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When I stop
I notice your unwavering presence
your persistence surprises me
because I neglect you.
Lovers don’t do that.

In my dreams you are there
passing through my imagination
like a genie yearning to gift me.
Your stories teach me about your desire
to interrupt my ordinary.
I even remember a few of your tales
and try to figure out what they mean
for my dull self.

I know. You don’t like me discounting my self
because when I do so
I discount you my precious one
and the awesome power of your love.

Inspire me today
a day of needed and neglected work.

You are here my love
in every fiber of my body
every impulse of my mind.

I will dive into the river of your compassion
and be refreshed by it.
Karijinbba Apr 4
I think of you miss you
Greet you, hug you, love you.
Beautiful your ink is gold as it was just written from my beloved twin soul TFlame just for me alone.
My precious grown offspring
We can't ever be apart.
Evildoers lie divide
and murderer and
soon will meet
their merited end.
On this side my abbys goes from the Gulf of Mexico, to further on far to Gaza where I too feel am such Mom, roaming, sinking and lonely in GA holding on to my true love's mind to mind, heart to heart, mourning our once upon a time loss.
How I wish i too could hold  
my true love's manly strong powerful distinctive go rescue the Jewels of my crown motherhood..our kids.
I think of you daily

I look around at this rented
forest lands feeling your presence darlings beloved.
Trees the carpenter bees mating on air, and other wild creatures tiny rabbits, cardinals birds and homeless, hungry cats
that I feed
I may look a the moon
but I am only looking at you
Thank you for your sweet notes
and chronological love letters
(that jealous bad people stole)
but to my good fortune
photographical memory
To my rescue.
We are together
Always my beloved Sonnet 75.
How I love thee.
I thought Snake Oil Salesmen were a relic
of the past, standing up on a stage dispensing
blatant lies and bogus even dangerous cures
for our exaggerated imagined illness and or
personal fears.

I thought we ran all of them out of town,
suitably tarred and feathered, riding on
a splintered hitching post rail.

"Hurry, hurry, hurry. Step right up folks!
In this little bottle, I hold in my hand, is a
magic elixir of my own imagination and
invention, that is absolutely-unconditionally
guaranteed to heel what ails you and Make
America Great Again, all I ask for this be all,
cure all, is one small vote cast for me, crowning
me King of all there is, and your money to get
me there."

For the weak of mind and of poor judgement
his bombastic lies and falsehoods are irresistible
even dangerous, yet still they reach deep into
their pockets to buy what he is selling.

Now where did we put that rail?
Decency and intelligence should
rule the day, not stupidity and
meanness of heart. Run that orange
charlatan out of town, or better yet
lock him up and throw away the key.
A repost of a few short years ago and
another election that somehow, he won,
please let us NOT make that mistake again!
For me from my love for our children lala, sassy, coco:
I heat up, I can't cool down
You got me spinning
'Round and 'round
'Round and 'round and 'round it goes
Where it stops nobody knows
Every time you our darling kids call my name "Mom" Angel Mom"
every time I Mom you call
you sweetie pies lalasassicoco " P. a. t. r. k." papa too comes to mind.

Your names up high in the sky" Scarlet Letter " A" is seen A for Angel.. ine.
My rkrdd, heat up like a burning flame
Burning flame full of desire
Kiss me baby, let the fire get higher
Abra abracadabra
I wanna reach out and grab ya
Abra abracadabra
You make me hot, you make me sigh
You make me laugh, you make me cry
Keep me burning for your love
With the touch of a velvet glove
Abra abracadabra
I wanna reach out and grab ya
Abra abracadabra
I feel the magic in your caress
I feel magic when I touch your dress
Silk and satin, leather and lace
Black ******* with an angel's face
I see magic in your eyes
I hear the magic in your sighs
Just when I think I'm gonna get away
I hear those words that you always say
Abra abracadabra
I wanna reach out and grab ya
Abra abracadabra
Every time you call my name
I heat up like a burning flame
Burning flame full of desire
Kiss me baby, let the fire get higher
Yeah, yeah
I heat up, I can't cool down
My situation goes 'round and 'round.
"Here I am, send me an Angel" to lay me down on a greenest grass,
In memory of his velvet canon
caressing my cheek
igniting those forest fires that forever burn
By: Steven Haworth Miller.
Karijinbba Feb 11
Its all about greed malice jealousy
for the Oil Gas found in Gza all belonging to Palestinians
The culprit are stealing it all
Only Iran cares gir the people of Palestine and Africa
Palestinian Fathers sons aren't terrorist the culprit attacking them is since 1947
They are defending their land
Hamas is an idea a hero with sticks and stones fighting back against bulldozers tankers bombs brutal baby bloodshed.

Stiff genocidal Joe Biden has got to go can't call Israel off.
Israelites jews baby murderers war criminals run Congress I hear.

We all see Israeli soldiers in diapers

They know Palestinian fighters will not **** women much less **** them.

I never thought I would see the day when the whole world would shout its heartfelt agonies begging governments leaders save Palestinians.

It's so moving in the face of the horror Israel is committing.

Israelites took my grandkids and mangled my daughters mentally physically psychologically in USA and myself in Mexico as a small child.

Free palestine give them back their land

My my heart my soul for you Palestinians my voice my word my homeland love you,I
Palestinians the true chosen ones of God
My heart my soul God Bless Egypt
Arab countries unite against tyrant apartheid **** regime.
Stop the genocide the slaughter
of innocents by Israel dictatorship.

All of us the people for the people
all if us  are Gods chosen
children of the most high.
Palestinian lives matter.
All lives matter

Prosecute the narcissist
sadist Israelite apartheid
bombing children.
So help us God

Boycott Boycott Boycott
If we fail to unite
against this evil jews
hiding in plain sight
wearing their kkk
black hats next will be
all of us in our homeland
turned to concentration camps.
Fight this evil war crimes against
Israel horned Satanyahu
prime sinister of Hell on Earth
stop bombing children
in Gaza sease fire!
100 000 you have bombed
Turn your guns to your head
drop bombs to your family ET-
associates and homes!
Bomb your sinful synagogue too.

Sacrificing kidnapping
christian children
babies under synagogues!
In New York City USA.

Shame on USA England
all for allowing USA gov to
dictate war after war
trillions in dollars wasted

arming sadistic Israeli battalions
to the teeth
Murdering genocidal blood thirsty
ancient narcissists

By: Relentless anonymous.
Karijinbba Jan 26
Repost; Various countries.
These Double standards.

With Gaza terror
resounding screams
of babes mothers fathers
sons grandparents all
shot by devils army
of cobras hiding
in plain sight
as the chosen ones
of their horned
adversary type God.

Constrictive pythons
Suffocating for decades
every child born where
no peace can ever exist
as long as unarmed
civilians cannot fight back;

He who burns innocent
souls by an old weapon
of his ancient genetic
deviated cruel make
up will again
die by greater deadly
weapons raising
for justice right now,
faster then the last.

And then only then
these primitive demons
Will be no more.
Neither their demonic
witchcraft invocations
Nor by any heavy
outwardly weaponry
against humanity
unarmed civilians

Never those komodo
Culprit ever will breathe
to smoother precious
innocent life again.

The tyrant regime rising
shamelessly orders to not
do nothing to aid
But only Ukrainian.

Our quest is to
unite find and stop
whoever of us all
will be targeted
for demolition next.

We all already know;
may we invoqie the main aider narcissistic culprit USA and its other puppeteer number two sadist sadist  Sinister.
"Over the top Biden" 100.000 civilians mothers children fathers. And over 10 thousand Palestinian young boys kept in prisons deplorable degrading humiliating pipe beaten, injected sterilized Gestapo headquarters number two Israel pruning human Palestinian, eating grass people!
For all if us to witness
hellish army of malice, greed, blood thirsty human genocidal lying garbage Israel.
Trashing Palestinian indigenous beautiful people to the eleven winds assassination of character Hamas' fighters  are not terrorists, Hamas is hero defender of peoples civil rights violated since fays if yore. 
The suffering three generation parents, for three decades in Gaza concentration death camps forbidden into their holy lands.
As we all boycott Nasi agenda, without end. Demonstrating worldwide, roaring for Israel, USA and England to "stop fire, to free Palestine" free civilians and allow humanitarian aid trucks in to feed children left alive to no avaid"

Now Palestinians civilians starved famined for over a month!
The only sound now israel understands is of bomb falling as if by copycat **** regime id israel brewing in waiting for decades against humanity.

Our quest now is evident, many promise to chop Israel's brutal grass cutting machine and its head snake.
Karijinbba Jan 14
The traveler's wife?
I get it! You showed
that movie in the
magazine pages
long before the movie
came out

Pt, I finally did
watch it each time it rains
and when the sun shines
i search for you still;
shoes shirt and pants on hand
 place them behind the bushes
in search of you and amidst
pine tree branches too
thinking of you dearest
How i love you.

Not a day goes by
I do not seek you.
Please don't go hunting
but if you do I shall run
to hug you beg you to stay
traveler dearest
twin soul divine.
I love you. 
By: Karijinbba
And Mrs and Mrs Andrews.
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