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Vexren4000 Mar 2018
Sticks from tallest trees,
Limbs and fingers of a living column,
Scraping the heights of heaven,
And begging for nothing more,
Than water,
And pure sunlight.

Charlotte Mar 2018
You texted me the other day
my phone lit up and
despite there nothing special
set about your ringtone
or about the vibration pattern
attached to your number -
I knew it was you.

Now I’m
chatting with my therapist
about small talk,
tequila, religion
what you mean when
you say you’re ‘over things’
despite having left me months ago.

I leave letters to you attached to
my poems and my work
I doubt you’ll read them -
we haven’t written in a while.

I know it’s wrong -
inviting you over,
but you’ll come to my door and
you can come in quickly before
the people upstairs realise
there’s an unwelcome guest.

I’ll always find myself
tangled in your path,
our lines are forever connected and
our tangled limbs will always
outweigh the mixed messages
in-between my own lines.
B N Bradley Feb 2018
we howl like
thirsty wolves
in the back
of your truck
trying to feed our
appetite with
sweaty limbs and
i love yous.
George Krokos Dec 2017
The spirit of man is like a five pointed star
and was so destined to have come this far.
Take his body stretched out and you can see
how the limbs resemble ends of a star to be.
It's also written he has been made in the image
of an Eternal God and shares the same lineage.

The spirit that resides as the essence in his soul
is the image of God and reflects a divine role.
We are reminded of this when we seek perfection
in all that is done which happens upon reflection.
Every individual soul made has five main functions
and comes with attributes bearing some instructions.

Each soul is endowed with a heart, mind, intelligence, ego and will
by which it's able to feel, think, reason, assert and to then act until
it has accomplished the purpose for which it was thereby so made
and realise it's own true essential nature being of an infinite grade.
This consciousness of individuality isn't its own real goal of course
but used as a means to reach that place of limitless being or source.

There are also five senses by which each soul can perceive
the world around it but which serve mostly just to deceive
because there are many things that are beyond what they glean
which are only the five objects in three dimensional space seen.
There are some other non-physical senses that come into play
when the individual soul becomes advanced in a spiritual way.

There are also five organs of action which are by man used
and thereby constitute those means for whatever is abused;
they are organs of speech, motion, manual skill and generation
along with that of excretion making up the five by numeration.
They're the mouth, feet, hands, reproductive ***** and behind
which are also seen in other creatures of a less evolved kind.

The physical body is also pervaded and sustained by cosmic energy
and within it performs five functions like that of subtle electricity;
as inspiration, circulation, assimilation, metabolism and excretion
similar to breathing, absorption, digestion, usage and elimination.
The sun, stars, space and the earth itself are the sources from where
man's body is able to acquire and utilise this energy for his welfare.

The earth and man's body are also comprised of five basic elements
which form the basis of all this world and are universal constituents.
In a descending order they are called: ether, air, fire, water and earth
and so it's with these five everything has been created or given birth.
The spirit in man's soul endows it with the limbs of a five pointed star
and by the Creative Sound and Light of God has brought him this far.
Written early in 2017.
Sometimes I'm awake,
thinking about all the thinking
that holds me from sleep,
and I lie there and ponder
why i'm lying there asunder
just a little too tired to weep.

Sunlight probes my eyes
come the morning,
a Monday calls my limbs to move
but i'm dead weight not shifting
though the sand of time is sifting
but i'm playing dead, lying aloof.
Katelyn Billat Sep 2017
My limbs are holding on by a string.
They just dangle there unable
To make their presence known.
Or even be helpful to my broken body.

My eyes are blurry with tears
and sunken in. I am unable to see anymore.
All my vision brings me are blurry images
Of the Evil world I once new and belonged to.

My hair is disintegrating.
The strands still left are a dull grey.
They serve no purpose to me anymore.
But still I leave it down on my shoulders.

My lips are a bright pink.
They are my everything.
They reveal the lovely white teeth
waiting to be found.

My lips are the key to my happiness. 
The key to my purpose.
They release the words that no one else can say.
The words no one else dare to speak.

My lips are my anchor to this world.
I speak about everything.
I release my wisdom like droplets of water
in a running faucet. 

My lips are my World.
My lips are my Happiness.
My lips are my Pride.
My lips are my Everything.
Luan Alves Dec 2016
Dont be afraid of the leaves,
Because they fall today
From the promises she kindly keeps
Deep down in her bird limbs
Pulled apart for you
On the night of cries, hot and wet wings
In her lack of arms, metaphisical swings
The part of our hearts that forgot our first breath
In those blowing winter winds

Smile down the path
For there is no truth or doubt
Just got down the weeping Road
Walk and walk, dont shout
And you shall no longer,
With her, be without.
Erin Suurkoivu Sep 2016
What are these bodies, these
limbs, giving up their sap
and heat? Who decides
who dies, who lives?

What is cut down is
cut down, and
bereft children
grow in their place.
It is such a funny thing
how love drifts back and forth
between tangled limbs;
    amongst a mess of sheets;
        through bruised kisses,
             and; alcohol-riddled breaths.
She rolled over
and nestled herself
in the crook of his arms.
This motion
seems to have grown
into the comfort of routine;
a rhythm
that their bodies have created,
quietly speaking the words
that were left unsaid.
"The night is young,
and endless,
and beautiful;" she murmured.

"As are you," he returned.
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