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Toni Dec 2018
I am a sculptor.
An artist.
My masterpiece? Myself.

Every curve, layer of paint,
Every shadow or exposed face,

All cultivated. Planned.
Incorporating all I know
And that which I do not know


But you have only a picture.
A photo.
An image from just one angle.

And all that you recognise is
A flat
Two dimensional
Processed scrap of film.
Toni Oct 2018
The waterfall runs red
And pools in to my palm
As I try to catch the pain
As it's flowing down my arm

The feeling I imagine
The release which I expect
It never seems to come
And it soon turns to regret

I know there's other options
And that you're always there
So I control my impulse
I don't give in to the fear
Toni Apr 2018
I live in my bubble, so safe from the world
Elastic! Resilient! To all abuse hurled
Not a care nor a fear that my life may unfurl.

So safe from the world, I live in my bubble
Happy and insulated - I don't know of trouble
But when my walls burst I'm standing on rubble.
Toni Jun 2015
I feel so alone
though you're here by my side,
only an arms length away.
I just never realized
my arm was an eternity long
Toni Mar 2015
I see you
through the window
-sound proof glass keeps us apart.

If only
I could get through.
I know we could share a heart.

I shout and wave!
You glance up... but look away.

so much to share..
But you hear nothing I say.
Toni Jan 2015
Don't feed me your insecurities
Project on me complexities
Don't push negativity
Doubt my ability
Don't bring down my dignity
Call me mediocrity
or try prevent me from being me.
Toni Jan 2015
Ev-ry day
never give up
not in hail, or shine, or rain.

I'm chasing.
But after what?
I'm always checking in vain

and it's late.
Its getting cold.
Im starting to grow weary.

I fear I'm chasing fairies.
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