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Shane Roller Jan 29
When you see the curtain falling
Don't try to peek around

Lie down

Embrace the emptiness of your past
And the absence of your future

Don't rage
Fear the light!

But whatever you do...

Don't bring the curtain down yourself

It will come in its own time

Press on and strive
To find something meaningful

Shane Roller Dec 2020
I love that stump over there

I liked the tree...
     But I love that stump

So solid and immovable!
Well, unless I pull it

But I won't pull it

I love that stump.
Shane Roller Dec 2020

     Shattered by your smile

Gone in a ray of light

     Flowing from you

Your eyes can light up midnight

    Turn crystals into coal

Intoxicating Sweetness

     Lacerated with Lust

Scorching me

I long just one more time

To be burned by you....
Shane Roller Aug 2020
I can’t go back
     And make it right

Change comes too late sometimes

You said you loved me
     Then that you liked me
          Now often

You say nothing at all

I miss those words

I miss that feeling

I miss the time

When I was the best part of your world
Shane Roller Aug 2020
Wishes and dreams
    Are candy in the brain
But life is never
     So simple

Flowers are nice
     But a smile will suffice

When you are feeling down

The magic of life
     Is the lips of a girl

A touch of love from your lover
And the sweet sensation
     Of the glow in her eyes

When she wants you

Shane Roller Jul 2020
Dancing alone
     Under a midnight sky

I cry

Screaming your name
     Emotions burning
          In my mind

Searing doubts
     And blistering shame

So insane
     That someone so far away

Is so hard
To let go
Shane Roller May 2020
Precious Girl
Enchanting my mind
Eternally sweet
So pure and kind

Enrapturing me
Each day anew
Flowing through me
Devastating and true

Consuming me
In a blissful flame
I lie in my bed
And whisper  your name
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