The principal in a cool cartoon tee
His fashion sneakers squeaking across the floor
Sets out candy, pizzas, and canned sodas
Arranges a door prize, and assembles the faculty

Requires them to sign in so he can check on them
Orders them to hold hands and sing the school song
Reminds them they are all one big family
As a preface to his primary agenda:

To tell them to be more professional
The principal in a cool cartoon tee
from LADY WITH A DEAD TURTLE, 2014, available from as bits of dead tree and on the Kindle
Avuncular in his style, jolly and loud
An epiphany with an entourage
Of functionaries who survey the crowd
For any lack of enthusiasm

Applaud they must, wearing upon command
Cheap slogan tees averring that their school
Is like totally awesome and ‘way cool
They leap and bounce and cheer as they are told

Chanting a theme, this year’s predictable theme
Desperately cute, a motivational meme -
Oh, those childish, subservient creatures!
The worst part is that they are the
                                                             ­      teachers
We Are
Of The
We are images/selfies of the invisible God!
Red Brush Jul 15
So rocks, I thought, were not exciting
Then one day my teacher asked me;
Did you know there are rocks melting
Underneath us that we don't see?

What do you mean? Asked I curious.
Yes, there's hot lava in the earth's core
Which cools down to form rocks igneous.
Isn't that crazy? But there's more!

So went on she, and shared for long,
How cool rocks are, as I nodded along.
So now I know rocks are boring as hell,
But seems its facts, makes time stand still.
You must’ve seen millions of us kids,
Starting out so tiny
Knowing just a thing or two about the world
But thinking we know everything
And you look at us and laugh,
You’ve experienced all of this,
And you say, it’s not so hard,
But it’s not too easy

And you take us by the hand,
And show us what this world is,
You tell us there are a lot of things,
We need to worry about,
But it’s okay to laugh,
You’re standing at a roundabout,

You try not to leave us in the dark,
Unless you know for sure we can find our way, Out to the light,
So that we can be stronger, older, wiser, and see what is right
Your face set stern,
But your eyes shine, bright,
Because you care,
And when you know it’s right
You show us your might,
So we’ll not get into a fight,
Once our calm takes flight

We know we’re frustrating,
Loud, uncaring even,
But you bear all of that,
So that we can become,
The driving life force,
The leaders,
Of tomorrow’s world,
Which wouldn’t be so,
Without the parents who raised them,
Without the teachers who taught them,
You will always be in our hearts, and memories
You took us by the hand,
And showed us what this world is,
And that we need to worry about
A lot of things
But it’s okay to laugh,

For we may as well enjoy,
Solving tomorrow’s problems,
And live a full life,

For we realize,
We couldn’t have been here,
Facing all our fears?
But for that one person, who to us,
Was near and dear,
To end our confusion with cheers

Our mother.
Our father.
Our teacher.
In a way this sort of feels like school.
One moment we're curiously writing and passing notes to each other.
The next we're caught and sent off to detention.
I never knew which box you checked.
Maybe kinda sort of.

There's a lesson to be learned from all of this.
Which one I am really not sure.
I wasn't paying attention.
Instead of studying.
Here I am writing another note.
It never really occurred to me.
That while the teacher is teaching.
Filling us with what passes the time.
Life happens behind his back.

The context of how competitive everything is.
In retrospect.
What did you get for number 2.
Or C

Which answer dictates how fast he turns around.
One day soon we'll both know
You don’t understand our struggles.
You can try and try but you won’t
One day you might understand
But you DON’T  
There are so many things
That you just put on our minds.
You can try and help but it doesn’t always work.
You won’t always be  able to be there.
You expect us to do our best
And sometimes our best
Just isn’t good enough for you
You grade us on how much we can remember
And you don’t understand
EVERYONE learns differently.
You just need to let us learn how we learn.
You can talk and talk all day
But half the time we have no idea what you are talking about.
You expect me to be amazing and perfect
Just like my parents expect me to be.
Sometimes I just need a break.
Teachers don’t understand
We just need time to not think,
We need time to just back up and take a moment.
You put so much on us 6 classes a day, 5 days a week
And we are learning something new in every class, every single day.
You just don’t understand.
But it’s okay because someday you might .
You might give us a break, You might just stop and look
You might just see us struggling
And when that day comes please let us know.
We need to be told
When we are allowed breaks.
We need to be told
When you expect us to not be perfect
And we can just be ourselves
And that making mistakes is okay.
That is what teachers need to hear...
Angel Turner Apr 23
My best friend
Layed out your heart
Fears, tears and vulnerability
In a room
That should have been locked
Laughed at a donut left behind
Described your depression
A terrifying look inside
And we sat there
Emotionally exhausted
But broken together.
A present to an old friend of mine.
I was a bit dramatic, but it makes for good writing.
C Dec 2015
I come home everyday, do your work or the price I'll pay.
Hours on hours, there's no escape, what I would do to start a debate.
You wonder why I come to class, filled with sorrow and so much sass.
Maybe if you could only see, I'd let you into my sweet blue dreams.
Some teachers give students way too much work on top of everything else we need to do. I am a three sport athlete with little to no time to complete assignments while trying to get some sleep.
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