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When the volcano erupts
they blame the gods,
it's a common theme.

Blood thirst is contagious
as one and all turn to
homicidal maniacs.

Witches, thieves,
philosophers, princesses.
Burn, stab, bludgeon, maim.

See here! The winds
of change bear arms.
Fear and loathing have no friends.

A prima facie they call an act of war.
But cold-blooded ******
is the criminal de facto.

Heathens in chaos
can offer no justification
for unsacred slaughter.

It's methodical
and evil as the Tempter.

A flag to hatred
when they'd given allegiance
upon the heads of their children.

And so, the sins pass from father
to son, mother to daughter.

The acquired taste for blood
will one day claim them too.

These very same kids
will smoke mom and dad
with the same zeal and spite
they butchered the collective royalty.

Barbarism begins at home.
Tizzop Nov 2019
i was brought up to
read books and play the

i am from the heart of the
world you

a place among thieves
a place among business aspirations
a place among the pines

actually like a
postcard however
someday a clan of


men came into town
men who took up

between pines and a business park
buildings were built by the
men of the clan:

golden paint
giant offices


men had come into town
yelling in strange terms:

jebi se

unexpected assassinations
executions of local mobsters
****** threats on judges

jebi se!
brate hajde

old methods
new turf

a war began
clan against mob
murderer against murderer
man against man

this place where i
this place among

turned into a war zone
year 2019

corners packed with hordes
willing to die
armed with

pump actions
rocket launchers

this place where i
this place among

turned into a war zone
year 2019
neth jones Oct 2019
on Stage
a peacock of makeup  
the comedian
bating thunderous uproar
knighting fury
turning humour over the belfries
of the overcharged assemblage

he fouls with them
utilizing his vile material
putting together ideas that no brain wants scribe
you create yourself
your twist at his bidding)
you become broken down and ******
applied apart by his gagging speech
and his splintering costumes of mood

the comedian builds from this
until rage
and ruptures of relief

a berserk laughter is result
kettled in the mob reaction
a collective convulsion
a need
more than a mirth
japes dressed in death
have foraged a credible rebirth

his soldiers attired
he has seized his corps of souls
his Mad recruits of Chaos
the comedian pulls out a plastic toy Sabre  
and directs the revulsion
(the Grand Prank)
in a charge against
the wealthy neighbours
(with a deviant tap upon each left shoulder)
Remember when this used to be a bodega where you could by an egg a few cigarettes and some *******?
I only bought **** there
a couple of times
I really went in there for milk or coffee
or an Entenmann’s raspberry danish in the big long rectangle.
I don’t remember the brand I smoked then
but they didn’t sell them.

The guy next door in my building had a thing for rich girls with flash cars
who would buy him clothes and other such presents
He was from the OC
and what he was doing in Brooklyn
I don’t even know
He got involved with some local
Through the corner bodega
And of course proceeded
to date one of their women.
The OC Romeo.
Lady Lover.
Pink Lacrosse shirt.
Turned up collar.
Leisure slacks.

I had to tell him once to not slap his thigh at me
When I passed him
on that corner
Posing with his newfound buddies.
And to give me back my cassette.
He tells me he left it out on the window sill
And it rained and got wet.
I said give it back anyway.

Not too long after he was gone.
Both he and his yuppie roommate
I heard he moved back to Newport Beach.
I wondered why he ran
Cuz I know he ran
I had some crazy neighbors in Hollywood
who disappeared
into the Russian night.
Someone spotted them a year later.
Playing with the wrong people.
Taking liberties.
Conning a con.
Your life really is not worth
very much
in those circles
so you’d better be quick on your feet.
Mark Parker May 2019
A tree falls in the forest,
and it doesn't make a sound.

A man yells in the forest,
and local wild life forms a mob.

A man falls in the forest,
and he doesn't make a sound.

A tree yells in the forest,
and we all run like hell.
Because I feel like the tree that falls in the forest.
a brave
boo suit
belfry bat
and gob
for her
*** up
the line
and Oviedo
worried in
romance wouldn't
dire the
leader with
a draw
but this
question not
heard flew
the coup
Steelyvibe Jun 2018
I find myself alone
In a peculiar disposition
A bio chemical accident
Leaves me in this condition

With a hat and dark glasses
Trench coat pulled up collar
To cover my misfortune
The lonely nightcrawler

Foot print in the grass
I walk without a shadow
In the descending dusk
Waiting for tomorrow

The dawn onset of shouting
And someone starts to scream
The pitch fork and shotgun
Are entering my dream

Hiding in the shadows
Making me seem smaller
They will come for me
The lonely nightcrawler
Jeff Gaines Jun 2018





You will be compelled to go to McDonald's ...
on this date and at any time.
As you step to the counter to place your order
you MUST speak only in rhyme!

You can order salads ...
a burger with cheese ...
breakfast or filet-o-fish
Choice of drink is surely yours ...
order any and all that you wish!

Just make certain
that ALL that you say ...
in the spirit of poets EVERYWHERE
comes out in a rhyming way!

Let's show them solidarity
Tell the world that we are here ...
with wisdom and harmony
finding love and facing fear.

I further compel you
to your language you must translate ...
this declaration so that all the poets in the world will know
to do this on this date.

Not just to show them our pride so fierce
and that it isn't just any rumor.
Let's show the world that poets are amazing
and even have senses of humor!

So ... Plot out your order
and what you will say.
Let's go and have fun with this.
Let's make it OUR day!

>>PLEASE<< read this to understand where this is coming from:

I hope everyone spreads this word and does this for ourselves and for our craft. It isn't so much about Temporal Fugue, he is just the inspiration for this. It is about us here at HP and ALL the poets in the world!

We may not share views, religions or styles.
BUT we DO share the most important thing of all ...


No matter the subject!

Imagine the news reports of these "flash mobs", if-you-will, showing up at McDonald's AROUND the world and ordering in RHYME!

Let's bring our love for others AND our craft to the WORLD!


Good Times INDEED!


Louisa Coller May 2018
"I don't like it, do it again!",
she spouts and hurls out to her men.

"It's different, abnormal, strange you see!",
that's what he shouted at me.

Why must someone be in such need to yell?
Well can't you tell?

They complain and complain until they finally zip up,
come on now! Don't be such tough luck!
It's different! It's strange? Something new you scream!

I have a little word for you,
called 'individuality'.
Why when a group of people share one singular opinion, they refuse to acknowledge another, even when they disagree?
Simon Woodstock Mar 2018
Slowly I awaken
I am hanging upside down in the center of a room
the floor and surrounding furniture is covered in plastic
karma catches us all
I was on my way to Vegas to start over
to fund my life change I started robbing mob safe houses along the way figured i'd be a new man before they caught me
I was wrong
The drugs wear off and I feel every blow all at once and pains ignites like a 4th of July ceremony all over making me cringe and yell out in agony
Just like that my screams of pain usher in this 6'8 Russian guy with a baseball bat
"no one can hear you" says the russian
"*******!' I scream defiantly
he walks over with the bat he hand lines up his swing and like barry bonds on a good day I feel that Louisville slugger shatter my ribs more then they already were sending me weeping in pain holding blood in my mouth
"no one is gonna come save you either gingerbread man"
his phone rings and his smile disappears he vanishes to the other room leaving me to my agony so close yet so far away
I was almost free
The Russian wall returns a few minutes later with the last face I could hope to see Vincent cauldron his friends called him Vinnie
His enemies usually didn't live long enough to call him anything
he came directly to me
"nothing personal kid you just ****** up" he said coldly
he pulls out a pistol and hits me in the temple with it
after he orders the Russian to cut me down I collapse on the floor and feel my insides fall apart while blood leaks from my face
"let me go" I yell with the last of my strength
"afraid not bud you stole too much to be forgiven"
Vinnie continues "but if you like i'll try to not enjoy it as much as the last time I had to do this" I feel all the hope leave my soul and I begin to accept my fate
This is it  the end of the show
I begin to turn cold and daze off only to reawaken to the sound of a buzz saw at once I begin screaming with everything I had left
My voice was wasted no one was around to save me and I was about to die shortly
before I can finish my thought I feel a butcher knife skate across my throat with ease
I stop screaming
I collapse back on the ground and let myself bleed out vinnie and the Russian set fire to the room and leave me to die alone
"maybe in the next life you won't be such a **** up" Vinnie tells me before he leaves
As the fire gets closer and my blood soaks the plastic I think about every path not taken and the lovers you left behind
Nothing Matters
In my last moments I smile because **** it
who wants to live forever
I literally just let my mind wander and this was the result
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