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Toxic yeti Feb 2019
With every
Swirl and lines
This makes us one
Of a kind
For fingerprints are unique
And delect
And people should be treated them same.
trf Apr 2018
Embrace your scars,
the off hue,
pigment tattoos we all wear,
innies sunken, outies protrude,
their presence sings folklore.

Traumatic verses,
a melancholy chorus,
accidental riffs,
or a funny fishing hook,
stabbing your storybook.

Embrace your scars,
don't erase their very nature,
line up tall in posture,
when the detective illustrates your picture.
Jonny Apr 2016
So oblivious as you sleep,
I'm getting Wash a treat,
I saw those messages,
The ones you tried'a hide,
Ones you tried'a delete,
With forensics on my side,
It's clear you cheat and lie.
Very simple actually,
With a scan of the phone,
An analysis to read
And I'm better off alone.
Maggie Emmett Aug 2014
You breathed your last breath from the air
in this room;
that threadbare Persian carpet
holds flakes from your skin;
hairs from your head
corkscrew the dented cushions
scattered and idly waiting on the sofa;
bed linen scented with your sweat
the goose down doona that stole
your last warmth;
sleep spit and tears
human moisture that permeates
the acrylic layers of your pillow;
an eyebrow hair wedged in the tweezers;
a clipped nail that flew off
somewhere out of sight;
that new toothbrush used only once;
your flannel and towel still drying out;
the wet press footprint on the bathroom mat;
the talcum powdered slippers
abandoned under the brass bed.
Each moment of everyday
we shed ourselves
shed dead cells and renew -
a cycle of shedding
until the last
shedding of ourselves.

               © M.L. Emmett
Forensic Science programs seemed to be everywhere and I minutely explore my grief in an unusual way

— The End —