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I am a bit in the past
and in the present
were there always
And we are still a just.
You wait that one car when all bodies come home.
You wait somehow
There is clouds,
tender Sun light
and trees weathering with the wind
Yet the mounties are
You wait.
It was a heavy weather. We barely could breathe.
It is a grey weather. We just breathe.
We never talked but to ourselves.
A lot.
Gloom searches for Lights but never finds them.
Whom to blame but the oneself?
then you come back after a long road home
It is winter time
looking gorgeous, outstanding female
wearing a chivalrous black outfit
with a wavy black hair, smells as wild flowers
A wooly pink flower scarf around your long neck
adds kindness to the cold
Now you think of having a partner but
there wouldn't be one for you are wearing a chivalrous black outfit
standing on your solitary sturdy feet
It suits you
aiming to be pretty smart too
When a person understands his own way of thinking
he can be a relieved being:

The worst feeling for a human being to feel is fear

People always seek safety, tranquility, security to not get to know fear again


My biggest fear is my heart stops working
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