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Wanted to take you on a cruise ride, but you are afraid of the waters..
Understanding beyond the ride
xavier thomas Jun 28
“Lol I’ll take you with me
some time
and we’ll watch airplanes
land/fly away
when the sun sleeps
into the night..
I’ll pick you up @8pm
as traffic dies down.”
Melody Dec 2020
Your solitude;
Is about the
only souvenir
I can claim,
From our one way voyage.
Alicia S Azahar Jan 2020
Waves wash up against your splendor,

You part the sea not in the way Moses did,
but with a gentle calmness,

Isolation encloses around you like a never-ending shade of blue drawing you further into paradise,

Your destination is near yet seems so far,

The sun’s rays light up the powder blue sky reassuring you of the journey ahead,

In the distance, a silhouette of land appears speckled with different shapes and colors,

Anxious faces peer out over the ledge anticipating the adventures to come,

Slowly you come to a halt, quietly humming as  you open up with a satisfying sigh,

Lines assemble like ants on the ground, gradually exiting in unison,

The cool breeze comforts you as you rest awhile, patiently waiting for the next journey ahead
The Vault Sep 2019
My brain is stuck in cruise
And sometimes I get lost
Lost on words and emotions
Stuck on what I should be feelin
Head poundin and medication low
My brain is stuck in cruise
Just goin with the flow
Maybe I am addicted
Or maybe this is withdraw
But baby I am stuck
Stuck on words to stay to you
Whit Howland Jul 2019
gentle water
lapping the hull

bossa nova
clinking glasses
a tickle
of the piano's ivory keys
and you're lost

in giant strawberries
of a daiquiri
dribbling down your chin
onto your palm frond top
and shorts while you

swing and sway

tomorrow Ocho Rios Jamaica
but today sun and sea

tonight the crown stars
and a ruby juicy
fingernail moon

Whit Howland © 2019
LWZ Jan 2019
Her spirit shines of skittles
The flavors you taste on a tropical island
Her soul is made of the first blanket of snow
Cold, but gleams so delightfully in the sunlight

When I look at her this is what I see
Something that I could never be
She’s a magnet to the people around her
Fixed like a child to their mother

A fire so easily contained
She cannot be tamed
Nor does she belong in a cage
The purest warmth you cannot disobey

I promise not to control it
I promise I won’t try to tame it
The fire inside of me is abstract to yours
It’s already ignited a forest to flames

A monster that I created
A fog rampant all around me
Rehabilitate my spirit
Teach me how to add color to my bleak existence
Luthfi Annisa Oct 2018
A cruise,
towards a place
suddenly the waves shake me
the blue,
drown me in
hug me tightly
take me between choices
free but lost
sink and die
in the calm that I crave.

Give me time to float
air, pull me
sea, hold me
let me dying
while I ask this
to God,

Can I shed tears
on things that are not mine
can I despair
For pain that is not my body
can I kneel down
on things that I can't have a second time
trf May 2018
The unscrupulous cavalry shuffled aboard narrow lanes,
Cutting in line towards Jager Bomb's tether,  
Cluttered duffel bags concealing cheap champagnes,
Passing cruise ship commuter's ruffled feathers.

With their fake, "excuse me's" en route to the bar,
Coercing the conductor who's been under the weather
With smug smiles and counterfeit Cuban cigars.

Leaving the harbor three sheets to the wind
The cowards commandeered Grandparents pool chairs,
A little past midnight with no foresight of end,
An abrupt brawl broke out, fists flying through air.

A sightseeing whale trip turned into a ship from hell,
The assailants now held in a South of Wales cell.
Have you been on a cruise ship in the past decade? *** is wrong with the public? Forget chivalry it's been deceased for years, and courtesy, ha, they can't even spell it. Tighten up muffuckrs, show some gd decency or at least a little human respect, dignity.  I have one simple rule in life, just one _ Don't be an asshole_That's all.  ~Report: "People vacationing on a Carnival cruise ship this week in the South Pacific had their trip turned upside down thanks to a series of violent brawls that seemed to transform the ship from a paradise into a fight club."
Alex McQuate Apr 2018
Cronin and Richrath accompany me on this trip,
Driving down this stretch of 75,
Driving amongst the clouds and mountains of the Blue Ridge,
Giving off a soft yet intense tune.

The sun has just set,
Giving the sky a odd dark hue,
The rumbling of the jeep is a constant,
Sounds from the old engine almost giving the song certain cues.

The wind ripping through the open cabin,
Tearing at clothes and hair,
The howling it gives off,
Fails to drown out Cronin's cries,
Of his personal philosophy he sings.

Better the brutal truth than a shocking revelation of betrayal,
Hands gripping the steering wheel tighter,
Driving to destiny,
A better future awaits.

Driving to destiny
Being Kind- REO Speedwagon
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