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Nina McNally Dec 2021
Now here in the middle of the night when
Everyone is getting ready for bed, I lay
Under the stars thinking about life.
Right here in this moment I feel alive and
Only here can I say go
Do what you love! Be you cause No one does
It better! In this
Very moment as
Everyone else is sleeping, I lay here
Resting and thinking “What's Next?”
So I’m going to go live my life to the fullest!
I’m going to spread kindness and love
To everyone I meet because
You are Beautiful and Worth it!
Just a little something I wrote
Nina McNally Jun 2020
One day, we're gonna look back on this and say
Now why did we act like that? Why did we treat
Each other so poorly?

For now we see we acted like idiots
Only caring about ourselves and not each other...Forgetting our
Rights as Humans--- the most basic right---

And it's one we all share, we are all human,
Looking for kindness and peace. Be Kind and
Love one another! <3
Wrote June 2020
Title from Zombies 2-One For All
Another positive write. When in doubt be kind, love one another.
Nina McNally Jun 2020
Fear or hate.... Highs and
Lows..."The world has gone crazy and no one seems to listen"....
"Everything we built is coming down";
So..."No more
Hesitation, it's time we start to realize"
: We

Are in this together; "Are you standing with the crowd?"... "It's
Now or Never"
...."This is a
Declaration of a new generation"
...... "No, we won't

Break, we're more than flesh and bone"

One day, we're gotta realize than we are repeating history....
Now.... "History changes, but we lost the pages we wrote"...
Everyone right now, can stop repeating history as it starts with you.

       So will you just be part of the problem
        Will you be part of a solution?

"With all this separation, silence is still taking sides
So use your voice, make a choice
And tell me, are you standing with the crowd?"

"History changes, but we  lost the pages we wrote
When you lose direction, can't see the reflection you know
We came from the bottom then became the problem
Now everything's out of control
So hey, are you with me? Let's go!"
written June 2020
Title and lyrics from Zombies -Flesh & Bone
Nina McNally Jun 2020
Living in this world
Everyday and everyone's stupid....
Very stupid.... but
Each day people never seem to amaze me at just how;
Living together

On this planet,
Following guidelines or taking

Care of our beautiful Earth--
Only caring about themselves and
Not the **** world...
Can anyone hear the
Earth calling out?

Right now, in this outbreak, the Earth is actually healing itself--
Now, hopefully, we can keep her and help her heal more. <3
Written May 2020; decided to wrote a poem about how when we stopped for a moment to go into self-isolation that Mother Nature fought back to reclaim itself.
Title from Twenty One Pilots
Nina McNally Jun 2020
"Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade"....
Everyday is a new chance to
Make the best
Of your life!
Now is your chance to
Start your best you! *
Stay Strong!
Wrote back in May 2020 and just wanted to write positive.
Title by Ashley Tisdale
Nina McNally Jun 2020
Sitting here in
The middle of the night
All I can think about is you,
But also being the best version of myself.

Yesterday is just a day and it's in the past, moving forward
One day at a time, you can only try to do better than the day before.
Understanding life is hard and we're all in this together

In the middle of the
Night I

Think, if we can all work to get and
Help each other, oh how the
Earth would be a much better place....

Each day we can only hope that the younger generation can fix our mistakes
And change our world....
Right now, I lay here next
To you sleeping and can only hope for the future.
Wrote in May 2020, Corona and changing for the better on my mind,
I wrote a little something using the title of Green Day's song.
Nina McNally Jun 2020
Another day goes by and
That day
Turns into a month that went by
And we're all going
Crazy and still out of our minds...
Kindness; where did it go? Heaven

Only knows... To busy listening to
Fear and

And not enough Good
News.... Come on and wake up
In any moment this
Can all be over!
Wrote this in May, 2020..
I was tired of being negative and worrying about the future that I decided I write something positive. Make my own luck!
Title from Aly & AJ
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