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Meet me after your party is done
when everyone is gone home
You darling waited up in your room
red roses on base and all
My last love letter enclosing
my wedding ring
you wore for two decades
waiting for me to wear it to
fall in love with each other
again and again and every day
eternaly loving each other
I  could not remember the promises you made since in the end you cursed calling yourself a one woman
married man!.
I blocked what was hidden hurting
too deeply a defence mechanism,
to apply memories of
promises long left behind misunderstood.
Chronological tragic love letters
kept by embezling evil friends.
That related snake you call wife
has used poets to port my voice with my moon songs to impress you
trashing my true intentions,
with our hidden pain
longing loving each other a lifetime.
I implore to your piece of heart
spared for me alone.
Show yourself to me.
Beware jealousy is such distractive emotion not anything I ever practice  
but rather a recipient of such hateful wrong emotion that caused so much suffering to me and my kin.
No more tests posing as rich
and generous poet ,
just to find out how rich
or destitute I roam Earth alone.
please stop.
Why do you constantly test me?
Why the contempt no one ever intended to hurt you, your pride
nor your bank, nor abandon treasures
nor your heart.
I write only for you rddjpc-pc
I am bba asg-ga.
I love you only you.
Virus Virus Covid-19
Virus Virus Novel Corona

Are you really on a world tour?
If yes then please follow the rules

Live yourself and let us live
Please don’t be so keen to kil~

If you are really very hungry
Go and eat some nice candy

Please don't scare humans
Please don't kil~ humans

Both Humans and Viruses
Can live on earth in parallel

Planet earth has so much space
For you, for us and all the flora-fauna

So please kil~ your killing attitude
And behave like a cultured youth
Open Message to the Novel Corona Virus
Karijinbba Mar 29
His light house amidst
his mystic fog, signals belated
in triumphant decore,
Enamoured with ancient joy
of his blue green dreams
I chant.
“His rod and his staff
comfort me and all surrounding
gore departs.
I breathe in gasping
about my true love.
as he spots my battered
vessel into the wind sailing.
  Ecstasy twinkles his teary eye
   in the magic water dancing glare,
of our mystical full moon light.

For too long I've traveled
jeweled triumphant
yet unable to reach
his promised treasure vaults.

To the greed of legions on
treacherous paths all alone I wept,
through enemy's territories,
but all those from me have fled.

I roamed alone yester woods
I reach his safe private harbour
his peaceful shores.
As trustworthy jeweled queen
regardless of grave loss.

Willfully he reveals his home key
to come open up his door
as photographic memories
on new calming waters
get anchored deep.

At last I shall rest in love
on my bittersweet bed of roses
red, and flowers wild;
   white sad lilies on hand,
saluting my beloved glories
recaptured and retained.

Enduring rhythmic ways
with courage, heart
brain and hope and off my
survival modes into éasier dwelling
  into my grave but neither there
I shall trod alone no more.
By Karijinbba
All rights.
No distance is for reproach.
No gaps exist that can't rebuild
fallen bridges.
Silence was only to retain,
one such moment of perfect beauty.
That mother's perfect Day.
To be still is knowing the ways
of the Universe and its creator
as in walking side by side.
No arrogance ever known or intended
no disobedient streak no malice ritual performed.
only wrong medical advice the culprit.
my demise but I raise triumphant
motherhood against tirani.
Being voiceless was to let you speak. ignorance was obliterated by your wisdom for loving me,
and betting on my future.

My being afraid ended with your hello your songs and poetry.
I remain pregnant drunk in love
and joyfully thinking of you.
My mystery twin flame,
from beyond, still you fill me up.

Anxiously patiently I wait for your return your presence.
my powerful great fortune
talisman of happiness is only you.
sent from another world.
You are my one best moment
of perfect beauty.
I  know I am yours.
I stood in awe voiceless in shock.
I feeling alive someone like you
cared for me for so long.

I walk in gratitude feeling blessed.
I return to your power house
of freedom true love and I grab what you give honor what you don't.
Accepting whatever blessing
or crumb granted.
without selfish requests.

I remain your faithful student
my first, last best teacher
best friend, husband lover and to my eternal joy the best father to our children in every lifetime.

You are my lover of life, giver of life
My one moment of perfect beauty
forever only you, my past
my present, my future my best poet,
my everything.
All Rights Reserved
in memory of a great portrait
Mr and Mrs Andrews.
by Karijinbba.
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