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Oda Apr 2021
It is The Way
Of All Ways
That could ever be
For all eternity.
They will believe
The story Of the Mind,
For it is the only place
Where we look back
Trying to discern
What is real anymore,
What can be believed?
Internal reflection
Suddenly becomes
A mirror reflection,
Looking back at us
From This 3D
Bizarre world.
Charles Chiam Apr 2020
Hello palpitations my old friend
You've come to hurt me yet again
Because depression softly creeping
Shows itself when I was waking
And the venom that was flowing through my brain
Makes me pain
Within the sound of silence
Stuck in shadows, stuck in shadows
My tears are seeping through my pillow
No salvation, no salvation
**** my heart, I want to cease consciousness
No awareness, no awareness
And I will finally find peace, I will finally be free
When the blessed darkness help me slumber eternally
Don't waste time on me
Do please understand
Deep in the cage of my soul
I am eager and glad to sleep
The dreams have come to take me away
I close my eyes
I will find peace
I will find my freedom
As I fade
Into the night
Jordan Hudson Mar 2019
(It's a mad world out there)
As I stare up into the sky
I see the whole world in my eyes
Tall skylines and street lights
City dwellers at night
A world so large
A sky so far
Can I reach that holy place
A mass culture human race
Church and the mad wild
Gods along the nile
A sinister spec
The graves must be checked
Midnight run, get out your guns
The wild runner will come
The mad world is gonna end
The sad world is falling in
The majority will win
One last shot
As I aim
All I got
It's the same
This place can be bad
trf Nov 2017
watching everyone take off their head phones,
just to hear me, just to hear me.

on the corner of, crest and woodview,
you couldn't see me, but i was near you.

screaming at the top, of both of my lungs,
not much air left, it wouldn't matter.

feeling like that bell's, finally been rung,
no more laughter, only children's sadness.

   there's a court date coming,
    there's subpoenas in the mail,
      we can all just ignore it,
        but as soon as we will fail.
         there's a court date coming,
          there's subpoenas in the mail,
           this is something we should go to,
            or this world cannot prevail.

all my scars are from familiar places,
give it a name, and i will listen.

shootin' stars, ask for me to wish them,
i couldn't do it, to my discredit.

i'll exchange a book for your Walkman,
happy birthday, happy birthday.

from afar you will see smiling faces,
no more hiding, now you get it.


        december second at three forty two am, with 12 seconds...1988
they made me do it
moziq Aug 2017
we woke up from our dream.
The playground was empty, the swings barely touched by toddlers.

We wanted too be like mommy when mommy is on drugs and daddy can't be found.

It's so hard trying to remember the last time you preferred soda over ***** because soda doesn't make you forget the pain as well.

Can you believe we really did sit on those swings, wanted to watch reruns and drink soda?

Even wanted to be like our parents for a time?

It may look nice, cheerful, and happy as can be but its cold out here in the world and sometimes I'm happy I woke up.

I know that its not unicorns and sugar-pops all around but, there are times I wish I was oblivious to my indigenous home.

Friend we woke up a long time ago but you handled it differently than I.
So differently that you were dreaming again just a new dream.

I only wonder when you will wake up this time.
Virginie Jun 2017
Take me far away
From here
From people
From our country

Take me far, far away
From our society
From this mad world
From everything I hate

- Finally she took me far away from here.
- Who's that ?
- The liberty.
crybaby911 Sep 2015
We're like stars who shines
But later, our light dies
Dispersed as an unwanted material
Oh, what a cruel shame

Society is messed up I tell you
That's who you should blame
Thanks society for killing my light
Thank you for making me want to die.
Steve D'Beard Aug 2014
We have bulldozed the Garden of Eden;
we are nothing more than a parasite with an unending appetite
for destruction in the name of civilization.

Our monstrous monumental achievements can be viewed from space;
we are the cataclysmic legion, the unbeaten ******, the demon of freedom
with the desire to demolish and impoverish the last bastion arboretum.

We are mad and frenzied in our passion;
we are the phantasm assassin choking the very lungs we use to breathe
the misanthrope who carves materialistic thrones to sit on and wait for exalted death while we replant trees in self-centered glorification of hope.

We are doomed and we know it, but we still don't care;
we question science and bemoan nature for wreaking havoc, stare into the microscope looking for answers in the reverent appliance of defiance waiting to find the sparks to eternal life there.

We are the envy, the mistrust, the sadist and the snake;
we squabble over the scraps of apple peel and douse ourselves in ice cubes
whilst far away some African child walks 50 miles for a sip of clean water
we are the plague of mistakes broadcasting hurricanes to entertain.

We have bulldozed The Garden of Eden
now only the snake remains and there is no escape
freely offering the apple peel to those who obligingly accept

our epitaph will read:
humanity stepped back
to be overshadowed by an ape.
We cut down the forests, we fill our seas with plastics and oil, we release harmful gases into the air, we deplete the ozone layer, we ignore climate change and fresh clean water will be a commodity in 50 years.

— The End —