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Ashwin Kumar Dec 2022
After a thoroughly enjoyable weekend
Which involved watching an animated science fiction thriller
Followed by a Football World Cup Final
Which turned out to be even more thrilling
I had to face the dreaded prospect
Of returning to work on a Monday
Yes, the notorious villain of the week
Which can ensure sleepless nights
Even for the strongest souls
Well, the day was actually not that bad
To begin with, at least
After a hot bath
Followed by an even hotter cup of filter coffee
Prepared by my dear mother, as ever
I had a simple breakfast
Consisting of a plate of chapatis
Mixed with some rather tangy marmalade
Thus, I was ready
To face the grind of work
Or at least, I thought I was
The reality turned out to be as different
As apples and oranges
It started with a few phone calls
However, the response was not flattering
Thus, I headed to lunch
In the hope of making some progress
In the second half of the day
However, I couldn't have been more wrong
The phone calls failed to achieve their purpose
As I was unable to obtain slots
For the interviews to be scheduled
Moreover, I was dealing with multiple stuff
At the same time
Which proved to be even more difficult
Than obtaining a seat in one of the IIMs
Time was playing a cat-and-mouse game with me
The closer I got to him
The more he would evade me
As the hours flew by
I kept meandering aimlessly
Without achieving anything tangible
By the time I finally got the hang of work
It was already well past 6 PM
And I felt as though I had wasted more time
Than a certain Sunil Gavaskar had done
In his infamous innings of 36 not out, off 175 *****
In the inaugural 1975 Cricket World Cup
Thus, I was thoroughly relieved
When the day finally ended
Returning to work on a Monday
Especially after a thoroughly enjoyable weekend
Is never good
Full stop
Zack Ripley Jul 2021
They say "time flies when you're having fun." But I don't remember having any fun.
And I know I'm not the only one.
I remember working. Fighting about money. But, for the life of me, I don't remember my kid being much bigger than a bunny.
I remember being stressed in great detail.
I even remember daydreaming
about getting a boat and sailing away.
But of all the things I wish I could remember,
I wish I knew where the time had gone.
Where my life had gone.
Francie Lynch Jul 2021
I have today grown old.
I was never told,
Make every day count.
I counted days,
Missed some years,
My advice may fall on deaf ears
To those who know how to live their lives.
Everyday. Everyway.
It's not easy.
I recognize the mantle
On my children's faces;
See them counting milestones,
Running theirs through the paces.
How do I tell them
Count every day,
and not count every day;
But make every day count
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2021
The best days of my life
Where’d you go?
Time flies trying to fit in
As much as you can.
Sleep barely comes
Running round losing track
Of time.
No one to tell you to stop,
Kind of loud
Kind of subtle.
The best days of my life.
Staying up all night
Not a care in the world.
Where’d you go?
The best of everything,
So little time.
Trying to fit in as much
As you can.
They tell you that these
Are the best,
You never realize until
It’s gone.
Memories of when we met
Memories of when we spent
The night.
The things we got caught doing,
But no one said a word.
Sleep barely comes
Lost somewhere having fun.
The best days of my life,
Where’d you go?
Nidhi Sharan Jul 2020
The grandfather clock ticks away! day after day, everyday ,
it doesn't stop to listen to the baby gurgling, or the toddler screaming
indifferent to the many sounds of  angst and ecstasy!

the small hand of the clock controlling every hour of our lives
the big hand, a mere spectator to the brevity of those moments lived
the silent ticking of the pendulum,
  a call to take a second of respite!
from life, from living, from only "just existing"

I did try to stop time once, held the hands of the clock in my own calloused ones
and that is when the Townclock  chimed somewhere, faraway!
Faiza Ayyub Khan May 2019
He wasn't exactly virulent,
nor was he benovalent.
He was always vindicated
which never failed to indicate,
that he was sophisticated.

They said he was a gift taken for granted.
He was free but priceless.
He was what they desired to have
Yet something which made them crave.
It was said he was an illusion.
Which never failed to create confusion.
In the soft &impressionable mind of their's,
They said he seemed limiteless in despair.
But yet was quick in perky affairs.

Once lost he could never be found again.
He was 'time'.

~Faiza Khan
Kewayne Wadley Apr 2019
I chase every second spent without you.
A kiss short and brief
This being the most meaningful time
If but a moment,
Passing by.
Two arms forever lost in a memory.
The stretch of ticking needles.
Tick tock, tick tock I am back in your arms.
Tick tock, tick tock I am back chasing.
An eternity spent in your arms
Seems like a dream
You know why time flies?
Because it never slows to stop.
When time hits you, it does so with a crash.
It hurtles into you with violent awareness.

Time doesn’t crawl.
It doesn’t walk. Or even run.
Time doesn’t unfold methodically, or slowly.
Time is an event. And another.

The arrow of time is a broken spear.
It’s not straight and not constant.
The present announces itself, out of nowhere.
Time is a measure of suddenness.

Time is revelation.
It is darkness speckled with epiphany.  
Time passes only when change happens.
There are no small changes in life.
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Fie Tarp Mar 2019
I miss the place where it all began

A new adventure to conquer
A new environment to explore
A new family to find

The place where I lived my life

I conquered my adventure
I explored the environment
I found my family

A place is now past

The memories from adventures
The smells from environment
The love from family

This was where I belonged...
Missing the good old days
DiverseLiterati Jan 2019
Time helps us grow,
Which lets us know,
About everything good and bad,
Making us feel happy, sad or mad.

Time can allow us to for see,
Where, what and who we want to be.
Time beings about loss,
But heals ours wounds after our falls.

Time finds us kinds of friends,
It determines their stay until our ends.
Time forgives and forgets our sins,
Giving us a chance to eventually have our wins.

Everything is in due time,
Once written in a knowledgeable rhyme.
Time passing is not determined only by the clock's chime,
But by how we use it in our prime.
Please tell me your thoughts
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