the bar and say
that maybe that’ll finally change tonight.
Your head is ducked, lip bitten.
This is your best performance and
I’m waiting for intermission
to leave
only out of politeness.

Any man who has ever told a woman
“All my exes are Crazy *******”
I thank you.
I thank you for
delivering the warnings from the women
who have escaped you.
“Crazy *****”
you tell me about is
a letter in an envelope, stuck inside
a letter in a bigger envelope, stuck inside
a letter in a bigger envelope, stuck inside
a letter in an even bigger envelope,
and each one
is a message that your ex-girlfriends sent ahead
in the fog after
carrying the echoes inside of themselves.
A choir, a chorus,
a thundercloud.
I want to thank you
for being the postman,
for handing off this chain-letter,
this betrayed scrapbook,
these red flags covered in sticky notes.

You opened your mouth to give me
compliments with worn down joints,
and what fell from your lips
was a package I can barely
reach around.
It’s wrapped up tight in red tape
but I can still hear the women screaming
from inside.
They yell things like
“I’m not crazy, I’m just mad!”
“He breaks you and then blames you!”
“Everyone looks overly emotional
to someone afraid of their feelings!”

You smile and say
I have beautiful eyes, real soulful, kind.
Like I want to take care of the world.
I look at you with my
caring eyes
I want to tell you:

I’m ******* crazy.

You wear what you were to them. You hold what you did to them. But don't worry, maybe I'm only negging you.
preston Apr 2022

There is the core of who it is that you are..
inside of you,  my beautiful ανάσταση

                           and it will never, ever leave you.

When we are hurt real bad..  and in such unjust ways,
we can sometimes lose ourselves--

                                          from ourselves..

But that part of us will never  not
                           want to be found.

We become afraid because the pain from the hurt
has been so bad.

There is a central part of you  that has been protected  
from every bit of that harm--

                                      that is the core  
                of  who  it  is  that  you  are.

    I­n its utter and magnificent beauty,
    it is wholly  unable to be corrupted
              by this less than loving world..

And in it's perfect ability  to see,

       it will always let you be the chosen one
                                                     to find it.

This is the picture painted,

             of you,
                finding you.

please forgive my inability to see
K E Cummins Mar 2022
History carves my sinews and hews my spine.
My menhir-body, my storybook of rock,
Speaks of the long fight. See my shoulders
And their scars, their battered stone edges;
They are sturdy footing on which to stand.
A fire-heart warms my earthen hands:
Saplings grow in the loam, seedlings sprout.
Magma-veined, spitting lava, I still rise
And will not fall. Heed my fury,
For I am one small mountain in a range
Stretching from the present to eras past.
Battles come and go; we remain.
Forests on our flanks, bears in our palms,
We will always be wild.
K E Cummins Mar 2022
The beloved community,
An antidote to despair.

Dark things cause their opposites,
Because when night falls
We must light fires.
I found kindling in a crevasse
And called it hope.

Some things will always be the same,
So we change, we move, we rise.
We burn.
Yenson Mar 2022
They do
have a lot to be sorrowful about
their dark mindset understandable
those that grow and wrinkle
in the blink of an eye
hirsute till even the females spot moustaches and beards
and most males are gifted with little sausages
and no great stamina in use
education is optional and ignorance rules ok
the painted hues are catching up
while hometown losers are busking begging money
its all going south for them
so its blame game all the way
so they make it up as they crawl along
hiding their shame in foreign tags
and their cowardice in numbers
too dumb and weak to excel they seek refuge in bullying
as if we haven't got their measures
and know they bathe only once a week at most
my, my! they do have a shedload to lament
their miseries plain to see
so please excuse their puerile defensive scrabbling's  
they are poor in heads in pockets and in their minds
LC Feb 2022
this day weighs the world down
as we hold a collective breath,
waiting for the future to reveal itself.
we pray to every deity,
toss every coin,
and carry love in our hearts
for all who are suffering.
we are here to lighten the load
in any way possible.
I posted this on my Instagram, but I wanted to post it here as well. I am sending my love to everyone at this time.
William Clifton Nov 2021
Sing your song
Do your dance
Run around
In underpants

Do the things
You like to do
Embrace this life
In front of you

There's nothing more
And way far less
Look in the mirror
You'll see you're blessed

And don't you keep
You shouldn't hoard
This gift's for all
You can afford

So share your song
Give your dance
So everyone
Has underpants
Community, compassion,
Zywa Sep 2021
The song, that girl, touches me
time and time again, although I don't want to
think often of her

That girl without hair comb
without dress, just only a number
on her hand

and Antonis who carries someone else's burden

For whom do I carry the burden
of their lives, why
is their life also mine?

It just has to be for you
neighbour, for you, refugee
for girls and for peace
The Ballad of Mauthausen (1963, Iakovos Kambanellis; 1965, music Mikis Theodorakis; 1966, performed by Maria Farantouri)

Collection "BloodTrunk"

Only my skin
yet sa'em.
Everythang of
His has changed,
His heart,
Her mind, and
Their life is
changed, hurray
We were finally on Cl😊Udine, this is
a new world.
I craved a
want f'r
change in
the world
around me.
I felt a need
of Love, peace,

Solidarity. Agent of change, Concordant, to embrace cuddled   
liberty.  Infrastructure,  there's
need creating
a world we
desired to encounter  
around us. Worldly wane, vale of tears. Nev'r cry hold your tears. For it's full of rain. Mind open Watch bane !
Purcy Flaherty Jan 2021
I want someone that respects my opinion,; and not just my right to have one.
I want someone who stands by me; despite any differences of opinion.
I want someone who trusts me to make all sorts of mistakes.
I want someone that doesn't need me to understand.
I want somebody that looks me in the eyes as we ****.
I want someone that's respects my right to say no it's not for me.
I want someone who is polite; and not rude or unkind.
I want love & reassurance, reducing any risk that's frightening.
I want loyalty and someone who also seeks, this basic remit.

Is this too much to ask of anyone?
A partnership
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