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trf Apr 10
apple red lips
stick to a pause
of silence for once

does not forgive
and lies do not

black pumps
click like horse shoes
fading from
the carriage

another one gone,
the hour glass girl
with a perilous tongue,
whose sand is dust
on my doorstep

needle drops
record spins
chechez la femme
trf Mar 22
close your eyes when
smoky mirrors reflect a fragile soul,
sporadic drips from the faucet
hit cigarette stained porcelain
and you're not in control.

candy corn orange battles
yellow cowardice grips,
over brick roads and white tips
of which you will walk upon.

bleach seeps into crevasses
weakening white ivory,
rationalizing your pores
to blister like sun damaged skin,
your reflection.
trf Feb 26
Our love is like a river
Water flowing out our eyes
These twists and turns that tangle
A never ending surprise

Our love exists in battles
Will we ever win the war
When I take two steps backwards
You take four steps towards the door

Our hate is like an orchard
In desperate need of rain
The withering fruit you dangle
Weighing heavy on my vine

Fast times, pretty things are sowing
the green grass is growing and
illusions are pulling us apart
trf Feb 12
my caution tape series
cold wax & oils, an apogee of scars
yellow redactions cover the senses
four paintings so far
Warwoman's eyes
an irreverent man
the thinking pipe
and estrogen

my five senses
render resentment
and my method
masks the pain

searing pain
my body convinces
poppy seed bagels
to braid blood
blinded from the meaning of time, habit is action without thought or purpose
trf Jan 30
it's a bone dry west
for a cool east summer
i'm steeple chasing baby
from a derby to a dungeon

orange cones on the left
bright beams on a Hummer
i'm flicking off the bird
from nevada to wyoming

get this load off my chest
it burns April like a stoner
i'm a bayou baby
from the streets of magnolia
HA, fuckit. you figure it out
trf Jan 25
i wonder why my nights are finer
pattern pills reconcile illusion
i'm numb with bloodshot eyeliner
Saturn fills denial's delusion

roly-polies rendezvous at diners
balled in chills in a state of confusion
lonely streets hiding like a miner
falling ill is the fate i'm abusing
trf Jan 9
the darkest nights blame the sun kissed moon,
and we're paralyzed by the weather.

above stormy skies we lie fragile and wait,
as the time flies by like our pleasure.

blankets of bourbon, wine & cheese plates,
shooting stars wish us to forget them.

my thigh rubs gently along your soft suede,
answers ask question's forgiveness.
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