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Dennisk 6h
you lost a smile

somewhere in her eyes

where stars are born and extinguished

where summer chills pass

and blizzards till beauty
Dennisk Aug 4
I see a fracture in time

a void of encapsulated memories

in wind and dunes
Dennisk Jul 29
I feel a familiar sense of dread in my heart for I know that soon, I will once more be alone. I will have to fan that sadness to feel something. Music will be my only friend, but in silence will I truly grow.
I ask not of love again, or friendship. I look not for it, for by looking did I also lose
Dennisk Mar 21
You whispered in my ear a theory of everything.
how you thought fate weaved its strings in patterns of pain and pleasure and how we set sail through these tides and called it life
You went on and on in a sort of an agreeable-contradictive tag of war with yourself, like a mad scientist and
when finally fatigue overtook you and you stopped,
so did the swindling mantras that hid in your whispering booms
that tore down pillars and crumbled foundations where once
peace had flourished.
Theories had turned time into a speck and a speck into a galaxy yet here I was, a billionth of a billionth, worried that my morning coffee wouldn't remedy your words keeping me awake all night
Dennisk Mar 6
I saw red again but this time
you were not there
to bar the darkness that
would set my soul aflare
This time I
clenched my fist like I do and
bit my lip in rue and suddenly
you were indeed
handling me
like a too good dream
your essence O so clean
but my eyes ever too keen
to see red when I realize
you were never even there
Dennisk Feb 10
Days counting
yet here you torment me still
A hundred thousand days more and I will perhaps have extinguished  
the desolate void that takes your place in my dreams
And to the boy who blamed himself for your leaving, I will say,
"She was the change fee to get us where we are going."
  Mar 2020 Dennisk
intimacy is
intricate, the
closer I get the
more complex
the maze
we are standing
still in a pool of
memories and
piranhas staring
and touching
and ignoring the
I want my heart
to be soft and
malleable in your
hands but your
callouses are rough
and my patience is
wearing thin;
will you let me be yours
will you let the pain
be mine?
I’m scared
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