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Jemima Mitra Sep 26
Amber flames lick moonlight off your forehead
Upon your beating chest I lay my bed
Your fire warms the jade stones trapped in your eyes
You swallow dark grey skies with your sunrise

And sometimes you will unleash your turquoise
In small dripping jewels I will lick the noise
To dry your face and speak against the storm.
Soon enough you return to feeling warm.

Red dwarf darling, you will blister my heart
Constellations on your back from the start
Have seduced and held hostage my fingers

This love that we share is one that lingers
A supernova shining for a while
Erupting through with your crooked teeth smile.
Carl D'Souza Aug 25
I take a bite
of a ****** and chocolate
and chew
pungent ******
and sweet chocolate;
soft crumbly cookie pieces
roll over my tongue
as I chew;
my mouth waters
and the flavours
of spicy ****** and delectable chocolate
mix in my mouth.
An oval
lude in
the hair
of platitude
with just
an air
to ******
his tea
O madly
in the
sands of
a stump
sure meme
that gladly
fornicate him
but a
sound view
A law in brief
The Vault Dec 2018
****** beauty
With the curly hair
Poofy and floofy
She loved all the stares
Face of a perfect shape
But always alone

****** beauty
Why the long face?
Is it because your grace is all fake?

****** is not.
More like just brown locks.
Face made of plastic
And a body that only looked fantastic.

****** beauty
What a face to behold
But don't come to close.
For what meets your eyes
Is not what is in her soul.
Poetiknjustice Nov 2018
She's the type you fall in love with knowing you shouldn't/a special spice of life that you crave no matter how bitter the aftertaste or how poisonous the root...
Steve Aug 2018
The finality that comes with pain
Puts everyday things to shame
Is it perspective or acceptance
That numbs all other concerns?
In truth I care so much for you
While life robs me of the ability
To help, no matter what I try to do
I'm losing you and my heart's
In pieces and no matter how
Much love I pour in
You're broken and I can't fix that
You're my little angel Ringo
You bushy tailed, ******, beautiful cat.
Ringo is our cat, he's 10 years old and has the nature of an angel and now he's sick, We aren't sure yet what is wrong but he hasn't responded to any treatment. Today the vets did a biopsy and we won't get those results for several days. In the meantime we have him back.
writerReader Apr 2015
"I'll have a whiskey,
****** ale on the side."
is what he says
i don't even thinks he know
what the reference is
James Piccolino Mar 2018
Her eyes were pale, a blue crystallized moment frozen like an arctic ocean, frozen in a moment in time, and a beautiful one at that.
Her hair, a smooth red, long strands of vanilla scented silk.
Whether put up in a bun or let down, there was something about the way it framed her face.
When let down, her hair complimented her smile in a way that can only be explained as upper class charm though being an every day country girl, but while also being somewhat natural in an animalistic way.
Not in a barbaric sense, but a natural set of waves and curls that when combined with her fierce locking blue eyes seemed to grip my heart and aggressively pull it into her grasp.
A sort of fierce sexuality hidden beneath her pale complexion.
A fire like body, hair, and personality in equal measure. I, of course, found her beyond the definition of irresistible.
I am just drunk enough at the moment to upload this restructured version of one of the intros to one of my short stories
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