Historians and history buffs spellbound. Who was Nefertiti? Who was to be Angelina BBA nick named Ginny and what happened? Another Nefertiti?
Regrew her wings on HP?
Never a wife, always a father- mother, queenbee, beauty icon, punisher, pharaoh?
Kidnapped tortured survivor?
There's plenty to learn about this mystic Perhupetcha Mexican Ametican Methodist female
Because Angelina San-Gutier is also Bba can be depicted with a pharaoh’s crown,
In any case, inscriptions depict a queenbee a new eve
Angelina with a nick name of Ginny was to be an equal in power world changer to Queen Nefertiti
Angelina born in the land of Pyramids in Mexican land

There exists varying speculation about the circumstances that depict Angelina as an Angel or Adulteter but she was neither.
Angelina, unlike Nefertity, Angelina doesn't have any blank eye fold look
Angelina was blindfolded though but not anymore she sees it all

Angelina Queen of Kemah
knows who loved her and who  did not.
Who is Angelina-Bba Ginny? Who was really Nefertiti?
Things in common
Hereditary Princess?
Great of Praises.Lady of Grace
Sweet of Love
Lady of the two lands?
Queen of Kemah?
Angelina Bba Ginny is a Queen of hearts perceived unfaithful a fool
but assassination of character depicting her as unworthy untrustworthy doesn't make envious jealous entities correct in their plot to destroy her
this Queen of hearts lives
never to be forgotten for this poem is her future headstone insignia a sanctified humble soul
misunderstood in her death calm demeanor
a bt christlike born in a bed of hay among mama cow calf lambs goats and her father's loving arms
she witnessed many of her people assassinated in front of her from a tender age of five through age sixteen until age thirty a life of torment
she ditched death by murderers almost daily
in Mexico in Greece and in the USA
Angelina San-Gutier is worshiped and adored by those who understand her and know her
in and out today.
Knowing this kind queen of hearts is LOVING HER.

This unknown queen is lover of life giver of life Queen Angelina
loves others more then she loves herself Angelina isn't jealous without a valid reason
the joy and happiness of others even enemies is greater than her own, this queen's love is
unconditional expecting nothing in return.
Angelina destroyed all evil sent her way you can say she's Goddess Kali- Goddess Angelina
holds on to true love only

Angeluna, Bba (Ginny) as Karijinbba, in four months has one hundred thousand views world wide from HP she's much loved liked and praised on HP.

So eat your hearts out slanderes your difamation assassination of character I herewith obliterate
join it into seol's abyss.
for I possess the sacred holy chalice I am a healer
of the Lord arch of the covenant
inside my heart of gold.
I am light called the fair
and no more death calm but awake as I become ink
only the pure of heart may now follow me.
Describe yourself to me on a poem
I cant wait to get your poems sharing your story
Karijinbba Nov 22
I thank you all poets poetessess moderators this thanks giving.
To one or two foe serpents in my paradise writing uglily to me on HP, I am sorry I had to block you and your friends since I am highly intuitive.
One of you posing as female sent me to your page drawing a page full of scissors! without a word in it very cruel sadistic of her an old poisonous snake from my old paradise hanously destructive. Another a female wrote mocking a woman aborting her child!! Abortion is legal to me only if medically adviced.
Grow a brain write, don't mock or judge me. The only child I aborted was one whose heart had stoped due to massive antibiotic dose prescribed by a butcher because MD he was not. That was my missfortune and your oportunity.
What is it to you anyway to write to me derrogatorily so?. It happened in my teens! Long ago. ENOUGH!
I had to block you. I am highly intuitive and gifted first pure blood RHO negative.
I know it's you even when you hide masked behind this HP mirrors.
Please make peace with your ghosts, head voices or seek medical psychiatric help, many of you need it. Poetry isn't to mock hate assault the mind heart and soul of fellow men and women who communicate beautifully even in their distress but evil won't be rewarded or tolerated not by me, if you play your holier than me role.

Theres plenty malice where I am no need for me to pay monthly to be cursed on here.
Please spread love, live life forgive yourself be genuine, share your true life experiences, instead of looking who to dishonor and hate.
For the one or two females who created an account just to spread evil grow a heart a brain and then tell us how you did it.
we might even apreciate your courage to share!
My past love life with wealthiest elite true love, sweetheart soulmate, twin flame isn't any of your business.

G* d, and cause and effect in the universe are my only judges not a malignant infective fungus poor excuse, a human **** like yourselves who tried to defile me unprovoqued undeserved and unsolicited.
You are forgiven and loved still but I had to block you. I don't reward or ignore destructive behaviors.
To all genuine poets moderators and poetessess be well
Happy Thanks giving this November 2018.
All the best to you all

As for killing a turkey,
for six years now, I forgive the turkey and spared it's life but I still have fun eating all other delights of season's greetings.

also I love and pamper myself
I am my own best friend
so that loving, tolerating and understanding others becomes that much easier and enjoyable.
Happy Thanks Giving
Karijinbba Nov 8
You think?
Just a poet hidden in a rhyme?

No Poet nor Poetess can
describe me re-invent create me
disintegrate or compare me
nor understand me
I am you I am him
I am even all of us
yet very unique as each one
of us is
only one of me on earth
interconnected to everything and everyone by nature
like we all really are!

I do sparkle in my birth chart
with an April's diamond
I am a mystic daisy
Aries is my Constelation
I was born to lead and the opportunity blossomed obscured by great pain and untimely loss.

only my old true love decided to get to know me behind my back using his strange methods as oposed to giving me a chance one on one face to face to
get to know me
impossible to know me through the slanderous affiliations of selfish jealous people who don't have my best interest!
if bad men and women who might envy me or feel rejected by me must help you decide where your heart is about me
you'll never know me at all!
you will be lost in the maze of your own ignorance and lose a chance to know me as a great lover great parent great wife greatest friend that you could ever have.
This isn't any wild thought of mine here. NO. It's my life how it has unfolded how I experienced  great fortune great love great loss rejection admiration
and how I had to heal all alone
because friends came not to me in this life time at all.
Most masculine gender saught only to use me and I got tired of them playing their nasty impersonal text photo **** games requested leading nowhere
Most married women envied me and were sickly unecessarily jealous of my unmarried non challant status and sincere platonic friendly disposition.

My dogs cats crows and raccoons
remained my better friends then any humans could ever be.

My few diamonds are forever though their sparkle never lied steal cheat nor deceive or commit treason,
I tried singles adds for friendship but t.v's episodes of
"Mission Impossible" was
an easier task then finding even a friend much less a husband a best lover a good father
for my kids!
I tried chat lines most men seemed to be functioning through their ****** primarily and heartlessly offering to pay soliciting full trust so long as it was all between two strangers no strings attached, right unto instantly intimate chaotic
dangerous *** games
which I was never into any of it.

So I put my Kama-Zutra brain I inherited from my Mom and Dad inside a tini match box all to sleep.
A husband of my choice was forfeited
and a second one or third of my choice seldom materialized.
so I didn't settled never sold out.

My true love's diamond heart promised stayed in his coat pocket waiting for my
" jealous tears" now scintilates in another woman's finger.

I couldn't like her as a greedy drug user law liar manipulator much less be jealous of her answering your phone.
Much less be jealous of the *******'s calling photo card you showed me so I cry of jealousy and anger to earn your huge diamond ring!
You could have tried telling me
"I love you" then marry me,
filling my woumb with your beloved seed, and at last
stand by me;
  then I would be jealous only when and if, a real good reason to be jealous, existed!

Wasn't I ballanced in my emotions? beautiful in and out being self assured!?
Couldn't you reward that in me instead?
A beige yarn still wraps around my left ring finger today.
I guess in the end even my sparkling diamond betrayed me.

an **** insecure jealous greedy woman won it.
what's left for me are my pets my grandkids and my 41 undeserved unprovoqued enemies to busy myself with praying for!
and to finish my books depicting my ****, my almost paradise
a new heaven on earth
painfully forfeited.
I never sold myself to men never sold out, no. I don't regret it

but I regret not playing one man's game to earn my man back at any cost because in the end I still
very much remain loving one man no matter what he put me through
his kind of love was all worth it .
Welcome to planet Earth
jump into life!
By: Karijinibba/ASG
All rights reserved.
Let's ransom positive energy from one another by understanding each other so we wont miss out on a perfect man and woman made for each other. I believe in rewarding the ability to ballance non destructive emotions instead of promoting unhealthy ones as means for a man to feel loved by a woman
or vise-verse.
Karijinbba Nov 4
Some opine that anyhow
during the gaps of separation affections slowly seem to deteriorate
but the real mystery is that due to lack of physical bliss and enjoyment
relish of mental physical affections become enhensely vivid at a deeper level in the soul realm between lovers apart
and the affections turn into deep accumulated love
highly enjoyable later at the time of re-union
or continuing growing as in cosmic proportions
becoming interdiamensional
unaffected by no macabre chasm
bridges spontaniously
are rebuilt
By Karijinbba
Love transcends all
bears all recalls no accunts of wrong doing becomes sanctified
best love of all rewarded in reunion
of physical, mental and spiritual
nature anchored best in mind
in heart and physically optional.
Karijinbba Nov 3
(My oldtrue love rddJPC)

(your poem to me on HP wtote:)

"I fall in love"
"Death would be liberating.
but I wouldn't suggest jumping off a cliff
And for the life of me I hold on
to shaddy realities,
and an odd feeling of never being enough.

I don't know what will happen


(spontaniety of first thought)
my response 2018
Dearest true love,
from your holy hands
all your love for me
right into mine has fallen
precious twin flame
and here with me it won't die
nor can unconditional love
in my hands ever perish

true love needs not be liberated
as no TREASON ever existed
you just got me ALL WRONG!
you simply didn't know me
for the task you and your brother assigned to me
some lovers being in love
feeling betrayed and hurting
do jump off a cliff
like you did
still others jump into amnesic shocks becoming like I did
I don't recomment either one!
both are equally distructive
ways to end a heartbreaking pain

We were so identical twin flames in our inside thinking modes
feeling small and never enough
for each other!
and both so brightly colored in the outside with Gs light
very rare occurance
a triumph for the finding
worth the fame intended
worth the pain of defeat endured
for the best can only be bought at the cost of great pain and sacrifice!!
my pain went to sleep in an amnesic transformative shock
I have always loved you
and as you see I did jump!
Right into 'death' and 'knife'

in my birth chart both Death and Knife remain a blessing and a curse, such mystery
but both protecting me though!

two protective mechanisms
per the Mayan calendar

Death saving me from 'death'
and knife'cutting' through my pain there becoming
Death Calm!
I am not insensitive I feel love
death needs not be liberating
my soul knowing true love
will rest in peace
with some regrets
I promised our unborn childten that no love fame nor great fortune would be greater then the love I feel for them all
and I kept my painful promise
but it was the end of me

In your eyes
I must have shrank smallest yet
misunderstood I go unless you read me here on HP the final fronteer unless you read
my memoir but we are both running out of time
lovers die in more ways than jumping off cliffs

precious love thank you for loving me
it hurt me very deeply to let you go so long ago
I am the woman who loves you the most in this whole wide world
I could have given my life for just one day though to have understood you
to have known what to do
what not to do,
where to go, where not to go,
what to say, what not to say.
what to think and what not to!
i didn't understand you!
so I feared you
I couldn't fight every greedy jealous woman for your love as the left behind
forgive me please beloved
I felt too small and worthless

I had no idea anyone on earth would love me
much less enough as to jump of a cliff to hurt that much for my life to benefit as new Eve
even changing earth with you
a worlds new adam Back then

I sincerely did not understand what you had planed to do after our loss
Life had only taught me
to feel insignificantly tini especially when being taunted
mistreated and challenged
abandonement syndrome
was my demise
your mind games and head riddles smothered my dreams
of you me for us

loving you more than
I loved myself was understood
very well that's what life
had taught me to do
to let go of everything I ever loved the most
when all life did was take chunks of my family and my life.
You were life's reward to me
without you by my side
I became speechless Dead Calm
stump like on Mothers day.

'sorry' can't depict the black hole that has swallowed you
and me apart
nor pain depict the bottomless pit that living without you is

I too fell into my death
heartbroken as you announced
a JaneHilton freeway driving
in oposite directions was agony when in your letter
you wrote you had a wife!

I fell into the abyss and I died
I was only nineteen then

Then came **** getting me stranded at the fork road
all the way to **** Greece

smily kind penpal demons helped me up a plane ticket

two in all even married me not to avert authorities of my impending death with their treacherous agendas
as was much of my life on earth.

I am glad we met
glad we loved each other
near or far
in G
s hands we both are.
True love and unconditional love never dies.
I promissed our two children who died that no love fame nor great fortune would ever be greater then the love I feel for them
there I went into an amnesic shock and transformed into a human butterfly
I divided into two of me
one hidden loving you more than I loved myself
and an outer one a DEATH CALM
that only you could rescue
noone else could and noone did..
Karijinbba Oct 26
It was all pre planned
You got drunk by another woman she mounted you
she lied and deceived you she
told you it was me Ginny
the old love of your life
when you found her **** in your bed and as you were going to **** her the **** ***** announced she was with your child in **** you kissed that shameless jealous viper
your getting drunk was your misfortune into the *****
black hole of a greedy **** you weren't even attracted to.
surely love is never by force dear

Denying love in marriage to the one born for you has no reparation neither in time nor in eternity and there karma became
a ***** in the eyes of the one forcing you to give her everything you had for your worthy beloved.
your feeling small insecure
rewarding bad women for envy jealousy greed and malice was unhealthy and ****
for any rich man as the only means to fill important in life.
your alcohol was your misfortune and my **** on earth.

You fell into her black hole
and from there not even your light can escape shes not anchored to your heart by treason whats the grown ground work of your happy marriage?
my heartache and heartbreak? my pain and suffering?

the heart face and body of a ****** is your demise when she violates your trust again she'll be smiling all the way to the bank there you'll know that
a greedy envious vampire and a
shameless thief are utterly
bad unacceptable company.
You'll still see my star, my moon my sun, my night and my day and remember our fireworks
my twinklin' starry eyes
ever feeling ever knowing
where your heart spirit soul E.T. really belong.
By Karijinbba
All rights reserved
Do not repost thanks.
"Till death do you part."
..waiting. No jealousy here at all
I know my true hearts worth.
Karijinbba Oct 25
I couldn't realize my greatness
much less your fascination in me depicted in your own eyes
and much less see yours
and a lot less understand then that I could have helped change earth.
I had no idea I could change my life debating if changing it between my real identity and the one the world gave me would even be a wise thing to do
naturally I was a small enchanted frog with a Queen of the forest stolen crown left in some small macabre pound
Impossible to hap across your huge ocean to be kissed and reign as a new Queen of Kemah
much less know
I had the power of love to help me govern your heart your spirit soul but I knew I was your
twin flame and I loved you at first sight.
Until I believed in myself I realized my greatness and yours plus the dreams you described
while alls gone to worp speeds
and black hole law witches
all beauty remained vissible
tangible neverending!
thats the magic of knowing
true love. It never dies.
I just never found anyone able to love me with the same passion ever again.
The many times I tried to move on even you and women you trusted played the authors of malice and treachery setting me up with your contacts to be used betrayed deceived and trashed,
so I live unmarried and free
knowing good and evil
deep in my core intuitive.
I am just a woman of substance,
to my here and now, that's me
and dear it hurt long and bad at times wishing I was never born but I preffer solitude from humans!
I still wish to thank you my precious true love,
you too universe for the rides!
the good and the bad
I am so eternaly grateful
just a woman of substance.
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