Myo **
Renge Kyo
Nam Myo **
To defeat violent untimely undeserved death and to speace karmatic enemies
I recite:
Aum Triambukam Jaya Mahe Sugandhim Pushtee
Bairee Hanam Urvaa Rukamivu
Band Denaam Mrityor Mukshe
Ya Maambritaat.
By: Shankar Sahney
To avert disasters
enemy attacks untimely death mystic power bestowing long life immortality
swip clean of diseases and avert them an easier death
"Lord Shiva's blessings invoked."
We are mostly liquid
and vibration sounds of
this mantras mystic sounds
transform our cells within
renewing reballancing inner joys

This worked for me saving my life confusing karma's enemies

Money too is a form of energy
income naturally increases as our energy increses
If ever we feel:
A competition has gone bad in opposing forces growing in power against us surrounded by opponents of a long time adversary that may be on the scene elevate your inner core joys for the win

If with sadness and tears differences aren't reconciled if a dispute or wrong rules the day, or a time of deep emotions and undeserved injustices
if a period of mournful contemplation over great loss or mistakes done
Meditate! FOCUS! re evaluate
Be just genuine
be a King or a Queen who understands forgives is ever patient believes in second chances a person of grace may win when she or he lose
but let not an
undeserving one win whats yours like I did
when I was feeling too small
for the price to be won!
we must grow in stature
from within if life's hardships and bad people have shrank the inner life force our spirit
down too low!
Some of us are blessed
wearing the light of *** in our face
make sure to not project the wrong light in anger thats not yours or ***'s towards a benefactor a true love
like I did once and lost it all.
work on your self esteem
Be genuine not superficial, confident not cocky
dearing but not foolhardy

before we can
move forward we will have to right a wrong and offer
frienship instead of opened gaps

distancing ourselves from an important situation instead of communucation is our last resort
as things left unclear can cause a world of beauty to end having no reparation neither in time
nor in eternity
its wrong thinking that leads to the wrong paths towards certain disaster.
Unless you are a millionire billionaire that can buy security better health food friends even love but I won't recommend letting a greedy
**** irate enemy take what's rightfully ours, like I did!
forfeiting true love
great fortune security out of guilt brings
a lifetime of painful stinging regrets for it is true
we are the authors of our own life and destiny only when we don't forgive ourselves nor examin our life to understand ourselves timely and then others to beg forgiveness to the
willing to forgive us the offended death calm beloved of ***
sent to bless our
tormented soul!
By: Kariginbba
All rights reserved
Three to nine regrets or more are mine.
but even one is already one too many
  23h Karijinbba
The key to my heart is hidden in her poems
The way you dance with words reminds me of how a soft snow can cover the ground
Cover the trash on the streets
Cover all the pains that have stalked me for far to long
The storm never ends though I'd gladly hold your hand as we watch the lightening strike fires across everything that has ever let us down
Will you paint me in your heart and never let it dry
Will you follow me into the dark when there's no guarantee of light
You are the only one who can make grey seem so beautiful
The only one who may laugh at a funeral and cry at a celebration
I want to wake up next to you until I don't wake up
I want to kiss your lips until my pulse runs dry and my dash is followed by a year 5 decades down the road
There's a picture hanging in some old forgotten house of two lovers jumping off a cliff into a black hole
To me, that is us
Falling for you is like opening my favorite book every day with a new chapter written
Like giving my change to the homeless instead of tossing it in a wishing well because all my dreams have already come true
There's something hidden in your poems
Something I've been searching for all my life
I am a riddle.. can you solve me?

I stay in one corner but I get to travel all around the world!

I am usually artistic pleasant to the eye and nobody tampers with me.
I don't ever need visas
I seldom get burnt crashed or drowned
I don't need hotels, and even though I lay I never sleep
and anyone can discover my secrets at will but they have to be dishonest and can go to jail

I bring joy and happiness and sometimes the reverse is true
What am I ?
Even though you don't know what I am you have toucched me.
Can you solve this mystery?

"When you need me you throw me away
and when you are done with me you bring me back."
what am I?

I never knew love like this before
I was lost but now I am-----to your heart? So what am I?
What is it? fill in the blank-----
I am the first on earth..
the second in heaven
I appear twice in a week
though you can only see me once in a year! What am I?
Tell me your answer
A man shoots his wife, then holds her under water for five minutes

A little while later they both go out and enjoy a wonderful diner together how can this be?
An answer is apreciated.
Many have heard me,
but no one has seen me,
and I will not speak back
until spoken to..
What am I.?
Do you know the answer?
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