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If one is at an obstacle of an imposing sort
or with any other side step made, this state,
to find a way past each of these, in this life's
dangerous maze, somehow without mistake.

It's just that I've always stumbled
when I see that it's so **** far,
way beyond this side of the dark,
someone give me a way to find
the other side in the light,
if that is what it is, if this some
strange curse, a bad plight.

...or is it a greater truth?

Perhaps the "Gods are playing a trick
on me?" Or perhaps there is no way back
or forward. I look back at yesterdays
pain and see it's staring back.

Death is a visage we all put aside until
it is right there and there's no way
to avoid it. Just happen to be able
to keep running...unavoidable,
This and that. Stunning. I will write, I will
work, I will not hide. Eventually we all
have to face it, and sooner or later
we all have to try to fight it.
It's that stone cold that hangs over
you even with vices. They just happen to
be able to visualize a nicer tomb
than was waiting for you. I guess
that was worth all the human sacrifices.
Just thought I'd give it a whirl. It's been a while since I wrote...
Kiohtel Jan 16
The day I was born to you
I was held with such care
You loved your dear daughter
Her perfect visage
Your expectations
Your future
Your fulfillment

I wanted to show you the world
I never asked for your vision
You loved your daughter
Her perfect visage
And rejected me
My expectations
My future
My fulfillment
adorating Sep 2018
There will never be
enough time
for me to ask the world
about how you make me
so much in love.
There will never be
enough answers
to satisfy the universe
about how great it is
my desire of you.
I would give up
anything and everything
just to be able to see
both of the corners of
your lips
curled up upwards,
forming an enthralling
on your beautiful visage.
Toni Sep 2014
You think you know
You think you see
The half truths you're collecting

I want to be
I want to own
The image I'm projecting

Another side
Another face
Not quite what you're expecting

— The End —