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Dec 2018 · 305
Toni Dec 2018
I am a sculptor.
An artist.
My masterpiece? Myself.

Every curve, layer of paint,
Every shadow or exposed face,

All cultivated. Planned.
Incorporating all I know
And that which I do not know


But you have only a picture.
A photo.
An image from just one angle.

And all that you recognise is
A flat
Two dimensional
Processed scrap of film.
Oct 2018 · 281
Toni Oct 2018
The waterfall runs red
And pools in to my palm
As I try to catch the pain
As it's flowing down my arm

The feeling I imagine
The release which I expect
It never seems to come
And it soon turns to regret

I know there's other options
And that you're always there
So I control my impulse
I don't give in to the fear
Apr 2018 · 318
Toni Apr 2018
I live in my bubble, so safe from the world
Elastic! Resilient! To all abuse hurled
Not a care nor a fear that my life may unfurl.

So safe from the world, I live in my bubble
Happy and insulated - I don't know of trouble
But when my walls burst I'm standing on rubble.
Jun 2015 · 865
Although you are here
Toni Jun 2015
I feel so alone
though you're here by my side,
only an arms length away.
I just never realized
my arm was an eternity long
Mar 2015 · 13.1k
Communication (347)
Toni Mar 2015
I see you
through the window
-sound proof glass keeps us apart.

If only
I could get through.
I know we could share a heart.

I shout and wave!
You glance up... but look away.

so much to share..
But you hear nothing I say.
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
Toni Jan 2015
Don't feed me your insecurities
Project on me complexities
Don't push negativity
Doubt my ability
Don't bring down my dignity
Call me mediocrity
or try prevent me from being me.
Jan 2015 · 908
Dreams (3-4-7)
Toni Jan 2015
Ev-ry day
never give up
not in hail, or shine, or rain.

I'm chasing.
But after what?
I'm always checking in vain

and it's late.
Its getting cold.
Im starting to grow weary.

I fear I'm chasing fairies.
Toni Jan 2015
It's time.

I lay the bricks
- to create the path
to lead me to my life.

For so long, directionless.
But now, I can see my own course
and I'm determined to find success.
Nov 2014 · 2.0k
Words will never hurt me?
Toni Nov 2014
The pen is mightier than the sword
- Yes, you can hurt me with a word.

Broken bones
from sticks and stones,

But i fear a broken heart
when unkind words start.
Nov 2014 · 710
Toni Nov 2014
Who am I? I ask.
I look at my reflection,
and ask, Who are you?
Oct 2014 · 9.3k
Toni Oct 2014
Does Lady Fate guide my hand?
My eyes?
My mind?
My Soul?

And when I try to stray from her,
she brings
me back
on goal?

Does Destiny watch my life?
and guide
me through
bad times?

Does she know it will work out?
As she
and Fate
will guide
Oct 2014 · 9.3k
Toni Oct 2014
But will I come out
A diamond? Or mis-shapen?
When pressure's relieved
Sep 2014 · 593
Toni Sep 2014
No. You are my **seven deadly sins.
Sep 2014 · 11.3k
Toni Sep 2014
I am a dragon
Majestic and glorious
hiding in a cave
Sep 2014 · 780
Out Damn Spot!
Toni Sep 2014
Dirt. Under my nails.
Collected through my mistakes.
Cant scrub off my past.
Sep 2014 · 5.8k
You Are
Toni Sep 2014
.                  Beautiful
   ­               iDeal

            ­      fAir
Sep 2014 · 458
What if? (2)
Toni Sep 2014
What if I was wrong?
What if I made a mistake?
What if I lost you?
Sep 2014 · 2.2k
One Wrong Turn
Toni Sep 2014
Aiming for the stars,
I end up in the atmosphere.
Where the oxygen is thin
and all I can do is try to keep breathing.

Diving to the unknown,
I end up in the murky depths.
Where the pressure is immense
and all I can do is try not to implode.

Climbing for the peak,
I end up in a rocky crag.
Where every turn could hurt me
and all i can to is try not to get cut.
Sep 2014 · 528
What if?
Toni Sep 2014
What if it's  not real?
What if it turns out a lie?
What if... its perfect?
Sep 2014 · 10.1k
Popcorn (Personification)
Toni Sep 2014
Golden brown,
she leaps through the air.
spinning and twirling
flipping and dancing
in and out of time
- no conductor could control her!
to a soft landing.
Settling to wait
with the rest.
*The popcorn pops.
I thought this was a bit more fun than the normal poetry I write!
Sep 2014 · 578
Projection (3/4/7)
Toni Sep 2014
Always smile
Always happy
Thats the face everyone sees

Never Frown
Never upset
Cant show negativity

Always coy
Always hiding
Show what I pretend to be

Never true
Never Open
Cannot show the real me
Sep 2014 · 48.6k
Toni Sep 2014
Maybe its just me,
but I hardly ever see poems about happiness

Is it because the bad times outweigh the good?
or do they outshine them?
Sep 2014 · 1.2k
The Other Half of Me
Toni Sep 2014
You think you know
You think you see
The half truths you're collecting

I want to be
I want to own
The image I'm projecting

Another side
Another face
Not quite what you're expecting
Toni Sep 2014
I lie here
time ticks by me
the Earth continues to spin.

If I stay
they keep going
- people lives, without me in.

If I move
I can join them
become a part of it all.

If I don't
will they notice?
To stay means a shorter fall.
Sep 2014 · 135.4k
Toni Sep 2014
I'm beautiful
You've told me all evening
and will tell me all night
but will I still be beautiful
*in the morning?
Sep 2014 · 1.1k
Toni Sep 2014
Expensive leather shoes oevr painted toenails.
Long legs, muscular, toned.
Rounded apple shaped *** below an (almost) flat belly,
a gleaming jewel in the center.
None could call large, but appropriate *******
under the face - which takes the cake!
Thick eyeliner,
plumped lips,
painted face,
hidden imperfections.
Is this the image of society?
or is this me?
Sep 2014 · 286
Toni Sep 2014
Death grins
A wide, cracked, malevolent grin
as I laugh in his face.
He knows I am not
laughing in his face.
I feel his cold, steely hand gripping my spine.
It turns to ice.
My heart stops.
Time stands still.
Noone, but me and death.
frozen in fear
and lost in his dead, sunken eyes.
Sep 2014 · 5.5k
Toni Sep 2014
I walk with my head down
trying not to be seen
But I can feel them staring
their eyes boring into the back of my head
as I continue down the empty street

— The End —