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Deb Jones 16h
“I love you” She says.
It’s important to say.
It’s important to hear
it's the words i don't say
it's the words that i don't mean
that makes loving me so tiresome

it's the love i once lost
it's the memories i still have
that makes loving someone so hard

it's the apologies i never said
it's the fights that never ended
that makes moving on surreal

it's the poems i never wrote
it's the stanzas that were never finished
that makes my poems remind people of love
When you find the place you belong
You will hear a click
Not in your heart
But in your soul
And you will know you are home
There are things
That have to be forgotten
If we want to go on living
Things we can’t share with anyone
On the blackest nights of our souls
It’s a good thing that the will
To live is so strong inside us
When we have the least excuse for it
In the dark
The truth seemed so enchanting
To open my heart
Be completely revealing
But standing in the bright light of day
The truth seems less appealing
So I write it in the notebook of my mind
And force myself to choke it down
  Aug 21 Deb Jones
Sk Abdul Aziz
Despite all the problems in your life..if you think and analyse will find that there are more reasons to smile than to's just that your fears and insecurities fill you with negativity and make you believe otherwise.
Deb Jones Aug 21
Hello my friends
It’s been a little while
I think of you often and hope you are safe
I pray for us all

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