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basil Jun 2020
sticks and stones
will break bones
and a knee will take a life

tear gas and barricades
will need first aids
and rubber bullets will take eyes

signs and chants
dismissed as rants
and a point that will keep being missed
justice is not just a word.

Myka Jan 2020
sticks and stones
can break my bones
words like swords
hurt me the most
i like to
pretend they don't
Capriccio Dec 2019
Its about all I can take
This woolly MAMMOTH
Extinction at stake

You make me SICK
which flaw will I pick

Your upturned SMILE
with sadness drawn across
for miles

Your metallic
sanguine thick SICK

You are platinum
White gold WITHERED

Metal breaks what
Sticks and STONES
Joz Sep 2019
I took the first stick out of its pack,
light it up and began to think back.
The 'hello' we had back then,
in the airport I went.

I took the second stick out of its pack,
light it up and began to think back.
The type of happiness that has gone for long;
as I realized your heart is a place I don't belong.

Wednesday, 04 September 2019
Arisa Mar 2019
Repetitive rhythms,
Palms burning red.
All in unison, we bang the center -
And hit the drum's edge,

The audience
can feel the rumble
in their hearts:

I miss my taiko group...
corporal May 2018
Let me taste those golds
because Babe, we’re not here to be told.
Bury a kiss on my neck before the truth unfolds.
It’d be your vow to the angel you’d sold.

Take off your watch.
Take off your crown.
In just one touch,
Make me believe I'm the only one.

Golden sticks, holy air.
Drop the lies and just skin me alive.
Don’t ask for a name.
Surrender to a bite instead.

Throw your clothes on the floor.
Leave your name behind the door.
You won't need those until four.
Don't bite too hard 'cause I might ask for more.

She's pretty wise to be fooled by his nicotine tongue.
But his smile bites.
Oh god, It does.
But Babe, you're in the wrong place if you're looking for love.
Madison May 2018
Who ever wrote the poem that goes

“Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But words Could never
Hurt me”

Must have had a good life because for me
The poem goes

“Sticks and stones
May leave a few
Bruises on my bones
But words can cut into
Me like a knife.
I’m just like a mirror
I tell it to you straight
But I’m fragile
And easy to break.
The sticks and stones that you throw at me
Just toughen my skin
But with a shiny knife
You can get in.
My heart is see through
That’s just how it’s made
But I warn you
My heart is not the shatter-proof kind
So I would like it if
You kept your sticks and stones to yourself
And all of you shiny knives away.”
Another way that makes me like a mirror is if you break me I give you seven years of bad luck.
Vexren4000 Mar 2018
Sticks from tallest trees,
Limbs and fingers of a living column,
Scraping the heights of heaven,
And begging for nothing more,
Than water,
And pure sunlight.

Sean Murray Feb 2018
This conservative, Poindexter
Called Charlie Kirk
Grips the nation
With fear!

Dear Florida citizens,
We know you are scared
But safety is almost here

(i guess antifa's membership quota is low, so)

The O.W.L. is here!

The Orlando Worker's League.
They understand the issues.
They are SO FAR from some misguided tools,

Here, read this quote for proof:
"His presence on our campus endangers the lives of UCF students"
Okay, before I'm accused of being insensitive in light of the recent tragity in Florida, please let me explain.
This silly little poem is by no means an attempt to be dismissive of the horror that occurred in Florida this past week. My prayers are with the victims and the victims families. There is a lot of POLITICAL debate going on right now in the U.S. People are in mourning, all wracking our hearts & minds trying to understand how and why such callus events can transpire. My gut tells me that it is not in politics that we will find the answer. It is in a deeper understanding of the nature good & evil that we will find some peace in times like these.  

Anyway, about the poem. (I'll get most of the details right)

So this guy, Charlie Kirk, was recently invited to speak at the University of Central Florida by one of the student organizations there. So what's big deal, basic affair for College, right? WRONG!
It's been awhile since I was in school. But apparently the new hip thing on campus is basically to mess with the republican student groups as hard as you can. I think it's like when frat houses go after each other to show dominance or something..  like a one-ups-man-ship kinda deal.

So anyhoo. This guy, Kirk --i swear-- is the most boring, average, everyday conservative you could ever imagine. HOWEVER, this group, Orlando Worker's League is just going nuts over the fact that Charlie Kirk is going to be at UCF.
It's confusing.
OWL really doesn't want the students who are interested in hearing the speech to listen to the guy speak.... even though they invited him to speak to them...
According to the Orlando Worker's League, Charlie Kirk's very presence "endangers the lives" of all who cross his path.
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