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Dennisk Sep 21
I tire of having to fight a lost battle
It's always been a step forward and two back wards with you two
Am I a rag-doll, wired to kindle your amusement?
Do you know how hard it is to find solace in the in-between?
But no, you just go on tagging my weary form from both extremes, right left and centre.
Perhaps I should remind you that I am man, and not a strong-willed divine being--In the end, meant to break and crumble to the earth from whence I came
I've given you my all, so leave me be
to find my way there however I please.
Dennisk Aug 30
I awoke with a broken soul
and a face pale blue
the one with the key
let him in and left you out

I rein the pain to my ego
and let it simmer in rue.
if ever you sow love in  ,
Dennisk Jul 14
My peace is
warped within a troubled state
of what am supposed to be and to what degree

I will fail and they will leave
as they always have from the very start

And I will ***** for meaning
in a world with none

Again and again
Dennisk Jul 8
A beam of devastation brave as an arrow
through the vibrance of my heart
through the overflow of a love that never seemed to add up
I stood feeble in the sting of her words
and sank fifty feet beneath the feel of a raw war
Dennisk May 7
You dont have to be perfect
You dont have to be anything
Just try
And he'll fill in your blanks
Dennisk Apr 24
I am a raspy old voice
drowning in a room of rants
the eyes are lamps of the body,
but they see what they should not
and as a result, the brain is wired to unfruitful thoughts
The heart has always been the saviour of the day
but only when there is a passion at stake
That leaves only me,
the unarmed, broken source
piecing a team together, chord to wasted chord
and I, mangled to the wreck I once wrought
Dennisk Apr 12
It feels like forever
since our eyes last locked
and emotions took control

The memory, O so vague
fades a little with every day that I wake

But my sheets wrap me in your fragrance
and I'm recalled to your casual stare
right before a raw kiss we'd share

The retrospect , O so tame
flares a little with every breath that I take
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