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Aurora Sep 28
Thank You

For everything you've taught me
Through these short years
For believing in me
When even I didn't
For providing me with an outlet
And positive feedback

Teachers deserve more appreciation than they get
And I just want it to be known
That I'll miss this choir
This class where I've felt loved
This home that you've made
Within these school walls

Thank You
­This poem is self translated version of my Hindi language poem titled " अपराधबोध" published in pratilipi (Feb. 2019)
Can be read through the link ==>>

Today all of Sudden, I do remember again
The time that has elapsed since long
The bygone lovely childhood
The yesterday that has passed
The good old childhood friends.
I do remember some blurred faces
whose names, I couldn't recall

I do remember my teachers
Still in the same look and form
I remember their scolding
I remember happiness on their faces
I even remember their angry faces
Their orders to stand up on the bench
Their punishment to pose as a rooster

I do remember now
The essence of their teachings
I followed all their teachings
But I had to suffer a lot
So, I packed them all tied them in a knot
And thrown them all into the trash can.

This is not an allegation against my teachers
That their teachings are not valuable
But, I discovered, I was not capable
To follow their valuable teachings.
In this modern era of practicality
There is no respect for human values
Human values have been deteriorated
Due to changing definitions of the words
The whole dictionary has changed.

I admit I have committed crime against my teachers
Since I left the righteous path shown by them
And followed another easy path on my own
But what else could I have done?
I had no power to change the present era -
I alone do not have the courage to be an era-rebel
So, I gave up the right path and followed another one

But may be, inspite of this  
my teacher may forgive me
But can I forgive myself?
No! Not at alI, I don't have this right
After getting pardon from my teacher
The gravity of my crime doesn't decreases

So by the way if my teachers pardon me
Even then, I can't be free
From the guilt
I must have to live
Bit by bit, Suffocatingly
This will be my punishment
Yes, this will be my punishment.

Sometime or the other, Everybody feels guilty. Do You????
A part of heaven,
Where I started going after the age of seven.
My  schooling started with a loud cry,
And it ended with the same loud cry.

In between I had moments of  joy,
The friends with whom I can enjoy.

The history class which used to be boring,
And then comes maths very ignoring.
Chapters of science which uses to bounce,
And English which put weight on our brain equal to 1 ounce.
The love story of school that ends with a bang,
And then we could see fight between two gang.

Only temple where we go everyday,
To meet the gods who we say
Like if u too have your school life like me
I wish I could just sleep like that too,
Feel so dizzy, I just can't move.
This silence makes me want to sleep,
No little noise, not even a beep.
This cold breeze helps me more,
It would be a nice nap, I'm sure!
How could I sleep without getting caught?
Have heard no lessons that teachers have taught.
Are there waking pills? I wonder,
This dizziness doesn't go until there's a thunder.
Your are neither my sister nor my friend
You can’t be any
Trusted you, like a fool, and you used my heart as a tool
Never mind, can’t deny, it is one

Thanks it’s a two way story
The very tool, weak it maybe as a wrench
Yet a powerful bench
Can take the weight of a thousand forty elephants

Thanks for all the experience
You sure do know to give that
Faking it all as love
Fool no more, lessons they came slow
Learnings this time fast
And sure will make it last

So you see, you’re neither a sister nor a friend, just another teacher and that’s the end
Variety is the spice of life
Teachers we get at the roll of the dice

Sorry, not  very positive thoughts, yet learnings yes !
Don't panic at all
Don't bother at all
What if the buildings are
Damaged dangerously?

What if all the walls
Are full of cracks
Things can be easily controlled
And you have enough money

So don't panic at all
Don't bother at all
Use your money with caution
Apply your mind, use your money

Get all the walls painted
With very nice painting
Paintings of the folks
Paintings of the modern era

Paintings of saints and heroes
Painting of beautiful landscapes
Raise slogans here and there
Unfurl flags and sing the anthem

What if the rivers are di*ty?
Only raise awareness campaigns
Put hoardings and banners everywhere
Do nothing else, but show everything

Just adopt these cheap tactics
You can save lot of wealth
And can spent on yourself
Or can buy more votes with it

Paint the bark of all the trees
Break all the records of shame
Create a new fake history
Make silly new records

What if there is poverty
Just make monuments for god
And ask people to pray there
God is there to listen the prayer

What if there is unemployment
Ask your businessmen friends
To start training centres and train the youth
And make money, money and money

Leave the trained youth as they were
Ask them to create employment for self
Call it self-employment, call it freedom
Ask them to rejoice this freedom

Open new schools and colleges
But don't appoint staff in teachers
Collect hefty amount of fees
Spent that fees on yourself

Also spent some to collect votes
Manage the peoples
Manage the machines
Manage history, manage geography

Manage the media, manage the news
Spread everywhere, fake news
If you do, what I have said
You will be the king again
Sure Shot and Short Formula to become King Again and Again
Do the teachers
Dislike me as much,
As I dislike them?
It would explain their face...
; l
A poem every day.
abby Feb 18
no longer in the safety of these decorated walls
say goodbye to friendly faces in these crowded high school halls

these people were like family for four metamorphic years
the guidance of the teachers subsided tides of crystal tears

hidden in the chrysalis of the freedom of young age
do not forget this chapter as you turn to the next page

the transformation is complete
the chrysalis bursts
we have now been banished to the real world
written on the poet's last day of high school
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