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He didn’t seem threatening, yet I had spent six months fighting the urge to trust him. I was confused. At one time, I’d inherently trusted people, but experience is the best teacher, and even the most trusting child, with enough provocation, can grow into an adult who’s always wary—even as she hides behind open smiles and friendly conversation
Some people are so profoundly depressed that they feel the only way out is by taking their life.

Not to be confused by people that have suicidal ideation and may make attempts to garner a response from loved ones. A need to feel loved and wanted.

The difference is that people who **** themselves don’t see a future without enormous emotional pain. They are labeled successful suicides.
What an ironic label.

The worst successful suicides is a young person that thinks that a temporary pain, that time and distance will provide understanding and perspective, chooses instead darkness and peace.
That hurts our hearts the worse.
I know this a difficult topic and very uncomfortable to talk about. But we need to talk about it. To identify red flags. To help loved ones. And even the most diligent person may still miss the signs. But look for them.
We are made up of a lifetime of experiences, and while there may be those moments and events that change our lives forever, they are still tempered and molded by all the rest.
Deb Jones Feb 2
Your passion red
First caught my eye
My eyes were coveting
Your sleek style

Your supple lap
Is where I sat
I was instantly warmed
As I relaxed back

The smell of you
Is so divine
You are so lit inside
No secrets to hide

I can make you thrum
With one ****** of my thumb
How easily, so sweetly
You captured my heart

As a matter of fact
If I read you right
The book of you
Will make me wiser

I can see the stars
And follow the moon
Come away with me
As we travel afar

Welcome home Lucy
My Sorento Kia
I say, well met
My new favorite mate
A tongue in cheek.
I just bought her 3 days ago
I built her online
I was the first to test drive her and bought her without much haggling on my part
Her coat is “passion red”
With a camel leather interior
Heated seats and steering wheel
A full panoramic top
I read the entire manual for everything I buy.
And it’s a mammoth beast.
I think I have explained each verse. :)
Deb Jones Feb 2
If wishes were horses
The worse pain
would be between my thighs
I broke a few ribs in a fall about a month ago so my yoga workout has been modified for waist down. :) so literally my inner thighs are hurting.
If wishes were horses
Beggars would ride
(Without fact checking it’s a Irish/Scottish proverb written in maybe the 1600s?)
Deb Jones Jan 31
Today I am mourning my mother
on her birth date.
While I bake my brother a birthday cake.
Deb Jones Jan 30
When I was a little girl
I would sneak off to the store
And buy candy with pennies.
The store clerk knew my mom
He would always give me the full price Candy and accepted my pennies.

That candy tasted like bravery

When I grew up I would sneak
From men I didn’t want to be with
I wouldn’t call them back.
I wouldn’t return the texts or emails.
I told myself it was easier that way.
Now looking back...

Those escapes tastes like cowardice
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