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Keyan R Jan 28
Black dirt lays on my hands
The soil that lays there is where I advance
It smells, its manure
I’m the farmer, the one, the grower
I pick a plot
Think of thoughts
Things go by in and out of my mind
I’m stuck to choose where to plant the roots of time
My time cannot be wasted
Like the soil, the dirt, I taste it
I can taste it in my feet
The ground I stand on
Perhaps I’m the plant that my life has cared for
To water, to bring sunlight, that constant care
To talk, to be there, my life to cheer on

I’m but one farmer in this world of carefree
To be or not to be, I cannot please all, so do I become the enemy?
The land of the free, from which I stand all
Planted my roots, and that I’ve prayed on
I was born here, a seed like others that were planted
I grow out of the help of others, I shouldn’t take the help for granted
Though like others I may fall on the granite…pavement, blacktop, and sidewalk
I make my own way;
Things I may say,
The things I may do

I’m not a bad person
You can tell by the view
Well maybe if you trust me
I’m no stranger than you
Overall no matter by my color
A flower is a flower
At least smell it first
Judge after…
No, why judge at all
Get to know instead of pushing away
That’s really all I’ve got to say
Being a minority in America ***** even if you were born in the States. Completion of the face doesn't always have to match the personality. Customs of that p[rejudice society needs to open their eyes to the truth and acknowledge the change in inequality. But alas that only goes so far, when others who have that strong influence must make the first step in reaching out their own hand. hmm
Whit Jan 1
You never really know anyone.
Need an example? Have a stay at in the psych ward.

The girl who caught my eye
after rolling up her sleeves to paint
started to cover scars until
I showed her mine.
She wrote song lyrics on her arms
to remind her that others feel the same way.

There is solidarity.

One girl with the cute afro
and anger issues
cried after yelling at one of the other girls.
She loved to do word searches.

Who says we are in control?

The little girl who bangs her head up against the wall
to rid herself of the demons
looks adorable with her fuzzy blanket
singing along to watching Disney movies on the couch.

Anyone can be effected.

One girl who had to learn to eat again,
wouldn't let you
hate on your own body.
She could
speak 3 languages
and draw like a goddess.

We are more than our pain.

The people living under depression can ***** the brightest smiles.
We wouldn’t wish these feelings on anyone-
that’s we always want to ***** jokes.

Between the locked doors and gray walls,
we shared stories from days long ago,
we got excited on chicken tender day,
we ran around the gym and painted everything we could-

We are trying to heal.

Next time someone assumes
they know you, but get it all wrong, try
not to get mad,
no matter how hard you have to grind your teeth,
because you know the truth.

The truth that
you never really know anyone,
at the end of the day-
if it helps, don’t worry, nobody really knows you.
Based on true stories. Stay strong everybody.
the disease of despair
hate groups
****** ******

symptoms, not causes
of the brown blood
drained from swines'

gather up your coat
and your hat
for the primetime
in solidarity
Iz Nov 2018
To be a flower
In a desert
Is to be
In lonesome
Speak Bluebell Oct 2018
You were so sad.

It started as waterweight, splashing around the corners of your eyes.
I could see the ocean.
You blinked once, and it was gone. I wanted to ask how come you're walking with your head down. Why are you studying the grooves in the asphalt as if it explains in some ancient text why you're dragging around your shoelaces in a cold September night.  

I wanted badly to prescribe you the medicine I remembered taking when the lips that bruised my soul became the knuckles that knocked my knees down.
I saw the universe in big **** splotches-- purple, green, blue, spinning, spinning. You can't look me in the eye, I know.
I can't touch your cheek, I know.

But I can do this. I can write you a note that would casually show up. I can write a few sentences saying I get you-- I get you. You were alone when the collision of his skin against your temple made the ceiling dance. You were alone when you awaken one cold Sunday with laces torn around your ankles and the roses blooming on your favorite sheets. You were alone when you drove away, thinking that maybe the impact from steel to concrete wouldn't be so bad, it can't be that bad...

You were alone then. Let me tell you; You are not alone now.

I got you. I got you.
tw: abuse. I wrote this for a victim of abuse. Please speak up. We all are with you in spirit. Nobody deserves to be abused.
I let solidarity guide me
no chasing, no idling
just perfect timing between the framing
the snapshots I'll always remember
the regret that I'll never forget.
Preoccupied pressing forward and rewind
I forget that in these moments I should be alone
searching for an altar to pray
to find directions to a way
to bring me out of myself
and into someone else.
AditiBoo Sep 2018
Maybe I'll write something cheery for a change
But then even Edith Piaf's 'La Vie en Rose' is tinged with sadness
Perhaps the thought of contentment is within my range
But mountains of molehills make it hard to see past the distance

Like the artificial light that makes the stars hide further in the shadows
So our hopes become weighed with the anticipation of the bad
And a single disappointment makes all the good crumble like dominoes
And that smile that was pushing through is pulled back by the sad

Maybe we need to stop focussing on the little mistakes
Maybe we need to remember that despite the falls, we still stand
Maybe we need to remind others of the solidarity hidden in handshakes
And that there is strength in the simple act of an outstretched hand

Countries have boundaries and people have walls
Children know nothing of this but slowly they pick their side
Maybe hugs and niceties should be auctioned in stalls
Maybe we should teach our youth the power of being allied

A stranger cried in a corner and others simply walked on by
Then someone stopped, touched his shoulder and gave him a smile
The slump in his posture disappeared, so did the emptiness in his eyes
And just like that despair and solitude were made beguile

We are not a mean or selfish race
We are not wholly made of malice or bad faith
But, confusing it for being our weakness, we hide our grace ...
Maybe we should own it and not yearn in its wraith
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
All those ups and downs

With effort
Moments to celebrate
A glorious time
With the same effort
Some moments to felt
Even when
Being in the right lane

No Prejudice

Here we are trained
How to judge
Getting help of senses
Our eyes are judgmental
So do, the ears and touch

If someone dies
Of kindness
Let them search a scapegoat
Let them find us  

I don’t ask for much
Think for the few seconds
What, If the Stethoscope
Ask for a rest
Genre: Experimental
Jackie G Jul 2018
Some say life is like a box of chocolates.
I say life is like a PUZZLE
You and I
Are the pieces
If one piece is missing the picture is incomplete
Making things(relationships,disappointments,let downs,set backs,loss) a little harder to solve
who would think
a piece so small
could make such a difference
Or a
we need you
it is time to get into your position
To figure out what part you are or where you belong
because you matter
you are a piece to the puzzle.
This was inspired by me just thinking of the world we live in today & how people are separated and unwilling to help and judging because they are strong in a area where someone else may be weak. We all play a part and my weakness can be your strengths and vice versa. With that being said there's no need to push on someone like they don't fit because we all do!!! we all have purpose!!!
It's easy to get angry
and see the worst in
everyone & everything
isn't it?

No one is above the
bottom mounted
power supply
if one is

One likely bleeds money profusely

At the bottom pointing
fingers at the
portions of pie
passed around

Get your pitchfork
Get your rock
Get your virulence
Put your words to work
Put the words to terms
Put the terms to head

Blow the brains

Serve justice upon the lame
Serve justice upon the poor
Serve justice upon the tray
Of silver fear

With the money
Make guns
With the gun the
Money, make or break
With the money
Buy guns
With the gun ****
With your gun away

All these people fighting over
Fences and personal defenses
Look more and more like ants
On this elevator up

As the poverty line rises
The middle meets the bottom
Resources are scarce as it is
Now add to that the opulence
Wanting younger sibling of
The richest parts of a country
And you have two distinct groups
That don't understand how
The U.S. government works
That don't understand mass
Media conglomeration
That don't understand those
Two groups fight and also
Fight the churches for the
Remnants of our human soul

Earth is the perfect farm
Introduce a material form of power
Then put your bids on the board
Watch as the poor and the poor
****** each other for the right
To dive on coins


Down is where we're at.
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