You don’t understand our struggles.
You can try and try but you won’t
One day you might understand
But you DON’T  
There are so many things
That you just put on our minds.
You can try and help but it doesn’t always work.
You won’t always be  able to be there.
You expect us to do our best
And sometimes our best
Just isn’t good enough for you
You grade us on how much we can remember
And you don’t understand
EVERYONE learns differently.
You just need to let us learn how we learn.
You can talk and talk all day
But half the time we have no idea what you are talking about.
You expect me to be amazing and perfect
Just like my parents expect me to be.
Sometimes I just need a break.
Teachers don’t understand
We just need time to not think,
We need time to just back up and take a moment.
You put so much on us 6 classes a day, 5 days a week
And we are learning something new in every class, every single day.
You just don’t understand.
But it’s okay because someday you might .
You might give us a break, You might just stop and look
You might just see us struggling
And when that day comes please let us know.
We need to be told
When we are allowed breaks.
We need to be told
When you expect us to not be perfect
And we can just be ourselves
And that making mistakes is okay.
That is what teachers need to hear...
Angel Turner Apr 23
My best friend
Layed out your heart
Fears, tears and vulnerability
In a room
That should have been locked
Laughed at a donut left behind
Described your depression
A terrifying look inside
And we sat there
Emotionally exhausted
But broken together.
A present to an old friend of mine.
I was a bit dramatic, but it makes for good writing.
Cos Dec 2015
I come home everyday, do your work or the price I'll pay.
Hours on hours, theres no escape, what I would do to start a debate.
You wonder why I come to class, filled with sorrow and so much sass.
Maybe if you could only see, I'd let you into my sweet blue dreams.
Some teachers give students way too much work on top of everything else we need to do. I am a three sport athlete with little to no time to complete assignments while trying to get some sleep.
Wanderlust Mar 25
Bitter Black Hearts tell
Lovely Little Lies as they
Preen and Pose under exposure
with no Shame in their Sinful Settlements.

as the Children with Care and Concern take Charge
they Scream and Screech and Shriek for action,
yet Nothing is done and Naught is thought of
the Tens of Teachers and Thousands of children
as they are Insulted with Insignificancy.
Eric Fraley Feb 8
Here today

Here we sit

Amongst our friends

Our fellow classmates


Teachers and staff

It’s hard but…

Now that so much time has passed

We must admit

The highs and lows

Of these four years

Came and went

Beginning to end

Our time here went by so very quick

As for our teachers

They only know

How in the beginning,

We may have been dim

But with their support

We began to glow

So we would  like to say thanks

Because of you

We’re now able to burn brightly

All on our own

Because of you

Who knows the journeys we’ll travel

Or the places we’ll go

These four years may not have been easy

But that's made us stronger

That's helped us grow

To ourselves and our teachers

We now owe

A continued pursuit of excellence

On the paths we take

And for others

The paths we chose

It’s our turn now

To be the future

It is to the whole world that we must show

The skills we've learned and the knowledge we've earned

It is our time now to take the first steps

Towards our destiny

With our own two feet

For us to do what we have to do

For those of you with heavy hearts

And for those who feel this is the end of a small part of your life

It’s true

But it’s also a new start


In our own two hands is a fate in which we are holding

As we’re getting older

As we are growing

One by one

Our fingers begin unfolding

leaving hand prints on history

Touching hearts and minds

On the road to our destiny

We must now leave some friends behind

But do not be saddened

Do not fret

For they too

Have roads that they must find

We now all have one great mountain that we must conquer

That we must climb

Do not dare give in

Don’t dare give up

They are our own two hands

We must now guide ourselves to that mountain top

We may make mistakes

We may fall

But because of our time here

We’ve learned to rise again

To stand tall

I hope you enjoyed your years here as much as I did

And as you begin the next step of your lives

I wish the best of luck to you all.
Mr. Koon, what a loon
What you taught us last June
Will be forgotten soon
Most probably by noon
Jessica S Nov 2017
My parents always told me
That I needed to be a good girl
To have a good life
My teachers told me
That I needed to study more
So I could be successful
My friends told me
That I needed to get a boyfriend
Just like them
So I would not be lonely anymore
When I turned seventeen
I got sick of the things I needed to do
I cried myself to sleep
And suddenly I realized
Everything I have done
I did not do It for me
I did It for them
It's easy
You should get this
but I don't
I haven't
I won't

Let me help you!
More like let me laugh at you while I fail
Everybody else gets it, why don't I?

I'm not
I am

I guess that's it
Nothing less
Nothing more

There's a quiz
"Until you guys do your job"
Sorry that I don't get it
Sorry that I'm stupid
Is that what I should say when you look me in the eye
Tell me that I make mistakes that should only happen in lower school

Thanks I guess?
He says I must hate math
I say I don't
I just hate him

I hate you too
I kept my mouth  shut
I don't need to say that
I shouldn't say that
I don't

Him and him are so similar
I hate it
I hate them
Ksjpari Aug 2017
Whatever troubles we teachers undertake
We change you to truth from clear fake.
Teachers are doing work hard for your sake
Want you all to be like sweet and quiet lake
Whose water is drunk by all people in quake.
We teachers who work like an object opaque
Who stop harsh and heavy rain at daybreak.
We never care for our brain, body or backache
Whenever we see or feel hurt by your mistake.
What we expect from you is not any fruitcake;
But sincere efforts made by you for your sake.
Though sometimes you were beaten with stake,
It was solely for your own drawbacks to rake
So that I wished to make you well-known Sheik
Whom nobody on this cruel earth can overtake.
So have teacher’s respect for teacher's sake.
Whatever troubles we teachers undertake
We change you to truth from clear fake.
I am developing a new style of writing poetry where ending words of a line rhyme with one another, at least in last sound. I named it Pari Style. Hope readers will like it. Thanks to those invisible hands and fingers which supported and inspired me to continue my efforts in my new, creative, artistic and innovative “Pari” style. Thanks for your inspiring, kind, soft fingers.
Macktheknife Jun 2017
The teachers had plastered 4 letter quotes on the transparent walls of are class room.
this was to inspire are growing minds and motivate at  9:30am to give a shit about algebra.
but much like algebra, very few of us will find these's useful in are adult lives. With quotes like "The truth is like a loin.You don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend it shelf'- St.Augustine.
Lion are an endangered species, held in captivity and are killed for sport.
but ya know the quote idea is good.
we just need the right quotes.
like an excerpt from Bukowski.
"the crunch" would be the just the thing.
I live for the day i see
"people are not good to each other"
"people are not good to each other "
next to a quote from the bible about a loving your neighbor.
The day i see that is the day i start doing algebra.
random thought i had this morning
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