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Prescribed drugs
Sipped with liquor

A lethal cocktail
Genre: Clinical
Theme: A taste of life
Drunk and wasted on illness
Taken in by weakness
Drained and *******
Act like everything's okay but it isn't
Die over and over til it's over
Crying, confused, lost
Scared and no one to talk to
Wanna get ****** up but already ******
Wanna go out but no one to ****
Everyone's gone and I'm all alone
I wanna go somewhere but no where is home
I scream out loud all my frustrations I feel
I wanna go back to my safety shield
Why is my life so difficult
Why do I have to endure this pain all alone
No one understands how ****** we are
No one wants to hear our ******* up explanation
Why don't we matter, why isn't this real
Why can't anyone just understand, that this pain is real

Seanathon Feb 12
It's a cocktail in which memory mixes with sensation and sound. To become even moreso drunk on you. In the remind of those moments once shared, in that certain, southern, American town.
Absolutely beautiful
annh Jan 12
You caught my eye but once,
You caught me eye but twice,
Then popped them in a cocktail glass,
And topped it up with ice.

Vermouth you added first,
And then a shot of gin,
A squeeze of lime, a dash of tea,
With salt around the rim.

‘One martini coming up!’ you drawled,
You slid it down the bar,
And so returned my eyes to me,
Like olives from a jar.

To those who swear that love is blind,
You've surely never been,
The subject of a stolen glance,
From a waitress called Nadine.
Just for fun - a nonsense poem on a Sunday morning! :)
trf Sep 2018
Spinning round a windy ledge,
i kiss the cross around my neck,
these fever dreams replace the likes of you.

Grinning into space, alone and lost,
the dampened linens lie,
     as i wake up,
     covered in fake love.

In my den the china white,
embraced my blood and laced my night,
an amuse-bouche of courses left to come.

The past three years I can't recall,
coulda been fun, but was it worth it all,
i'm a coma patient lacking an excuse.

is hard to come by,
are a stranger in my,
collude disguise.
lost my balance blinded by the darker truth
Solitude Man Jun 2018
I shouldn’t have  
I guess I forcefully moved my things into your heart on parham street
This fool has been celebrating a grubby clean slate
He drank a cocktail before the harvest
After storing his brain safely in the garbage
He asked ‘would you be mine’

I shouldn’t have said I love you first
Now realising that was the pistol to your head
And i jumped the gun twice and over again
This fool stands in awe of his folly
He reads his scribbles of idyllic love poems and ******* dovy quotidians
Every compelled ‘i love you’ will be overturned
My hands over-burned from the blisters
Bitter from the bile from every memory
Though i took my time, I was patiently stupid

I shouldn’t have
Now i’m sat here with this lollipop of regret
Now knowing that every graphic snapshot was because of that same pistol
No wonder why it all seemed strange
I used to gnaw about making you feel like you needed to trust me and love me
I was yet weary of receiving the blame of every kiss, pause and touch
I didn’t realise that the foundation was built on compelled labour
I was to quick to celebrate, but now i know what i should have
Star BG Feb 2018
One part love, and one part gratitude,
makes for a great cocktail to start day.
Drink it, the side effects are
peacefulness, and joy.

One part prayer, and one part compassion,
makes for a great cocktail to sip in day.
Drink it, the side effects are bliss and oneness.

One part hugs and one part trust,
makes a great night cap.
Drink it, the side effects are
pleasant dreams.
Pleasant dreams.
inspired by Lydia poem called one part  Thanks
Svode Oct 2017
I made a cocktail.
It's 40% tears,
30% despair,
20% regret,
and 9% doubt.
There's a hint of hope somewhere in there also.

And I'm getting drunk tonight.
Monicah Kiptoo Sep 2015
Now and Then
It's the taste of cake
And the smell of wet soil
Now and then it changes
To insatiable hunger
And the smell of death
It's a cocktail
Of fairytales and nightmares
In my head
It's love and peace
Chaos and loss
Now and then
It's a little bit of heaven
And a little bit of hell
Now and then
It's you
And then
Your demons
Jessica Pompei Aug 2015
stuck pig
in a tiny house
on a green island
a jungle of
internet a
I run a
grow bananas
wait for delivery
line up
for my plastic
sippy cup
for breakfast
new tropical
prime member
of the Amazon
got to stimulate
my work in the garden
see that
water feature
it’s a duck pond
no it’s
an empty kiddy pool
but on a tree
I’m over it
an antler bromeliad
hunting trophy
a certification
of my triumph
the plot
next to it
my head
in the mail
a miniature guillotine
to repatriate
my body
and tail
still moving
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