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Both living and dying,
Awake and asleep,
Eyes opened wide and still so blind.

Ears to listen, a voice to share,
A mind to wander and a heart to feel.
Rarely used, taught to shut.
A technicolor being in a noir world,
A vessel of which the whole universe choose to reside.

The divine in the flesh.
Who believes these are two separate entities.
Or is it not?

Forever a question with no answers,
it is an abstract infinite loop with no alpha nor omega.
Existence itself is a rational paradox
and a corrupted masterpiece.

As we learn that there is no creator without its creations,
and no creations without its creator,

Are we able to exist without the ego or the soul?
To truly live with no purpose? Or is that in itself, a purpose?
Gale L Mccoy Sep 10
made up of wind over wind over earth fueling fire
no water to smooth the edges and clean out the soot
flow down with gravity instead of float to the head
so soak, let the lake fill cracks in the psyche
permeable skin, drink through feet
push off from banks
become the moon in the water
Empire Jul 10
She’s there
Right below the surface
Beneath the pleasantries,
Smiles, formalities
My little secret
My little monster
My undoing
She gathers her strength
As I tuck away the pain
Clawing, screaming
Desperate to escape
From the cage I built for her
I can’t fight her forever
But, I don’t always want to
She’s wonderfully fierce
Terribly powerful
Awfully seductive
I could lose myself in her...
In the darkness she breathes
One of these days
My strength will fail
She’ll make her escape
Finally, they’ll see that
Beneath the persona
Beneath the masks
Oh, you’ll find her
You’ll see
My alter ego
She’s there
Inspired by “Monster” by Skillet

Wrote this a while ago.... not sure why I didn’t post it...
Liz Alvarez Jul 2
Tan with bright blue and purple lines on my wrists
My fingers so ready to grasp what should be rightfully hers
Eyes filled with joy before, now begin to drown in a faze
Blinded by fog
My fingers floating to find a grasp
I'm surrounded in pure darkness
The only way to see is a faintly lit light
A sudden brush of goosebumps slither up and down my tired body
I recount feeling the firsts to feel something again
And feeling
A distant memory only comes when in true need
Approaching the light, it barely flickers.
Hands suddenly touch the light
Grey with a faint of colorless veins barely breathing
I realize these are mine
Suddenly realizing it's not a light there touching
A reflection of myself
These lifeless hands touching my chest
I am a ghost
of what I was
Not my most creative to date, but Ive had to get this off my mind. Questioning the purpose of my life, is taking me to a place that seems to want to take it into action for the worse soon.
julianna Apr 25
Look in the mirror
it’s you
Your reflection is
psyche food
In this head of yours
You will find the strangest lands
Beyond, there lies nothing
But the void

Which, too, has a name
Reminiscent of the way your voice resonated in my ears as you sang to yourself softly.

You caressed my neck with a gentle strength,
and the compounds of time dissolved as the moment took control over us both.

In that moment, I was yours.
Not quite strangers, but not yet lovers,
just two longing humans in each others embrace.

Bound to you by the frequencies which emanated through each one of your fingertips,
surging into my body,
next into my psyche,
and finally then— my soul.
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