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trf Oct 4
i lasso lightning
i enjoy the pain
it numbs my fingers
it bolts my brain

my smoke rings linger
but the fire fades
i'm drawn to darkness
i'm a long delay
trf Sep 18
the escape that i get
when i take a deep breath,
chest pains cease
their restless wander,

air fleeing trees,
a textured braille,
branches gesture peace,
motors parasail.
even the blind see what's happening
trf Aug 31
i bought us two tickets,
underneath the stars,
our plateau in the distance,
fly the wind with me.

i block the sound of crickets,
muffle right ears with my palms,
alone we bare resemblance,
together we hear calm.

i like to feel your exhale,
warming like summer fog,
let's hike from here to mecca,
have faith in our song.

voyage is illusion,
cannot separate free,
beauty is our fusion,
to air our symphony.
trf Aug 31
"For every lonely lady,
there’s a man that’s just her type.
That’s gonna love her in the
after he loves her through the night,
But not all of us are lucky, no not all of us are blessed,
The world is filled with failures that tried to do their lovin’ best,
And for every desert flower, there’s a dozen cactus spines,
And for every idle hour
there’s a true love left behind.

All of us are children, but not all of us are young,
Some of us are foolish,
and some are just plain dumb.
Even if you are a great beauty, that is no guarantee,
A fish may love a birdie,
but he still won’t climb that tree.
Oh there is no easy answer, there’s no one way to get by,
You may spend your life lovin' Jesus,
or you may waste it drinking his wine.

Oh we’ve got to learn our lessons, yeah we’ve got to lead our lives.
You may be tempted by the devil, or you may always do what’s right.
And they say the soul is immortal, and our father’s in the sky
And He herds us like a shepherd into His paradise.
And if that’s what makes you happy, it doesn’t matter if it’s true,
But I don’t need no here nor after, I’ve got my paradise,
right here with you!

I wrap my lyric on the landscape, I sing my song beneath the sun,
My true love’s waiting at the end
I’m walking along"
trf Aug 11
i breathe in pain
and exhale art
i smoke freedom
to handcuff dark

brush stroke feelings
flit my escape
i shift notion
like fire flies

yellow shades blue
our canvas dies
i am in lieu
do not revive
trf Jul 25
i've been thinking bout dying,
no resolve you'll comply with,
ain't no use to keep fightin,
never dreamed of you.

i spend time in my basement,
a downstairs mind with a facelift,
my body's here you're adjacent,
cannot see your view.

i met a girl in the city,
accepts me for who i am,
tongues like heaven while kissing,
we express our truth.

you fooled me twice,
that's a shame on me,
don't care about my heart
baby it's alright,
but our souls...
they gotta live on.

we would never suffice,
it's the same disease,
we're worlds apart
baby it's alright,
but our souls...
they gotta move on.
4 minutes 3 seconds with a grin...
trf Jul 14
remember when mourning doves
used to loop their song,
hula hooping chorus grooves
flooding dew drops at dawn.

feet wake dancing under sheets,
restless legs stretch long
upon shaky knees
preceding rush hour like fawn.

metropolis blues
beat twenty four seven
like hotels and hospitals,
their pulse.
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