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Nina McNally Jun 2022
My heart belongs to
You and you are my person! My

Sanity feels normal when I’m
Around you and
No matter the days
I will always love you
Tomorrow and forever
You are my love! <3
Written in May 2022
Song title from Thriii
Inspired by a new love
It’s nice how someone you love can make your sanity feel great :)
Nina McNally Jun 2022
Today's the day to make it
Happen. You have the power to be anything.
Everyone has bad days

And you'll get through it
No matter what. So go make
Today the best day
It can be and be you!
Doesn’t it feel good to be you?
Only you can be you! You are my
Everything and my antidote!
Written back in April 2022
Song title from Simple Plan
Inspired by a new love
Nina McNally Jun 2022
Others try and fail
But do you have what it takes?
Life is too short to complain,
It's too short to be negative, and
Too short to not show compassion.
Everybody deserves a chance for a little
Respect until proven otherwise. We are
All in this world
Together-- weather we like it or not.
Everybody will have a different opinion than you- No need to argue about it.
another write from Jan. 2022
song title from I Fight Dragons
Nina McNally Jun 2022
"****'s gonna be okay It's gonna be alright No matter
How far down you are tomorrow's on your side"
It's gonna work out even when
The whole world is
Spitting it back in your face and feels like there's no

Guarantee-- it's gonna be just fine!
One day you're gonna get everything you've worked hard for.
Now just breathe and move through this moment
No one can tell you how to live your life
And no one can

Be a better you than you.
Each day is a new chance to try again. It's

Okay to not be okay sometimes! I'm here with
Kindness and love for the both of us!
written back in Jan. 2022
song title and lyrics from I Fight Dragons
Nina McNally Jun 2022
Days go by and those bad days become a blur--
I know it's hard but in your darkest of days and
Sadness it will only get better.
Another day and another
Sunrise to show you you can make it
Through! You are strong! You are beautiful!
Each day will come and go and you'll be okay.
Right here is where you're suppose to be and

Here in this moment all I can say is:
Everyone will experience some kind of heartache
And everyone will experience hard times
Right here and now you are with me in
This moment in time ---
So just breathe, let go, and you're going to be okay! <3
wrote back in Jan, 2022
inspired by I Fight Dragons
Nina McNally Jun 2022
Today is the day,
Here in this moment living
Each day to the

Fullest because the future's no guarantee.
Under the stars, I lay,
Thinking of life and how happy I am and
Understanding the world a little more ---
Right here is where I am and where I'm suppose to be.
Each day is a new chance to start anew.

Soon it will be the future--
Only you can control your destiny!
Only you can be in control of your happiness!
Now go live your best life and Be Kind!
wrote back in Jan when going through new life changes
inspired by I Fight Dragons of same name.
Nina McNally Jun 2022
Some days are harder and
Then there are days that are easier.
Right now is a medium day.
And it's hard to explain so
Now I'm just gonna
Go watch some shows and relax.
Everybody goes through some not okay days.
Relax. Rest. Recover.

Tomorrow is a new day and
Here will just a faded memory.
I will only remember the important things
Now and here in this moment I feel at peace and free.
Go live your life to the fullest-- Life's too short
So go live how you want & BE KIND!
wrote this back in Jan, 2022.
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