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Deb Jones Oct 8
Know me, inside me

Whispering a plea
Let it be, let it be

See me, look at me

Whispering a plea
Let it be, let it be

Speak to me, talk to me

Whispering a plea
Let it be, let it be

Hear me, listen to me

Whispering a plea
Let it be, let it be

Hold me, don’t let go of me

Whispering a plea
Let it be, let it be

Keep me, please keep me

Whispering a plea
Let it be, let it be

Love me, forever love me

Whispering a plea
Let it be, let it be

Love me, please don’t hurt me

Whispering a plea
Let it be, let it be

Please, let it be me
How many of us wish for the same?
Deb Jones Oct 4
I knew I couldn’t stay
I told you so from the beginning
I wanted to leave you smiling
At the memory of me
For the rest of your life
Please remember me fondly
Deb Jones Oct 4
I will never forget
The scent of you

As if you were a sieve
That dropped little bits
Of the potpourri of your life
Leaving memories for me

Your hair
In the Summer
It smelled of Sunshine
In the Winter
It smelled of Wind

Your neck
I buried my face as you giggled
Clean and sweet
The soapy smells of your childhood

You wore them so well

Your hands
Cupping flowers
My hands cupping yours
As I leaned down to sniff

But wait...

I want to tell you the truth
I lied

And it weighs heavy on my mind
Here it is...

Every time I helped put your shoes on or took them off?

Your feet smelled. Like Fritos
Overpoweringly smelled
I had to hold my breath
While smiling as if I was constipated

I know.
What a crazy lie that was perpetrated
by my love for you.

But Oh, God.
Your beautiful little chubby feet
Remember to wear socks.
That will help.
Deb Jones Sep 11
I once lived in the land of fireflies
Watching as they hemmed irregular seams of light in the dark.

Inspiration to the imagination

As a child I would wait
every evening for the magic of them

The minutes between
Fading light and near dark
The Gloaming time
Twilight time

As dark approached
even the adult voices
would drop to a murmur.

All artificial light was turned off

The heady mix of muted children’s laughter
The soft anticipation

The synchronized bright glows
Suddenly appearing
That would begin the dance anew
The trails an iridescent, luminous hue

The synchronized pauses
Waiting for a response

The slightly moist edges of the deep forests of the Appalachia
The large meadows of country homes

The tall damp grass that clung to my legs as I ran to meet them
Hearing my siblings running with me

Spinning in circles
In the middle of their small lights
Cupping them in my hands
My palms would glow

Even after I let them go

I would pretend they were fairies
Sprinkled in stardust
It was a magical time

So full of promise

Repeated every night for the first few months of summer
It was such a magical time
Deb Jones Sep 6
He was a hungry baby bird.
I came with the eyedropper of attention.
Deb Jones Sep 6
I was at a loose end this week
Loose end...
A term used by most women
Overwhelmed by the responsibilities
That we live our lives by
The small tasks I see
Everywhere around me
I go into one room and pick up something
Carry it to another room and see, Something else out of place
In this way I travel in loops
Throughout my home
Overwhelmed by the weight
Of all the little things I do
A life where I fall into bed
At the end of the day
Exhausted by being all things to all people

I have used this analogy most of my adult life...

How do you eat a bear?
One bite at a time
            ~Indian proverb
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