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May 9 · 187
myself urges to understand
with no capacity to bear despair
i try to rest somewhere
between the thoughts
i am unable to sense sweet words:
a full well illusion
engagements with People
Feb 20 · 286
I choose to step on
my thwarted unhappy-self
just before the week ends
I am a cheerful face!
As much I think of myself being
I include the other...
Why do I have such a tendency
all week?
Toxic Optimism
Feb 9 · 591
One hour after noon
in C2 room
Jasmine makes a tonless reading
Nobody listens
I choose the Farewell to Arms'
final chapter
forty one
The last extract is alive
one more time:
"Every thing was gone inside me.
I did not think.
I could not think...
Please, please, please, dear God,
make her not die."
Just the same words passed through myself
Nobody really knows
Tragic events
Jan 21 · 435
Trivia Snippets?
Garlic, Onion, and Potatoes
  (Small List in The Kitchen)
Thyme or Mint
  (Every Night Drink)
Full Names of Poets
  (Long list on The Desk)
at midnight
Jan 11 · 557
A city
   fulls of lights,
a clean place,
its inhabitants have all the leisure
Everyone has a temporary remission
All remains in expectation
humans path
Dec 2021 · 889
Lalaouna Amina Dec 2021
I understand
I have life to live
I ought to make good memories
(With No Remorse)
Family Gatherings
Dec 2021 · 472
Lalaouna Amina Dec 2021
when everybody knows everything
none feels anything
colleagues talk
Dec 2021 · 416
A Pitfall
Lalaouna Amina Dec 2021
to spell incorrectly:
utterances, circumstances,
suggestions, assumptions,
But the terror:
to state Button as Bottom!
answering questions
Dec 2021 · 187
Lalaouna Amina Dec 2021
In the group,
but not of it,
I am about to lose
my sense of belonging—
I almost lost my good sense
of balance.
feeling different
Dec 2021 · 356
Lalaouna Amina Dec 2021
When cruelty tends to be necessity
Man conspires with insanity
scenes from everyday life
Dec 2021 · 1.6k
Lalaouna Amina Dec 2021
I salute his audacity
He stands and utters
'You are pretty'
on my way back home
Nov 2021 · 1.1k
Lalaouna Amina Nov 2021
It is cold, Ginger Tea.
Nothing much, just
I like honest & modest people.
He is not, yet.
at 4a.m
Nov 2021 · 697
Lalaouna Amina Nov 2021
I could not remain still:
It is unbearable to be Somebody than to be Child in the present day world.
myself in the three past years
Nov 2021 · 857
Lalaouna Amina Nov 2021
One of the audience
she is
Observing, listening & noticing,
what she needs
she is
she needs to read more
to act
in cognive psychology class
Nov 2021 · 578
A Student
Lalaouna Amina Nov 2021
I Stick the whole world to my wall
and Notice
things that I almost Understand their real meaning
buying the world map
Nov 2021 · 486
Lalaouna Amina Nov 2021
A working-class culture demands
A Male teacher and A Female learner.
The teacher's framework:
  high, conter, shock
The learner's profile:
  acceptance, patience, tolerance (humane)
The medium:
Living in Britain (besides a whole setting of temptation)?
Visiting Britain (with a firm sensation).
The threat of change, mobility, then?
None (A Home).
You are rich (superficially)?
I am;
I am the most average, common, person you may ever know in Khenchela (I am proud of being Algerian).
in culture and civilization class
Nov 2021 · 390
An Outlet
Lalaouna Amina Nov 2021
And sometimes it is about knowing your worth.
Humble: I only take what I deserve.
Murmur: You deserve better.
a moment of realization caused by one person
Nov 2021 · 491
Lalaouna Amina Nov 2021
We quietly, loudly, live.
We keep on living! Then
that was suddenly snatched away.
Our way of  living is purely beautiful.
Our numbered days are unforgettable.
for the people who have passed before us
Oct 2021 · 285
A School
Lalaouna Amina Oct 2021
Do we think first or feel?
we feel
and that is itself an act
we think
and that is a react
To THINK is a react to an act: To FEEL.
life is all about feelings
Oct 2021 · 68
Lalaouna Amina Oct 2021
In front of me
  I see humans
  not status
That is
Oct 2021 · 343
Lalaouna Amina Oct 2021
I know
you want to feel proud and mainly capable and believe me
I will make sure you feel proud
I know
Because your pride is my pride
But do not make submissive orders while you are dealing with me
Because I will only detest myself not you
Then for me in my eyes you would be anything but pride
every woman experience
(women of the family)
Oct 2021 · 229
Lalaouna Amina Oct 2021
Oct 2021 · 307
Lalaouna Amina Oct 2021
If He ever asks:
I would say:
It is just that you
while I only can
I am not meant to
Express instead of Explain.
to my brother and my cousin
Oct 2021 · 98
A Day
Lalaouna Amina Oct 2021
At 7a.m the house is quiet but my brain.
Memories are digging into my head.
The bed drains my body each morning but holds my heavy brain. And I wonder when I would be able to get out and do something.
What is the way out?
now let me have more time to sleep. Until 8a.m that should be enough...
It is 7.30 the alarm chides.
Should I awake and see what I can probably do or just have more sleep?
I am afraid that there are too many beautiful, happy, moments around
eventually they would disappear by time.

I hate summer vacations...

9p.m my father says, 'you might end up all alone by yourself.'
I thought to myself:
aren't we all be someday?
Then at the same moment my mother replies, 'I'm here right beside her. No worries.'
Then, I am fine. There is my mother.

For the twenty three passed years and maybe even more or for the rest of all this world would last, I want to be comfortable with my own existence.
I want to be happy, very.
at home
Oct 2020 · 260
Before I let you go
Lalaouna Amina Oct 2020
Elle m'a guidé, une fois :

ThP(Théorie du Projet):Tu assistes et tu prends des notes.
TMC(Technologie des Matériaux de Construction):Tu apprends!
HA(Histoire d'Architecture):Tu apprend et tu fais des recherches.
DCA(Dessin Codifié d'Architecture):Tu apprend à bien dessine et amuse toi.
GDP(Géométrie Descriptive et Perspective):Assiste les cours/TD et concentre toi.
DAG(Dessin et Art Graffique): Éclate toi!
Atelier de projet c'est l'essentiel.
C'est votre année.

Elle disait,
"Sous le manteau noir de la niut, les étoiles brillantes dans le ciel étaient la représentation des gens qui nous ont quitté, et se sont transformée en étoiles qui scintillent pour veiller sur nous encore."

Elle était une belle jeune fille plaît aux yeux, une belle jeune fille plaît aux cœur; l'une est un bijou, l'autre un trésor.

Elle était tellement spécial que je me savais pas comment la décrire proprement la façon qu'elle mérite.
Une bien personne unique.

J'étais toujours contente lorsque je la vois parce-que avec lui je m'ennuie jamais.
Quand était ensemble les discours souvent plein de gentillesse et des expériences de vie.

Elle était loyale, disponible et toujours à l'écoute de l'autre.
Sa manière de traiter ses être chères avec tant de gentillesse et de soin était magnifique.

Elle était indépendante et passionnée comme un papillon,
il vole sans jamais regarder en arrière.

Elle savait très bien comment éviter les tensions intelligemment.

Elle avait forte présence avec un courage solitaire pour faire face à l'hypocrisie de cette vie.
Sa façon d'assumer ses responsabilité sans crainte était incroyable.

Vraiment, ça serait génial si elle encore en vie, que la volonté de dieu soit faire.

Je l'imaginais comme un soleil qui se lève et après se couche subitement.
Je suis sincèrement reconnaissante de la connaître.
elle est toujours **** des yeux mais jamais **** de coeur.

Au revoir Kadanya tu as laissé un peut de toi en chacun de-nous.
a farewell to a dear friend
Oct 2020 · 339
Lalaouna Amina Oct 2020
The evidence:
a thickened chest & a dim grin,
which triumph over my strong insouciance.
After twenty two
plus hope,
though yet ungrasped,
the chasm between our scopes has not narrowed!
I glided past you, above the whim of time,
you did not notice.
'We merely coexisted almost met but always messed it,
spinning around like two sides of a coin.'
My resistance,
for once as a raised voice,
importunes the years...
I am inclined to remain unknown,
no nearer,
lest I upset fate.
It is better;
one thing to do that I have never done: send you a poem
(How Do I Love Thee?).
You are you;
I am I.
What is meant to be will always find its way.
a long term confusion
I validate my confusion:
this brat isn't meant to be
Lalaouna Amina Oct 2020
My mother is not just any mother.
On table we are
sitting beside each other.
I am connected to my mother.
My backbone.
I feel beyond comfort in her presence.
She asks.
She knows.
She gives space.
She gives me the choice.
I feel free.
We are drinking tea:
I am talking;
she is listening.
She gives me the attention.
She can read the lines I cannot read for myself.
Words always failed to describe her beauty.
I look at her.
My mother is not just any mother.
It is the truth!
A wonderful truth.
She shows her compassion with no morbidness.
In my weakness or strength,
she loves me wholeheartedly.
Her concern is so real.
Even if she knows about my flaws,
she stills beside me,
encourages me,
and has faith on me.
She saved me!
My true and honest love.
I have always got a full heart
because of you.

— The End —