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i turn my back to dreams that fold
in and out as i grow old
slow the clock for just a while
gain a step and lose a mile

every life is a book unread
every thought a dream unfed
and still i let it drift away
without a care i watch the day

come and go like a soothing tide
a moonlit beach where i can hide
among the whispers of poets past
this is where their words are cast
her eyes caught fire as i would read
of darkened paths that i had walked
her aura glowed a desperate need
to cradle demons i had stalked
i loved her from a distance
i knew though words were few
my heart cried its persistence
my morbid pride withdrew
she lives still in my memory deep
my soul she'll never leave
i spend a tear
and wish her near
where do you shine
my precious Yve
a love lost
she looked upon the tree
as i looked upon her
charcoal shades
distant Sun
she filled the spaces
with her imagination
her emptiness as real as my own
how i wished to fill those spaces
quell her sadness with my own
but i had promises to keep
false dreams to carry out
i approached to ask she wait for me
so that i might clear my scripted day
and invite her in
but i turned away
and became a shadow neath her distant Sun
have I ever imagined
I would enter a bank
asking for money
The time, they are a-changing  ... ;-)
Ye have writen to mine heart
a memorandum in gold and blood ancient revered venerable Angel ye beloved
rose blooming ET mine.
gold hearted Thermo King
King of Prussia note
acertaining ye shifted to one better human by mine story poems consigned to thee and the four wise winds.

Ye agree I've got more than wisdom owning truth
yee kept mine scribble as an beloved pet to thine aroused mind's eye.

Privileged is thine life partner
relished recipient
while still mine vessel soul unresolved shunned
destitute forlorned bleeding
crying thee an ocean for thine river wept hush-hush.

Mine nucleous inner core pains for thee waiting too long to offer shielding
before mine bereavement
quietus curtains end.

I adolize delight in thee taking heed thine steps quickening
fast lifting wing landing
onto mine heart's chambers
longing to see thine will
break free rescuing-cpr
mine wrecked ketch
cursed existence.

Copy Rights- 5-19-20
Help me I sink in deep waters there's no bottom under mine feet.
I am floded since ye ran to another woman grassy's needing wear.
An eagle lands,
as an Empire falls
into the dust of history,
its eye catches the sunset
and it takes to its roost.
Buildings smoke
and climbers climb.
The remnants of what was
clings on hopelessly
seeking to avoid the future.
The eagle closes its eyes
focusing on one lost image.
A fading dream
as the bird of freedom
slips meekly into a coma.
And the serpent of control
oozes in to replace common sense,
tightening the noose
that strangles the eagles legacy.

© Pagan Paul (22/05/20)
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