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Marie-Lyne Jul 24
That’s the thing about lived realities
They are not expectations
Nor stereotypes about cultures
They are the opposite of common knowledge
How about we document our life and get rid of these misconceptions?
Toni Dec 2018
I am a sculptor.
An artist.
My masterpiece? Myself.

Every curve, layer of paint,
Every shadow or exposed face,

All cultivated. Planned.
Incorporating all I know
And that which I do not know


But you have only a picture.
A photo.
An image from just one angle.

And all that you recognise is
A flat
Two dimensional
Processed scrap of film.
Sam Kelly Jul 2018
I really don’t blame you
For expecting the worst.
When the friends I thought true,
Could see my name cursed.

But I am no threat,
I am not poison.
And I will not let
The lies that they’ve chosen
Get under my skin,
Or seep into my blood.
Because I know that within,
My heart is good.

There is no motive,
There is no plan.
So please forgive
What you think I am.
I wrote this when I thought I was the problem
Harsha Jul 2018
You & me in San Francisco grown men playing dress up plus nerds
With you on my arms I am immediately separated from the heard
The remaining 10% - the jocks only by chance furiously attending
They gaze then pass at you curious glares
As they aim at me their jealous thousand yards stares  
Stupefied and suspecting what we have in common to share
As you turn heads when you glide gracefully across the exhilarating COMIC CON air;
My fellow compatriots classify you as a beautiful figure that does not belong
A goddess among men browsing the NEW 52 graphic novel stall
As you broadcast your angelic smile while you enjoy this overflowing costumed hall
But all eyes are on you – you are the bell of this superhero themed ball;
My fellow geeks suffer in silence and in envious disbelief
Eventually overcomes as they go through their own stages of denial and grief,
Finally admitting this modern day miracle they begin to ponder
If they are in a FINAL FANTASY slumber
Day dreaming and sleep walking away into the yonder
Then they soon realize and dare for themselves to wonder;
If I - a geek just like them can accompany the company of a beautiful girl
There exists NEW HOPE for them too - that things can take an unexpected turn
From the ashes of common misconception and ridiculed rhetoric    a DARK KNIGHT has risen
Avenging a triumph for all nerds freaks and geeks across the world
After word – thanks for coming to comic con with me, you dressed as the sexiest of Valkyries, since I have always been a soldier and you always been an angel you are undoubtedly my Valkyrie – a soldier s angel.  

The common misconception: just because we love comics does not mean we are all losers who live with their mothers in dark basements playing HALO 24/7- more like intellects that choose to go beyond the average and limited imagination.    

To all the so called JOCKS who discriminate their fellow man - gentlemen strip clubs and big trucks are all good but sooner or later they tend to lose interest as they present the same thing over and over again offering nothing for the imagination the inner child and intellect in you to share.
You know it's funny--
our late nights when we're chasing
the dawn. I think we're waiting,
we're thinking
if we can just make it
for long enough, a big red sun
will clear squinting red eyes.
We're staying up for a revelation.
The new day will tell us
that we were wise
for chasing the light.
That it's all alright.
After all our dark nights.
Dancing our feet off for it.
Arguing with each other,
familiarity breeding contempt,
when it's 3 a.m. and we've been together
since Friday night dinner.
When a demon named Insomnia
whispers to keep our eyes open,
we do it because we don't want to lose.
In the morning, we pray,
we'll know what we should do.
delilah Jun 2018
i have sadly ingrained an old version of myself so deeply in others' minds that i can't be viewed as anything else

they think i don't love

they think i won't love

they think this because for the longest time love is all i craved and all i feared

my fear of being unloved by more outweighed my desire to make more love me

they think i don't want affection (platonic and otherwise)

they think this because for the longest time i couldn't stand others' hands near me

i fear the vulnerability more than i desire the comfort

they think i don't care

they think this because i walk with my head higher than their stares

they think this because it's easier to say i don't

every bad thought and misconception is in their heads
i'm not sure this properly portrayed the point i wanted to make
Ted Mar 2018
"A bubbling brew we concocted,
A doomed recipe from the start,
A hot mess in my room we made,
A sticky residue you left on me,
that won't wash free,
A misstep by my heart,
of something that was
to be carefree."
Osondu Aug 2016
"Lord, if you be at all, be a blade"

"Dance. Nigerians are not sad."
So I must drown myself in loud music
Move my head to meaningless lyrics
Yet, I am plagued by demons of despair
My mind is caving in around me
And I am a mere spectator, yet
"Dance. Nigerians are never sad"

"Choose to be happy. Is this for attention?"
Because I will allow myself this torture
To be haunted by this devil sadness
For a mere few seconds of your life
How grand.

"You have made contracts with water spirits"
I do not like fish or even water on my skin
Yet, this seems like the answer
To the evil darkness that clouds my mind
Turning me inside out

I am ill
Still, they offer ignorance
Cage me for "choosing" to be ill

Lord, if you be at all, be a blade
Slay my demons
Ignorance too
My anger is the silent one. Lurking beneath till it becomes thinly veiled sarcasm. My anger is mine.

Mental Health is Important. Aye, even for Nigerians.
Moji K Jun 2016
god is

but we worship
a black box
in mecca

god is

but we think
you deserve
to die

god is

but we worship
a black box
in mecca

i choose a
veil for i'm
a willing slave

we cry just like
you & i

god is

but we worship
a black box
in mecca

pierce the
wrong veil

but we are not
people behind

the cries of
my brothers

god is

but we worship
a black box
in mecca

you laugh at
a tongue twisted
around your words

but ours still
sound crass
on yours

god is

but we worship
a black box
in mecca
Lukoje Jan 2016
Insanity* is not
doing the same thing over
and over
expecting a different result.

Because I do
a mathematics exam paper
every week
always getting a different result.

Insanity is not
loving someone that doesn't
love you
back the way you deserve.

Because I have
loved my grandfather
each day*
since death stopped his heart.
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