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trf Nov 2021
design your body next to me,
close the blinds let’s sleep till three.

choreograph heartbeats
and rendezvous in our dreams.

rewinding roads above box springs,
your toes curl tight around my feet.

when we esplanade under sheets,
high thread counts don't mean a thing.
trf Aug 2021
Does my darkness forecast shadows,
A high noon noose hangs from the gallows,
Feel the sharks circling shallow,
Swim fast, i'm bleeding.

Peripheral landscapes drape your gilded laughter,
Bronze horizons love alabaster chatter,
Your eyes are lightning blinks faster,
My clouds follow, five miles per hour.
trf Jul 2021
the needle drops,
our record spins,
scratches on my face,
behind a barbed wired fence.

these eery flaws,
where no one wins,
arguing on the doorstep,
about your latest friend.

red lips stick to a pause,
down on our boulevard...

it's time to go to law school,
forget about the golden rule,
children on the playground,
now we're ringing doorbells.

the needle penetrates,
my demons kick in,
these are foggy days,
black silk fits of rage.

my lips stick to a grin,
cherchez la femme...
trf Jul 2021
your violet candle vents
vanilla lilac scents
reminiscent of nights
spent beset by blankets
of silent flower fields
and blinks of fire flies
lighting our landscape love
trf Jun 2021
Winds howl through stricken streams,
From the moonshined mountains spiking Tennessee.
Steaming copper pipes protect like turpentine,
Cherish the soil now, sow grape seeds till wine.

Sweetwater medicine crosses Big Sky Country lines,
And a Capitol drowns voices reedy rhynes.
The Carolines and swamps round' New Orleans,
Spokane's foothills spire like Woodland's Cherokees.

Mushroom clouds swooped ponderosa pines,
In the desert one day it made earth cry.

Oh beautiful, ain't time to flee,
The Jersey Wetlands or Houston's pleas,
Hammered nails, wasted woes,
Build a bridge across contrary beliefs.

Miss Atomic Bomb
trf Mar 2021
when the curtains are drawn
you just never know what's going on
they say he passed peacefully in his sleep
but that doesn't put our minds at ease

i remember his smile, a contagious face
we should have seen the scale tipping
how heavy it must have weighed

another one gone
from the class of o one
our ride or die boy
may god bless his two sons.
rip my good friend. this one hurts, it hurts real bad. i wish i could hug you, the way you used to pick me up, squeeze me so hard and crack my back. and you always smelled like knock off cheap cologne. i'm gonna miss that awful smell.
trf Jan 2021
did you laugh in your sleep last night,
how do you suffocate the fear,
can a dream feel your smile,
do your eyes wake up with tears.

empty bottles by your bedside,  
that friendly disguise disappears,
remedies fuel wildfires,
can a heartburn embrace the sear?

i wish i could say that ive got no regrets.... But saying that would be one more to pile on my desk...
I wish I could say I've clung to time like gold...white lies wear black shoelaces
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